ZIL-117 - liveth for ever car

ZIL-117 - the pride of the Soviet Union, a car with a rich history.Quintuple RWD "iron horse" high class.On its creation it has left more than a year.Sedan was released in Moscow at the plant named IALikhachev in 1791.It was constructed in the image of a government limousine 114th model.He also had a classic and austere appearance.According to the unofficial version, the order of its creation he gave Leonid Brezhnev.

machine is used for the movement of the government.She also participated in the parades and filming.Auto collected only on request, individually to each official.

the day of its release was arranged whole ceremony.ZIL presented as a symbol and pride of the country.


Appearance 117th and 114th model is not very different.The forms were almost the same, change the size, weight and small parts such as bumpers, wheels, door handles, etc.

Despite its size, the ZIL-117 was a high-spirited, dynamic and agile.Its length is 5.72 m, width - 2.07 m, height - 1.54 m. Weight - 2

880 kg.And when he picked up speed to 203 km / h.It accelerates to 100 km / h in 13 seconds.This is a good result, roughly the same as that of modern VAZ "Prior", which weighs half as much.

Fuel consumption per 100 km is about 19 liters (according to official figures).In fact, the figure was higher.Fuel tank - 120 liters, but not for long enough.

This vehicle was the status of the above 114th model.Designers have created the most comfortable, reliable and safe car.He had a smooth and mild stroke.Though he intended for high-quality roads, patency was considered not bad.

ZIL-117 was superior in many respects the best foreign cars class.It was equipped with a powerful 8-cylinder engine with a ZIL-114, an outstanding 303 hp, automatic transmission, power windows, electric front seats move, installation of air conditioning, disc brakes front and rear hydraulic.The front seats are trimmed with leather and back - velor.


were eventually released some modifications, such as the ZIL-117B - the two-door car with an open top, ZIL-117e - with ekranizirovaniem, ZIL-117VE - convertible with ekranizirovaniem.In one instance it was collected ZIL-117M and Zil-117P - a five-seater with a partition.

Auto today

1978 ZIL-117 ceased to produce, but even today there are models in perfect condition because the assembly has been used high-quality metal.Most of them are decorated with a collection of fans.In all there were about 70 cars, but there were 10 worldwide.

Buy a car today is almost impossible.And the reason is not even a high price.Find a car much more complicated, especially in good condition.ZIL-117, the price of which can be varied in a wide range, it remains valuable exhibit in the collection of lovers.

car legend

Why ZIL-117 was manufactured long?Keep it was very expensive, so the powers that be started to change to foreign cars.This is explained by economic expediency.Today ZIL-117 is antiques, descriptions, memories of other times.It is rare, but still possible to meet this unique exhibit at the exhibition of vintage cars.It is a pity that in our time do not pay attention to domestic cars.

resolved the vehicle - an example of what our specialists can make cars better than cars.Currently, you can admire ZILom described only in parades and at specialized exhibitions.

There are communities of people who are interested in retro cars.Together, they are looking for interesting facts about the cars of those times.ZIL-117, nesomnennno, is in the spotlight.