The best hotels in Cheboksary, "Russia" and "debugging"

Chuvash Venice locals call the city of Cheboksary, as he stands on the picturesque Volga River.Famous not only for large industrial plants, but also cultural and entertainment centers.Love it for cleanliness, hospitality and abundance of vegetation - all of this raises the mood and sets a positive way.

Cheboksary - a city with a rich history, harmoniously intertwine of modern and ancient culture.Choosing a holiday in the Republic of Chuvashia, guests will receive an unforgettable experience and comfort.Local authorities are actively engaged in the tourism industry.Numerous hotels in Cheboksary is designed for different levels of budget and preferences of the client.Please find two of the most popular hotels in the city.

complex «Russia»

operation since 1975, is the largest.Repeatedly it was made repairs.Last reconstruction was carried out in 2013, given the status of official hotels 3-star hotel.Many three-star hotels in Cheboksary offer excellent conditions for versatile leisure activities.

complex is located in the heart of the city, on the main street where most of the commercial and shopping facilities.Convenient location relative to the train station and the airport allows tourists to quickly reach their destination.Particular attention is paid to the hotel service and maintenance.

Administration honors the traditions and protects its reputation, which is why here everything is done to customers comfortable pastime.Hotel "Russia" in Cheboksary offers hot and hearty breakfast from half past seven in the morning in a cozy cafe.The building has several bars and restaurants with exquisite cuisine.

service organization

Not so long ago the complex was opened to the wellness center, including a Moroccan bath, Finnish and Russian sauna with a swimming pool.Well thought out business rest for businessmen and entrepreneurs.The large spacious conference room can be carried out any kind of event.The rooms are equipped with air conditioning and technical equipment (whiteboard, microphones, telephone, Internet, flip chart and so on. D.).

During long meetings, the hotel staff will arrange for you and your partner snacks and drinks.After a long day offers comfortable rooms equipped with modern appliances and furniture.For demanding clients are prepared with a guest apartment and sleeping areas.

Almost all the hotels in Cheboksary can boast high service and a wide range of services.Hotel "Russia" is no exception.For our dear guests manual arranges sightseeing tours around the edge.Room rate per night will cost 2,000 rubles.

Hotel "Chuvashia»

Among most hotels stands out is this ultra-modern complex, located near the famous sights of the city with convenient transportation.Guests will enjoy beautifully decorated rooms with personal amenities.Available Rooms Superior Room with a spacious living room.For honeymooners the hotel "Chuvashia" Cheboksary on arrival day presents a pleasant surprise, and inhabits in the luxurious room.

Brief information about the services

to supply guests there are two restaurants with stunning cuisine and a relaxing atmosphere.Under sounds unobtrusive music with a glass of fine wine immersed in the bliss of pleasure and forget about everything.Cooks know than to please the demanding visitors.

The free day excursions sure to visit the wellness center with massage rooms, swimming pool, sauna and beauty treatments.Business travelers to freely hold important presentations and discussions in the conference hall.Organized business lunches.For one day stay in this hotel will have to pay from 2500 p.

Economical housing

You can find less expensive hotels in Cheboksary, for example, "Diamand-2", "Shanti", "Quinta", "like", "Aqua Spa".Prices for accommodation are available - from 300 rubles.per day, with different conditions.For the very budget traveler discount hostels - bed (the bed in the room for a few people) without any additional services.For every purse and taste will find room and hotels Cheboksary.

In the center of the Chuvash Republic hotels and resorts are more in demand by tourists, despite the high cost of living, because the next lies the scenic waterfront, entertainment, business and cultural centers.The choice is yours!