Rigid Coupling : dimensions and towing away cars and trucks .Rigid Coupling with their hands

rigid coupling universal.It is designed for towing any type of vehicle from a distance.This is a very cost-effective and convenient solution.The devices have such a rigid coupling design that allows them to attach almost any vehicle.In principle, the evacuation of a car that has lost the ability to move independently, is a fairly complex problem.It is compounded if the tow truck to be.

There are two types of couplings - rigid and flexible.The choice between them depends on a number of factors, most of which relate to the technical condition of the vehicle to be transported.For example, when a faulty brake system can only use a rigid coupling.That it will ensure adherence to the towed vehicle on the same track with a tractor.

Advantages rigid coupling

Compared with rigid flexible coupling has a lot of indisputable advantages.Firstly, there is no breakthrough, and transported the car will not be able to approach the dangerous distance to the tractor.Secondly, between two machines will always be a

given distance.Third, the rigid coupling leads to participation in the procedure for towing only one driver (driving a tractor), the qualification level is low requirements imposed.And most importantly, this type of transport is considered to be as secure as possible.It is these advantages allow to use a hard type of towing everywhere: in adverse weather and road conditions, in heavy traffic, and any malfunctions.

Transportation vehicle on a rigid coupling

Unlike cable, which is included in every motorist rigid coupling - a rare attribute.Most often it is used tow trucks.But a rigid towing bar assumes the same accessories: warning triangle, first aid kit and fire extinguisher.In this case, a cable may sag to the road surface.The device may have a different tow construction.For example, assume the simplest one fixing point to each of the machines.Basically, such a structure has a rigid coupling for cars.More complex coupling have several points and allow the towed vehicle exactly one track with the tractor, without the slightest shift in the party.For each type of device developed different rules for towing.Towing device allows hard to overtake heavy vehicles.

Preparing to tow the vehicle

If the truck is to be transported, it is necessary to estimate its tonnage and weight of the cargo, if any.The tractor should be able to tow a vehicle without the strain and overheating.That is, its weight must exceed the weight of the other car.Rigid Coupling for freight should also correspond to the total weight of the towed vehicle.The driver of the tractor should check belt tension and coolant level, since you are high loads and engine must be cooled efficiently.The driver of the car, which will be towed, also need to prepare: disconnect the low voltage on the ignition coil.Just before hitting the road for both drivers need to agree on action.

procedure transport

most difficult moment - this is the beginning of towage, ie start.The driver of the car that will transport must ensure that the machine is removed from a manual brake and gear engaged.All subsequent steps belong to the driver of the tractor.He should start moving to the lowest gear.The car should move slowly and smoothly, without jerk to pull the towed vehicle.Another important point - is shifting gears while moving.This should be done as quickly as possible.During follow the route on the towed vehicle must be turned on the alarm.If it does not work on the rear of the machine must be attached warning triangle.

transport regulations vehicle

movement speed trains should not be higher than 50 km / h when the vehicle is distilled with a manual transmission.If the automatic transmission car, the motion shall not take place faster than 40 km / h.Evacuation of cars with the broken steering is only possible using complex structures rigid coupling.Do not tow: more than one vehicle, trailer and motorcycle without a sidecar.In the cab of the machine may be towed only by its driver.Dimensions of rigid coupling should provide the distance between cars - no more than 4 meters.The device must be in the form of warning signs shields and flags of size 20 x 20 cm drawing on them alternating red and white stripes with reflective materials.If the towed vehicle braking system is faulty, its weight should be two times less than the tug.

How to choose a rigid coupling

To date, the sale will offer a huge variety of different rigid couplings.Before buying you first need to make sure that the device meets the tonnage of your car.Further, the design is determined that you need - simple or complex.This will determine whether you will call the tow truck in complex cases or use the services of passing motorists.It is also necessary to take into account whether the device is placed in the trunk of your car and how much space it occupies in it.Today, there are telescopic model that folded are minimum dimensions.The cost of not talking - it "decides" your wallet.You can also make your own device.Rigid Coupling, made with his own hands, in some cases, it may be the only option for the transport of such mechanisms in the trunk of your car.

Call a tow truck

Even if in the trunk of your car has a rigid coupling, but the situation does not meet the above conventions and prescribed rules, better call a tow truck.To do this in your notebook to be recorded the desired phone number.Some drivers are extremely superstitious and prefer not to do, "so as not to wake dashing."In vain, because the movement of the vehicle is always fraught with risks, and better to err.For example, the time to pass MOT and always check the car before you hit the road.However, you good and successful road trips!