Cyprus - sights.

hard to say what is more to this island in the Mediterranean Sea: romance and ancient history.Or maybe just this combination is a special charm and holiday in Cyprus!

General characteristics of the island

Cyprus is among the three largest islands in the Mediterranean.Its area is 9250 square, the day will not be hard to cross it up and down and look available on the island of Cyprus attractions.By car from north to south is necessary to pass the widest area 96 km, and from east to west more - 224 km.

Relief Cyprus diverse: sandy beaches and rocky cliffs, valleys and hills, pine forests and mountain ranges.

Summer all year

climate is very favorable level.In summer, the temperature is in the range of from 25 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees cooler in the winter - from 17 to 19 degrees.Winter in Cyprus is short, and the beach season is open virtually all year round.

Rains in the summer on the island almost never happens, they can only be reached in the period from December to Febru


course, the climate is important to select destinations.However, it attracts tourists not only him.Surprising and located on the island of Cyprus attractions.What to see, decides every man.Because the choice is very large.

Resort Country

noteworthy in Cyprus is that most of its attractions are located in the resort area or near it.So you can combine a seaside holiday with the excursion program.

For example, the resort of Limassol is the second largest city of the island.Here every stone breathes antiquity.Interesting lot of both in the city and its surroundings.Primarily attracts Limassol castle, which has experienced a lot of things: the enemy raids, siege, earthquakes ... In 1191 in the chapel of the fortress of the wedding of Richard the Lionheart, King of England, with the Princess Berengaria of Navarre.Now the fortress is a museum where you can see the armor, various weapons, utensils of the Middle Ages and more.

Limassol area

in Limassol area, too, a lot of interesting.So, 5 kilometers from the ruins of one of the oldest cities in Cyprus - Amathus.He appeared before the BC and flourished for a long time, until the Arabs in the 7th century BC.e.without destroying it.Archaeologists have unearth some fragments of the ancient city.Today, tourists can stroll through its streets, explore the ruins of an early Christian basilica, climb to the remains of the Sanctuary of Aphrodite, to see the ruins of the baths and the remains of water pipelines.

at other resorts (Larnaca, Ayia Napa, Paphos, Troodos, Protoros), too, is something to see.Its antiquity and beauty mesmerizing island of Cyprus.Sightseeing, tours of the outstanding places are very popular among tourists, make a vacation memorable and permanently saturated.

Cyprus and the Greek gods

Ancient Greek myths indicate that it is in Cyprus, on Mount Olympos, the first inhabitants of the earth, they are the same gods - Uranus and Gaea.Here I was born and the goddess of love Aphrodite.

Many surviving artifacts are not allowed to forget how our ancient Earth.The ruins of the temple of Aphrodite near the village of Kouklia, the goddess bathing in the Akamas nature reserve, the sanctuary of Apollo, the Temple of Astarte, finally, the remains of the palace of Zeus.Indeed, it is just crumbs that have survived, but they do prove that lived many centuries people were gods or powerful.After they built these buildings, which are now easy to build.

Therefore, probably, There is so many of them myths and legends.How, for example, is this: is the girl dive into water baths of Aphrodite, she will become longstanding beauty.

So Cyprus attractions that it is necessary to see?

rating of the most interesting: the first place

very difficult to determine what to put in the first place.Perhaps Paphos, on the totality of all its attractions.The city entered into the UNESCO list of "Treasures of the world civilization."It is believed that it was founded during the time of Alexander the Great.There are the ruins of the ancient city of Nea Paphos.Archaeologists some of its elements relate to the buildings since Roman times.The walls are preserved drawings made and colored stone representing mythological subjects.Even more attractive mosaic floors, it is difficult to believe that they were many centuries.

From goddess Aphrodite in Paphos due very many places: the bay, swimming, rock temple.Especially admire the natural beauty of Aphrodite's Rock, birthplace of the goddess of love.They are located 25 km from Paphos.

The tombs are located in the rocks.They buried dignitaries of the Roman Empire, as well as the time of the Ptolemies, and the king Ptolemy.They represent the entire underground palaces.

Paphos You can also visit the medieval fortress-castle, the Archaeological Museum, the Monastery of Saint Neophytos in the rock, and more.

calculated according to the order

calculated according to the procedure is not so easy.Because really unique attractions on the island of Cyprus.What to see, it is best to choose on the basis of their proximity to the resort, where it is necessary to rest.

however try to continue the rating list and put in second place Curio.This is another ancient city of Cyprus.It is believed that he died because of a strong earthquake in the 4th century.Archaeologists have to dig a lot of fragments of the powerful at the time of the policy.Chief among them, perhaps, the Greek-Roman amphitheater.Where once were houses of the nobility, public baths and some other structures preserved mosaic, depicting birds and fish.

visiting Curio, should look and located near the Sanctuary of Apollo.This temple belongs to the 7th century BC.Of course, and he remains a bit: two gates and steps that lead to the altar.

Knight Kolossi Castle (13th century) hits a high tower and thick walls.It was a fortification built by the Knights Hospitallers near Limassol.

Larnaca preserved Orthodox church in the 9th century - the Church of St. Lazarus.Legend has it that it was built exactly in the spot where the saint is buried.

in the capital Nicosia are worth visiting Famagusta Gate (one of the three entrances to the old town through the Venetian walls);Archbishop's Palace (center Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Cyprus);Omeriye Mosque (where, according to some reports, the Turkish Caliph Omar was buried).

Monasteries Cyprus

them on the island a lot.The three most important include Imperial stauropegic Holy Kykkos Monastery (founded in the time of the Byzantine Empire), Stavrovouni Monastery (4th century, a relic - a piece of the Holy Cross) and a monastery Machaira (stored miraculous icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary).By the way, Stavrovouni is located on top of the mountain, which offers a wonderful view of the mountains and the coast.

main monasteries of Cyprus is situated in the mountainous region of Troodos.Twelve of them are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.Most of them were built in 11-12 centuries.Many of them were destroyed, but left their church, differs not only architecture, but also the magnificent frescoes.

Closer to our time

If you are tired of the old, you can plunge in Cyprus and a modern paradise.

Cape Greco Natural Park, a water park "Water World", a village Lefkara (famous for lace and silver products), aquarium, waterfall Caledonia ...

Entertainment program at all resorts is also rich and interesting.Popular festivals, "Kataklilizmos", "Anthesteria" and others.Diving, racing jeep, surfing, golf, water skiing ... It has everything!

Of course, it is difficult to enjoy the rest for 8-9 days, and inspect all existing on the island of Cyprus attractions.Reviews of tourists say that most of them still manage even for such a short time to get "rest for body and soul", "positive emotions" and "a lot of impressions!" But those who seemed a little planning is required to get screwedto continue acquaintance with the wonderful island.

Besides the time, of course, and require a certain amount of funds available to view on the island of Cyprus attractions.Prices there are still a European level.

Cost of the tour to Cyprus an average of 16 000 rubles per person.The price depends on the length of rest and comfort of the hotel and the services provided by (power), and other factors.You just have to consider the proposals of tour operators and choose what suits.

There is also the possibility of ordering a hotel or apartment in Cyprus over the Internet, as well as self-purchase ticket and visa.

No matter what way to organize a trip to this Mediterranean resort is chosen by people, the important thing is that, apart from recreation, and more thrills they provide preserved from ancient times on the island of Cyprus attractions.What to see, where to go, what to admire, you now know.Few places have been so much more objects for contemplation and cognition than in Cyprus!