The Republic of Bashkortostan.

Republic of Bashkortostan can rightly be called a fount of vast natural resources, unique historical monuments and relics.But not only this famous Bashkir edge.The presence of mountain landscapes, numerous ponds with mineral springs, forests favorably affected creating here many health-medical and cultural areas for relaxation.

Gradually everything

resorts and sanatoriums of Bashkortostan have long earned the honor and glory not only to the residents of the republic.Russian tourists and even traveling from abroad come here to witness the miraculous wonders of nature, enjoy the beauty of picturesque landscapes on himself to feel the hospitality of the local people.

How far and near at the same time as the Republic of Bashkiria stretches.The resort, which is famous for this side, settled mostly along rivers White (Ak-Idel) Yuryuzan, Aslykulya lake and at the foot of the mountains.Here, at any time of the year, summer and winter, always crowded.

By the nature of therapeutic agents used whole health

resort recreational complex of the republic can be divided into three groups:

  • balneological, using natural mineral waters;
  • mud, silt mud with salt water, fresh water lakes and peat mud;
  • climate.

Most Popular

North-east of the republic is deservedly popular resort spas such as "Karagai", "Mother and Child"."Yangan Tau" has long been known far beyond the region, because there is practiced in the successful treatment of radon waters.The sanatorium "Tanysh" famous for being available in the territory of the source of holy water healed the blind.

truly diverse and beautiful Bashkiria.Resorts Zauralye attracts tourists with its unique romance and modern comfort.Want to family comfort and peace of mind?Be sure to take a trip to Pavlovka.In the district of this beautiful town has settled many convenient and enjoyable recreation, hotels of different categories Star.There is also a sanatorium "Pavlovsk", which also like to come to improve their health, many Bashkirs.

notably in Krasnousolsk

Can long list well-known resorts of Bashkiria.Krasnousolsk - the next one.It is located 120 kilometers from the capital of the republic in Gafuriysky District.And he named in honor of the river flowing here Usolki that never freezes.Mineral water, leaving the surface of the earth, according to their chemical composition and quality as the famous healing waters of Yessentuki and Matsesta.

crystal clear air of the Ural mountains, beautiful nature, mountain streams as a magnet to attract many holidaymakers.Treatment and prevention of silt mud, the use of mineral water, the use of various medical procedures to help patients not only on time, but as practice shows, get rid of some diseases.Here come the people with disorders of metabolic processes in the body, diseases urological and gynecological nature of the nervous system.

large number of attractions can be found Krasnousolsk guests.Very close to the famous nature reserve Muradymovskoe gorge.To tickle your nerves, you can look in Kapova cave.Is very popular excursions to the waterfall Sharlama, outings to the mountain Ulutau.And that's not all that can be found in these beautiful places.

Ski resort "Abzakovo»

What else can surprise travelers Bashkiria?Resorts listed above - it's just a small part of the whole resort and recreation complex of the republic.In winter these places can also relax as comfortable in the mountains there are many cozy and comfortable base.

Ski Resort in Bashkiria "Abzakovo" is considered one of the most popular.Equipped with modern facilities and quality service maintenance, it attracts masses of tourists.Thirteen of safe trails stretching from 130 to 3300 meters are available for skiing in the mountains.For children identified two separate lines, and they are constantly under the watchful supervision of experienced instructors.For those wishing to snowmobiling and snowboarding here as there are special grounds.The season starts in November and ends only at the end of April.The successful combination of low humidity with low temperatures allows travelers do not freeze well and spend their leisure time.

«Ak-Yorty" - what is it?

It should be noted ski resorts, located on Lake Banny, Arsky stone, and "Ak-Yorty", located directly in the capital - the city of Ufa.Bashkortostan has prepared these resorts for skiing the mountain for both amateurs and professionals.Trails to equip them with special technology, need to apply the system of artificial snow.Visitors are encouraged to hire the necessary equipment, there are small cafes where you can warm up a cup of tea.

What people say about Bashkir resorts

Here they are, draws its originality and beauty, resorts Bashkortostan!Reviews of tourists visiting the very eloquently about the high level of service at any of them, quality service visitors.And rightly so, because each of them is fighting for the title of best of the best among the large number of resorts in the country.