Where to rest in Irkutsk in the heat?

Many citizens are convinced that in the summer in the city doing nothing.All those who do so to urgently go to the cottage.But do not despair for those who have to stay in the city.The weekend is the perfect place to spend at the beach.With this statement fully agree many Irkutsk citizens.

Beach Jacobi Irkutsk history titles

One of the most popular holiday destinations in the city got its name in honor of the Russian military commander, Governor-General of Irkutsk Ivan Jacobi (1726-1803).Besides the beach, it is the name of the bay and the street on the banks of the reservoir.

At the height of the season a lot of tourists daily visit the beach Jacobi in Irkutsk.Where is this place, you tell me even a schoolboy.You just have to drive to Irkutsk reservoir, and then follow the signs (in the case of eating you go by car).You can also use public transport.From the city center you dovezut taxis № 2, № 3, № 20, № 24 to the stop "dam»

ban on swimming

Daily beach Jacobi Irkutsk visit on average one an

d a half thousand people.In the past year it has been leased to a certain commercial company which was engaged in landscaping and beach preparation for the season.Half of the beach fee, entrance fee - from two hundred fifty to three hundred and fifty rubles.The second part was left free, which corresponds to a contract with the municipality.

For the season 2014 the tenant considered himself to unfavorable conditions of the contract and refused to include beach.Therefore, in June, it was forbidden to swim here.

Beach Jacobi in Irkutsk, photos of which you can see in this article, re-opened the eleventh July 2014 after moving it about.

This sandy beach for an extra charge.At the entrance to everyone offering sun loungers.At the entrance ticket every visitor gets a towel and umbrella.For those who like active rest, beach Jacobi Irkutsk offers kayaks, catamarans.You can play volleyball on the well-equipped playground.There is a bar and a hookah.

For lovers of extreme tourism open a paintball club, karting.Beach Jacobi in Irkutsk open daily seven days a week from ten to twenty-one hours.

In the Irkutsk region of 18 seats, which have the status of official beaches.Of these, only two - Jacobi and "Laguna" - are widely available.The remaining sixteen are in the resort and children's camps.The question arises: where to rest in Irkutsk in the heat?

Beach "Laguna"

owner - Vladislav Grossman.For ten years he has been organizing holiday not only in summer but also in winter.

This place only two years ago, received the official status of the beach.Prior to that it was registered as a place for public recreation near the water.

Entrance to the beach "Lagoon" is free.Here you can rent trampolines, catamarans.You can ride the water slides for adults and children.Fans of rolling guests can play tennis or shooting at a shooting range.

Those who would like to stay here for a few days can rent a guest house, as well as visit a real bath.

a rest on this beach not only the residents of Irkutsk.They come here from Angarsk, Shelekhov and even Bratsk.On average, a day passes 300-350.They provide safety rescue sailors trained in GIMS and licensed to engage in this activity.In addition, the beach is on duty medical professional with a complete set of necessary first-aid medicines.

Beach "Sunbathing»

is located in the district "Sunny."The entrance is free.There is a bar, a playground for kids with a nanny, a veranda for sun beds.You can rent canoes, bungee trampolines.Those interested can visit the open-air cafes.

Bay for IrGTU

is behind Irkutsk University, from the railway station.The beach is free, besides not having paid services.Holidaymakers are usually small, so you can stay in silence in the midst of nature.

Island "Youth"

The beach is free, but there are additional services that you have to pay - catamarans and bungee on the children's railway.Naturally, you have to spend money to visit one of several cafes and a pavilion with soft drinks and ice cream.