What is remarkable in the Church of the Resurrection Bryusov Lane?

small modest Temple of the Resurrection in Bryusov Lane is not lost on the background of a vast architectural heritage of the Russian capital.Of course, many in Moscow Orthodox cathedrals that surpass the modest old church and the height of the dome, and the pomp facades, interior decoration and expression.But as they say the Orthodox believers on particularly favorite temples - a place namolennoe.

of Moscow History

Famous Muscovites Church of the Resurrection in Bryusov lane did not stop his prayer ministry from the middle of the sixteenth century.But its present appearance he had not always.Originally it was a wooden church, located on the Assumption Ravine.The first mention of it in historical sources refers to 1548.Assumption Ravine in those days was called the ravine, near which the church was built.Wood - not the most durable building material.And after what happened in the spring of 1629 a fire temple had to be built anew.Its construction was completed in 1634.And in general it corresponds to

the fact that it represents at present the Resurrection Temple in Bryusov Lane.Some changes to the building of the temple took place only in the first half of the nineteenth century, when it was added to the refectory and the bell tower was reconstructed bunk.Architectural forms gradually approached the temple to the traditions of Russian classicism.

Name Temple

Not quite the usual name of the temple in Bryusov lane connected with the events of sacred history.Church of the Resurrection was opened in the year 335, the site of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.It was on the very spot where he was buried and resurrected Christ.Only the temple of Jerusalem has the right to the name.Therefore temples dedicated to this event in other countries named in honor of the "Resurrection".They are dedicated not to the central event of sacred history, but only the holiday in his honor.

In Soviet times

For many, remains a mystery why, in the years of severe persecution of the Orthodox Church and the state of atheistic propaganda in the capital of communist Russia and then the Soviet Union, for a single day did not stop his ministry in the Church of the Resurrection Bryusov Lane?We should not forget that many of the Orthodox churches in Moscow in the thirties of the twentieth century were barbarously blown up and destroyed.But the Church of the Resurrection for the faithful was always open.Some explain this fact is not quite the usual status of the area in which is situated Bruce Lane.In Moscow it has long selilas creative bohemians - writers and artists, musicians, actors and artists.That participation has helped to prevent the demolition of the old church.In particular, this achievement is attributed to the great Russian director and actor KS Stanislavsky, who listens to the opinion of the most influential people of the Soviet state.But Orthodox believers see in temple Save favorite special dispensation.


repressions of the Soviet period is still not spared and the ancient Church of Moscow.But they expressed only in the fact that, with its bell tower were removed and destroyed unique historical bells.For several decades, the church bell tower served as a purely decorative function.Again, hear the bells ringing residents Bryusov lane was destined to only 18 in February 2008, this day was re-consecrated, the main bell Church of the Resurrection, "Archangel Michael".Now in this historic part of Moscow, you can hear the chimes of all canonical Orthodox holidays.

important shrines

Church of the Resurrection in Bryusov Lane, the address of which is known far beyond the capital, is the seat of two specially venerated shrines in the Orthodox world.First of all, it is the icon of "Perishing."It is dedicated to the Mother of God.This work is written in the eighteenth century.But the main thing that attracts many pilgrims to the Orthodox Church of the Resurrection in Bryusov Lane - Icon Spyridon, Bishop Tremithus.This especially venerated saint in the Orthodox Church has traditionally been a defender of the poor and disadvantaged.It is believed that the image of St. Spyridon has miraculous powers.Handling it with prayer in difficult moments of life helps to find the mental strength to overcome fate bestowed tests.And there is nothing surprising in the fact that this shrine is not overgrown popular trail.Sometimes pilgrims aspire to it from afar.From them you can hear the question: "Church of the Resurrection in Bryusov Lane ... How do I get him?"By the miraculous icon of St. Saint Spyridon are those who no longer expect help from anyone.It is the right of the image of the Saviour in the chancel of the church.

Church of the Resurrection in Bryusov Lane - driving?

get to the center of Moscow, where the temple is not too difficult from any point of the city.To do this, take the subway to the "Okhotny Ryad" or "Revolution Square" located near Manezh Square.And then you have to climb up the Tver, on the left side of it to Bryusov lane.The temple is clearly visible even from Tverskaya.Equally easy to reach it from the opposite side, with Nikitskaya street.With her in Bruce Lane can be reached by turning right.Address Temple - Moscow, Bruce Lane - 15/2.