Where to find the emergency exit in the second-class car?

If you think about where the emergency exit in the second-class carriage, then gathered in earnest journey "economy class".Reserved seat is much cheaper compartment car.But it can be comfortably accommodated for the night and if you're lucky, get some sleep.

However, this type of transport is an ironic smile to the face of everyone who has ever moved it across the expanses of our country.Though we can not say that to go to him very uncomfortable.All the same shelf, wall, table and conductor of tea.But still, if you ask someone about the emergency exit in the second-class carriage, then just hear in response: "If you are not lucky with the neighbors, you'll need it."A further significant silence, they say, in a way he'll find out.

reserved seat Why?

name of the car comes from the reserved seat.Previously, so called card with the designation of a place that passengers get in addition to the basic ticket.There besplatskartnye accommodation seats and carriages.And we are interested in the type of pass

enger cars was seen as a general, but with the designation of the place.So the name stuck him.

What kind of a car?

reserved seat - a sleeper.Its basic difference from the compartment or CB is the total absence of doors.All the space inside the car is open.This circumstance forces the passengers to closely monitor your luggage.

should be noted that in the carriages reserved seat in a small enclosed room is more than fifty people at a time.They all see each other in the event of an emergency panic can become uncontrolled in seconds.Therefore, travelers especially important to know where to find the emergency exit in the train reserved seat.

Driving car

Despite the fact that there is no reserved seat inside the door, each car is still divided into the usual domestic passenger compartment.They are nine, six beds each.Total 54 "shelves."

Each compartment mounted on two folding tables, three luggage racks and drawers under the bottom bunks.

Incidentally, the notorious emergency exit in the second-class carriage is a 3 and 6 coupe.However, as in other types of cars.

Also in reserved seat you can find two toilets, titanium, coupe conductor vestibule and fairly narrow corridor.

Best and Worst

At first glance, all the "shelves" are the same reserved seat.But everything has its own peculiarities.

choosing a place to second-class carriage, should know:

  • most uncomfortable places - side.Their length does not allow to comfortably accommodate and passengers with above-average growth can not even stretch my legs at full length.

  • numbering begins with the side seats 37 rooms and comes from the end of the car;

  • lower side shelves longer than the upper 10 cm.

  • at the beginning and end of the car is shorter than all the others (numbers 1, 2, 35 and 36).

  • place at number 36, one of the most uncomfortable in the car.It installed the partition, which abut against the legs of most passengers.There's no ladder for easy access to the shelf.In addition, it is located near the toilet.

In the compartment, where the emergency exit in the second-class carriage, passengers lurks an unexpected inconvenience.Windows does not come off.And not for the evil joke.So designed into.Why is that?Tell us in the next section.

How is the emergency exit?

car with reserved seats in the evacuation of passengers is provided through the windows.All because the familiar label on the tram, "Pull the cord, squeeze the glass."Here the principle is about the same.

out through the window is quite simple.But to any passenger could freely leave the car, it must be closed.Then they meet on the way of the wooden frame.Therefore, all the cars in the compartment 3 and 6 design window opening is not provided.This becomes a major problem for those who bought tickets for these places.Especially when the thermometer shows over 25 degrees.

negative attitude

reserved seat Why do not like?After all, different from the usual compartment car quite a bit.

When traveling in a car, passengers are suffering from foreign odors and noise.This is particularly annoying when the road takes more than one day.Just imagine 50 people, someone somewhere to go, someone has something to eat, and at least half of them are constantly talking.And we still have not remembered the orderly use of the toilet.

Therefore the former occupants of this type of cars and joking that the emergency exit in the reserved seat can come in handy in the middle of the road.