Pearl of Kazakhstan - Shalkar Lake

Kazakhstan attracts tourists south mild climate, colorful antiquities, amazing cuisine, indescribably beautiful scenery.One of the tourist centers of the lake is Shalkar Kazakhstan - the largest salt pond that has a full right to be called the steppe sea.Located a hundred kilometers from Uralsk this pond is a favorite place for relaxation in the Urals.Water Shalkar salty, very clean, and the old-timers say they still healing.

history and modernity lake

word "Shalkar" (or "Chalkar" as they say local) Turkic language means "bright as snow, lake."Many experts believe that the lake Shalkar - is the remainder Hvalynski sea thousands of years ago to retreat from the land within the modern Caspian Sea.


at the lake almost no trees.But unpretentious thorns liking inhospitable salty soil.Call these places picturesque very difficult.However, a small sea, suddenly appeared in the midst of the steppe, still attracts the views and attracts tourists.And the sea is a lake really looks like.And not

only in salt water, but also in its size - the opposite shore of the lake is not visible.Strengthen the similarity with the sea salt and the strong wind that raged in this region in the evenings.The bottom of the lake is lined with fine white sand, but do not dig it - hidden under the sand black mud.Many believe their healing.However, such procedures can be like not all.

Lake Shalkar: where to stay for the night

Wildlife steppe of Kazakhstan attracts only the most courageous.The lake Shalkar no restaurants, no cafes or hotels.You can come here with a tent or trailer, and you can rent a tent.True, the fun is not cheap - one day have to pay 25-30 dollars.You can rent a house in a nearby village.Price per yurt, comparable with the cost fairly good numbers in a Turkish hotel, deterred by no means all.Camping afar like a Kazakh village - almost always busy with all the yurts.Therefore, those who decide to visit Lake Shalkar and not live in a tent, and in a real yurt, will have to agree on resettlement beforehand.

Tourbusiness Kazakh

Local residents are trying to attract tourists by offering some services: drinking water, meat, lamb, roasted on a spit, the famous fat Leshchikov ... Kazakh boys offer tourists a ride on the local horses of the steppe.It is a pleasure quite a bit - only 100 tenge per one lap.Another simple enough entertainment from local - fishing on the lake.For a modest fee, local men can ride by boat or borrow it.By the way, something to drive on the highway to the lake, will have to pay 300 tenge.Although existing collection, the state road sad.Yes, and many other notable lack of strong hands of the owner.Lake Shalkar, reviews which are very positive, would be a "Kazakh Ibiza", but there is undeveloped tourist infrastructure completely.Even those who came back with the money and the purpose of their spending is likely to be taken away the lion's share of savings home.Spending money is simply not on that.Construction of hotels, restaurants, canteens, disco halls, entertainment centers, shopping - all this might make Lake Shankar (Kazakhstan) is one of the tourist centers and truly paradise.The positive role played in the development of infrastructure and to repair access roads to the lake.It turns out that nature did not spare forces for this place, but a man in no hurry to make an effort to land-use planning and development of tourism in the region.


The vast majority of tourists who visit Lake Shalkar (Kazakhstan), and visit the city of Uralsk, located nearby.This handsome young city with many buildings, parks and shops.In Uralsk live hospitable and friendly people, always cordially welcomes visitors.

Many tourists want to live in Uralsk a day or two to get better acquainted with its architecture.And someone is forced to spend time here - in fact in Uralsk the easiest way to get to the lake Shalkar and time between transport can spend with benefit and pleasure.

road to the lake

From Uralsk you can reach the lake by car or by bus.Develop greater speed will not work - partly dissected by road bumps, mounds, small pits.But it's worth noting - about half of the tracks have already been repaired, and the rest of the roads are still under construction.Landscape behind car windows is hardly spectacular, but where you can still enjoy the sun-drenched steppes, but in Kazakhstan?Water and food is best to stock up on in the city, because the road to the lake is unlikely to meet the stalls.To go to the lake for long - an hour after departure can already smell the salt water and steppe grasses.