Rest in Ochakov: recreation and the private sector

Tourism has long been not just a fad, and the meaning of life for most people.Modern people have a lot of work and reside in a stressful condition.Psychologists and doctors have long noted that people who travel a lot, less stressed, get sick less infectious diseases.There is a perception that the journey - it's fun for rich people is wrong.Today it is possible to rest with dignity, and not having a lot of money in your wallet.This can be a vacation in Ochakov.

History of

It is a small resort town on the Black Sea.It is located in Ukraine in the Mykolaiv region.Its history is rooted in the distant past, he appeared in the fourteenth century.At first it was a small Lithuanian fortress called "Kara-Kermen."If translated into Russian, it is not nothing but a black fortress.All kinds of events may happen in this town!But the fact that the air in Ochakov surprisingly useful, it was observed later.Transported back to the playground of the rich nobles of his children and wives to health corrected, and that

they had no "rush".Then later began to appear there hospitals, pensions, hotels.

Rest in Ochakov

People with average incomes to rest in this place are very good.There you can have a good time with the children and close friends.For children, the main thing that the place was away from the bustling cities, that there was a nice beach, warm sea and always sunny weather.That's what we can say about the rest in Ochakov.Reviews of tourists are always positive.Along the coast, built many hotels, inns.Suppose that most of the buildings are not too new, since the days of the Soviet Union, but they are fairly well maintained and quite acceptable accommodation.The main tourist attractions - a comfortable bed, clean linens, shower, toilet and a place where you can eat.This visiting the hotel staff will provide exactly.

Where can I relax?

ways to find housing in this town very much.There is a good recreation center in Ochakovo.This is the "Santa".It is located near the sea.Vacationing there can be all year.It is equipped with everything necessary.There is hot and the water carried heating system, and to ensure comfort on hot days in each air-conditioned room.The biggest plus - that vacationers may live in separate one-story cottages.They are built on new technology, and with all European standards.While many believe that this holiday is very expensive, you are wrong.If we compare prices with many Russian and European bases of rest, then rest in Ochakov costs about twice or three cheaper.The same can be applied to the databases "Olvia", "Ochakov" and others.

What good rest on the base?

Psychologists always recommend at least once a year to go on vacation away from the bustle of the city.And even better to the sea.It will thus rest in "Witted".Ochakov - a city where it is based recreation.It is equipped on the Black Sea, and one can check to make about 1,500 people.For the rest built 240 wooden cottages which are equipped with everything necessary.These houses are designed for families.The beach is always well-groomed, and in addition, for the children built a fascinating slides, rides, playgrounds.Parents can rest easy on the beach equipped with rescue station, where there are always experienced rescuers who keenly watch the vacationers.No need to worry about, and nutrition.You can cook yourself in the house, there is a kitchen equipped with everything necessary.There is also a nice dining room.The cost of living is indicated in UAH, and is about 50-60 USD.per person per day, which is very accessible to all guests.

Other ways

For those who prefer the freedom and independence, like to spend holidays "savages."So be rest in Ochakov.The private sector has always provided similar services.Stay, corner apartment or a small house not be easy.You can always find the ads in the media or through friends.In addition, if you leave the bus or the bus at the bus station, there will always be greeted with proposals for delivery of housing.The cost depends on the conditions of residence and distance from the beach.Sami Ochakovtsev always very welcoming to their guests and are always prompt, where you can buy at a bargain price, and where you can go besides the beach.

Excursions in Ochakov

usually lie on the sunny beach nice about three or four days.Then I want to learn something new, to explore the area.Can wear and cognitive character holiday in Ochakov.The most unique place where it is imperative to go with the whole family - a nature reserve "Olvia".It is a national historical and archaeological sites.Interesting and unique of its history, it noted that he appeared in the 6th century BC, and the founders were Greeks.This reserve is protected by the state, historians and archaeologists still find there is something new.Kids, and adults always like a water park "Attica".Although he is on the outskirts of the town, but to get to it is not difficult, and the kids will have a fun time memory for a long time.In cloudy weather, you can go and Nicholas himself.The city is also amazing, and it quite beautiful and memorable places, especially if the trip takes place on the transport, then this is a good way to replenish food stocks.

Thus, we can conclude that the rest of Ochakov can be not only cheap, but also very exciting.It's a great way to relax and forget about their problems and improve their health on the Black Sea, to be together with family, chat with friends, and all at very affordable prices.Find habitation in this small resort town is easy.It may be different: in the luxury hotel is in some small cottages or in rented apartments.Everyone can always choose to your liking.It remains only one thing: to prepare a roomy bag, comfortable clothes and shoes, beach suits, a small amount of money and do not forget the good mood.And then the rest will be unforgettable, and good memories will remain in memory for a long time.