Pension "Giselle Dere" in Tuapse region: photos, reviews and accommodations

Dreaming of secluded, serene and inexpensive vacation away from the dusty metropolis?In the Krasnodar region, near the center of the town of Tuapse, there is a place under the poetic name Gisel Dere, immersed in lush greenery.This is a small resort area with a comfortable climate and unspoilt coastline.

Almost every second resident of the village (population it does not exceed 400 people) engaged in tourism: rents rooms and sells fruits and vegetables.Attractive village special microclimate, privacy and thinly populated.With an abundance of sub-tropical trees and the presence of mountain archipelago, the resort is always fresh.Even in the hottest months, heat is hardly felt.And in this area reigns peace and quiet.

unspoilt nature, combined with the azure waters of the Black Sea, bizarre ridges and groves of relict vegetation - all this creates a wonderful environment for a leisurely vacation paradise.But at the same time only 10 km from the epicenter of entertainment with numerous water parks, at

tractions and restaurants.Although some privacy farm, vacation here, you can spend a fun and active.

to stay at a resort built comfortable inns, hotels and recreational establishments.For the budget traveler offers affordable rooms in the private sector near the coast.The oldest and most popular venue for vacations pension is considered "Giselle Dere", named in honor of the village.


tourist complex for more than 80 years.It is located in a unique area of ​​the forest area of ​​12.5 hectares.The nearby railway station and bus stop, so to get to the other resorts in Tuapse and Sochi will not be difficult.

Pension "Giselle Dere" is built on a mountain hill with a panoramic view of the entire coast and the urban zone.By coastline beautiful alleys paved with fun palm trees and fragrant magnolias.One gets the impression that you are in a conservation area.

In the hottest days of the whole vegetation protects the residential complexes from the scorching sun.The highlight of the area under consideration is the presence of strange animals and reptiles that live in the woods safely, without harming the person.


accommodation "Giselle Dere", which presented a photo in the article, constructed five buildings with a variety of amenities, all of them are numbered 3, 5, 24, 25 and 26. The total number of rooms - 554. InAll rooms have spacious balconies.

The blocks are rooms with shared facilities.Most of the rooms are equipped with TVs and refrigerators.Wash floors is carried out daily, as in all general purpose areas.Bed linen is changed once a week, but on request it is done more often.

power supply system in the sanatorium "Giselle Dere" for adults provides 3 meals for children served tables four times a day.All this is included in the price.For these purposes, there is a spacious dining room in a separate building, also immersed in greenery.Quality of food is paid attention to, so the tables are always fresh ingredients and herbs served in abundance.

Beach area

Just a hundred meters from residential buildings coastline stretches.Coast strewn with small pebbles.Pension "Giselle Dere" maintain the purity of its own private beach and regularly cleaned.For entertainment on the coast, you will find the "banana", Jet Ski, "tablet", catamarans and volleyball court.For a fee, rent a beach facilities.

crystal-clear sea is different thanks to the breakwaters.If you believe the reviews of tourists, even in a strong storm in the water is not thrown mud and large stones.This created ideal conditions for scuba diving.On the coast there is a concrete pier stretching out to sea.

Cultural and recreational activities

Just note that the hotel is aimed more at an adult audience, and couples with children, so there are no noisy discos and entertainment.But the territory regularly hosts interesting sports and entertaining competitions, where everyone can express themselves.Also organized concerts and dance evenings.

fun and defiantly held a variety of events for adults and children.In the concert hall are held theatrical performances.For cognitive rest conducted tours of Krasnodar attractions (charge).The hotel "Giselle Dere" are pitches with horizontal bars, as well as a tennis court and a play area for children.Function library, sauna, baggage storage, a coffee shop and souvenir shops.

Hotel "Giselle Dere": travelers reviews

explore the many views of guests, we can conclude that this institution is very popular with our compatriots.Sanatorium for its casual atmosphere and the architecture is slightly reminiscent of summer camp.Pleasant impression friendly service.Many say acceptable cost of the permit.

in a positive way people spoke about the diverse and abundant food.Of course, delicious dishes and delicacies on the tables there, but the menu is replete with fresh homemade products.I liked to spend their summer holidays for children - for their excellent conditions, organized exciting activities.

positive mood and pleasant nostalgia of childhood awaiting tourists in Tuapse."Giselle Dere" - a paradise where time stops the move.If you want privacy, strive for harmony and emotional balance - welcome to the guesthouse!