Recreation Centre "Neptune" (Big Stone / Primorsky Krai) services, prices, photos and reviews

Primorye - a unique region where are concentrated many scenic spots.One of these is a large stone to place on the east coast of the Ussuri Bay surrounded by amazing landscapes.Pristine nature, untouched by the devastating impact of toxic industrial gases, makes an indelible impression on the guests.

Here in the forest, you can meet rare species of reptiles and birds.On the territory has preserved the unique historical buildings and ancient temples.Authorities cherish their town and are making every effort for its accomplishment.This applies to the tourist industry, which is directly linked to the economic side of the edge.In the area there are comfortable hotels and resorts for lovers of detached and secluded weekend.Great demand recreation center "Neptune" (Big Stone), located near the shores of the picturesque bay.


hotel nestled in a unique place - the Bay of elm, in the city of Bolshoi Kamen.In this area practically no wind because of the natural slopes acting as a certain barrie

r.In the bay is always warm and comfortable temperature, which is a huge advantage for the tourists.

Recreation Centre "Neptune" (Big Stone / Primorsky Krai) is simply immersed in a forest and flowering shrubs.Management retains the complex in the territory of cleanliness and quietness, so that tourists can be satisfied with the benefits of nature, to gain strength from the entire ecosystem.It is a haven of peace in the midst of civilization and high technology.

Focused unbiased hotel for tourists - lovers of peace, tranquility and measured.The friendly staff create a homelike atmosphere to make guests feel comfortable and relaxed.Green fields as residents call it - is a paradise for city tourists.Apart from the pristine nature and clean the bay, the hotel offers a host of exciting activities suitable for both corporate and family holidays.


Recreation Centre "Neptune" (Big Stone) is composed of two- and three-storey cottages with verandas and amenities in the room.Kitchen area - public, but with a beautiful fireplace and necessary household appliances, furniture and crockery.

Also at the summer houses are located in the three places, equipped with a TV and a common dining area with kitchen facilities.The bathroom and shower are in a separate building.

The hotel has comfortable rooms with private facilities.Rooms are furnished with necessary furniture and kitchen.Cleaning is done regularly.


For guests is organized complete meals in the dining area.In addition, guests can prepare their own meals in the shared kitchen or in the hotel's outdoor gazebo.Establish delicious delicacies in the restaurant or cafeteria.There is a large banquet room, which can hold any commemorative event with live music.Organizes and large-scale corporate events and weddings recreation center "Neptune" (Big Stone).Photos of pavilions is presented in the article.


the summer season opens sandy beach on the coast of the Ussuri Bay.For a comfortable rest on the shore of available facilities in the form of sun beds and sun canopies.For fun and leisure activities open water entertainment center, where you can rent a boat or catamaran.Recreation Centre "Neptune" (Big Stone) organize paragliding and skiing on the "tablet".In the Gulf are allowed to fish, and then fry it on the grill or barbecue.

internal infrastructure for tourists coming by your own car, parking is provided completely free of charge.Guests can play sports at the sites, playing football, laser tag, tennis, basketball and paintball.There is a billiard room with a large table.

Rentals issued a guitar, backgammon, balls, darts and more.In the evening dances are held, are entertaining and animated shows.Relax your body and soul can be present in the steam room with brooms.In the local area there are shops with shopping and souvenir merchandise.Open a grocery mini-market.Suffice it a versatile and multi-faceted leisure offers its customers a recreation center "Neptune" (Big Stone / Primorsky Krai).

How much is the accommodation in summer houses?For a double room in the seasonal cottage will have to pay 1700 p.per day.In the winter time in sanatorium discounts on accommodation.Exact price to be clarified at the reception of the hotel.

Recreation Centre "Neptune" (Big Stone): reviews and guest opinions on the hotel

regularly write flattering words of people of different ages and financial prosperity.This is not surprising - the elegant nature, the hospitality of the staff and the stunning coastline like a magnet attracts guests from different republics and cities.Many liked the living conditions in summer cottages, as well as delicious food and the cleanliness of the territory.

Positive feedback recreation center "Neptune" (Big Stone) is from corporate customers who conduct exactly in these regions large-scale presentation outdoors, various tastings and even promotions.Here a pleasant and relaxing at any time of the year: the summer - the beach, sunbathing, playing at venues and dances, winter - skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and sledding.