Montenegro, Kamelia 2 *: photos, prices and reviews

Proximity, reasonable prices, magnificent beaches, numerous natural and manmade attractions - that's what attracts Russian citizens of Montenegro.Many tourists after the first trip to this country seeking to get into it again.However, it should be remembered that all the positive emotions from excursions to local attractions and leisure on the gorgeous beaches can be spoiled by a bad hotel.For this reason, his choice should be approached with great care.Very popular among the guests enjoyed Montenegro Kamelia 2 * hotel located in Tivat.

Tivat - location and climate

Tivat - a town in Montenegro, located near the Bay of Kotor.Picturesque resort gives the beautiful park of the Adriatic coast, created at the time the sailors who brought here exotic plants from all over the world.Fame and the city park of Tivat, on whose territory grow mimosas, palm trees and many other plants.At 5 km from the airport is located, has a message to many cities in different countries, so guests Kamelia 2 * do not have to sp

end a lot of time on the road to the resort.

Tivat is famous for its large number of sunny days - about 200 a year.Once the resort was a place of rest of the aristocracy, and today its territory there are many museums and galleries devoted to that time.The city is also a great port, from where a comfortable liner, which can make a sea voyage, everyone living in different hotels in Tivat, including Kamelia 2 *.Montenegro has on its territory a lot of interesting cities, which can be visited just during this mini-cruise.

General information about the hotel Kamelia 2 * and his photo

Kamelia 2 * is the economy hotel, located near the sea and consists of several buildings with two or three floors, and a large area.Distance from the hotel to the center of Tivat is not more than 1.5 km.It is worth noting that this is a Montenegrin hotel Kamelia 2 *.Bulgaria also has on its territory of a hotel with the same name, so when planning a summer vacation in Montenegro, it is important not to confuse them.

in the "Camellia" is an outdoor swimming pool, bar, parking and a lot of greenery that can be seen in the photo is slightly lower.Lazing by the pool, guests can enjoy magnificent views of the sea and mountains.Very often the "Camellia" is selected for the rest of his family with the kids, so do not be surprised to excessive noise.If you prefer a very quiet holiday, it is better to give up staying at this hotel.


The hotel Kamelia 2 * is represented by 156 double and triple rooms and 6 apartments.At the same time they can accommodate up to 280 people.All standard rooms are equipped with comfortable beds in an amount corresponding to the number of residents.There is a refrigerator, a stool, a table, telephone, private bathroom, access to the balcony before the eyes of guests magnificent views.Some rooms are air-conditioned.

Apartment represented as double rooms.There is a hall with a sofa and a private kitchen equipped with the necessary utensils and appliances.In this room there is a bathroom with a shower, sink, toilet and all the necessary hygiene products and towels.All rooms are cleaned regularly.

Power Dining at the hotel - half board: breakfast and dinner are served in the buffet, the hotel does not provide lunch.However, in the "Camellia" is a restaurant for 500 seats where guests can order any dish on the menu presented, regardless of the time of day.In addition, next to the hotel there are plenty of cafes where you can eat well for a small fee.Vacationers also like to sit at the bar on the terrace, enjoying refreshments, which on hot days is always very helpful.


Kamelia 2 * hotel has its own beach, which is located at a distance of 25 meters.The bottom of the shallow sea and smooth.For an additional fee guests can use the parasols and sun loungers.It is worth noting that the sea here during the summer season is always warm and clean, so that even the smallest visitors can enjoy a dip in the water.

What is the cost of living and what does it include?

Hotel accommodation costs of 27 000 to 54 000 for 6 nights depending on room category and the number of living people.In this price includes room, breakfast and dinner, use of swimming pools and sun loungers next to them, as well as sports facilities, however, no inventory, that is, basketball, soccer balls, tennis balls and rackets, you must either have their own, or rent.Prices do not include unscheduled cleaning, towels and linen, as well as lunch.Many tourists prefer to buy tours, in which, besides accommodation, including flights: it is cheaper.

Sports & Entertainment

Besides the pool, where you can freely swim, fans of active pastime, to choose for your stay Hotel Kamelia 2 * (Tivat), can play basketball, football or table tennis - there are all possibilities forthis.The hotel also features an outdoor amphitheater and a disco organized.Nearby there is a diving center and boat jetty.

The beach offers plenty of opportunities for water sports and a water amusement.These include banana boating, sailing, single or double kayak, single canoe, water skiing and so on. If desired, each camper can go on a sea or a bus tour because in Montenegro there is every opportunity for this.It is because of a greater variety of sightseeing tourists choose to stay Hotel Kamelia 2 * in Tivat, and not a Bulgarian hotel Kamelia Albena 2 *.

Comments about Kamelia 2 *

During the period of its existence, "Camellia" has already had time to take a huge number of visitors, and each of them made up his mind about this hotel.Since the hotel has only 2 stars, the reviews about it have varied.All tourists celebrate a big advantage, "Camellia", as its location.After just a few meters from the sea, at a distance of 5 km - International Airport.There is also the city seaport and many parks where you can walk for hours, even on the hottest days.

guests respond positively and nutrition.Despite the fact that it is only half board, on the table there is always a delicious variety of dishes.By the way, half-board, some tourists see a lot of advantages: First, it's cheaper, and secondly, removes the need to run at breakneck speed for lunch, while in another place.This option is an excellent food for guests who do not like to spend all their time in the hotel and on the beach, but prefer to get acquainted with the sights of the country, which is quite a lot in Montenegro.

As for the negative reviews about the hotel, most of them relate to numbers.Tourists complain about how the poverty situation and the mess.They say that the rooms are more like army barracks than Hotel rooms.Cleaning is carried out very rarely and not very carefully: the dust in remote corners of the web and may remain untouched for days.However, the presence of all rejoice balconies, from where you can admire the magnificent views of the sea and surrounding countryside.