How to choose the best cruise on the Black Sea?

If you ask the lovers about where they wanted to go together, it is often possible to hear the answer: "In a sea cruise."This type of travel has always been and remains one of the most romantic.Sail on a beautiful boat on the endless expanse of the sea people always wanted.First, this is the dream the children, and then the young people and the older generation.If until recently it was thought that such a trip - it is a pleasure just for wealthy people, but today, many travel agencies offer this tour at affordable prices.Go, for example, a cruise on the Black Sea at any time of the year.


For Russians, the Black Sea - is the main character of heat, sun, summer.Although there is good and beautiful in the winter.By rail, motorway have to travel frequently, but the sail on the ship but the sea is not always possible.And going on holiday to the seaside, the tourists are hoping that this time, this will definitely be a walk.Many companies are advised not to count "at random", and look at the site

and choose the tour in advance.Cruise on the Black Sea is good because it does not rest only on the golden beaches nazagorayutsya, pogreyutsya under the rays of warm sun, but also see a lot of different cities and countries.Maritime transport gently moves through the water and makes stops at each interesting place.

All about cruises

may be quite different cruises.Black Sea washes many countries.During one trip you can visit the Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.The journey can last from seven days to three months.Of course, such a trip will not go every year, so it is very important to choose the right tour.Employees of travel agencies will always consult and talk about their proposals.

Voyage on the liner "Adriana┬╗

This small sea boat.On board well can accommodate about three hundred people.The length of the liner - 104 m, width - 16 m. The range of services it is wide enough.It has a saltwater swimming pools, restaurants, bars, shops, a beauty salon.Do not be afraid that seasick during the voyage, tired of always somewhere to go.Each port offers travelers to visit the most interesting excursions.Furthermore, arranged and "green stop".That is, besides the usual excursions with vacationers a variety of events on the beach.Dispatched ship from Sochi, and the final stop - in Istanbul.In addition, it is able to visit Novorossiysk, Yalta and other cities.Tourists will be interested in a cruise on the Black Sea."Adriana" - liner trip, which received a fascinating and unforgettable.

About cabins on the ship

manufacturers of the ship thought that the passengers can travel with all the comforts.On it are four passenger decks, where the comfortable cabins.They are all different categories, but they all have a private shower, toilet, safe.The cabins are designed for a different number of people, from two to four.The most convenient are those that belong to the category A and L. They are external and a window, while sailing they can out of their rooms to watch the sea, sea inhabitants, life seagulls.Although the cabins with a porthole is also quite suitable for the long voyage.But the other room categories are designed to ensure that people were comfortable.Lighting and ventilation system made all the norms and standards.But many tourists think that a bed while traveling is only required for a night's rest.After a trip longer want to communicate, learn and have fun.And this on the liner enough.

Everything about the sea voyage

On liner provided everything to tourists an unforgettable cruise on the Black Sea.Istanbul - one of the cities that are definitely worth a visit.They are interested in everything: nature, architecture, history.Accompanied by experienced tourist guide who knows what to show and tell.If you think that a long voyage will not work, it is a misconception.On the ship, you can enjoy a swim in the pool, there is always the sea water.It is located on the upper deck, so a sunbath can be taken all day though.In addition, the ship has a library, a reading room, various board games, children's rooms.For permanent conducted a variety of activities, ranging from the night discos and ending theme nights.Surprising a cruise on the Black Sea.Feedback from tourists - always only positive.Do not give them to miss a group of artists.This children's animators, professional musicians, DJs, singers, presenters.If the tour is designed for the school holidays, there are always experienced teachers who are responsible not only for the safety of children, but also for the fact that they got from the trip only positive emotions, improve health and broadened horizons.For many parents, this is also good cruise on the Black Sea.If there is a fear that during the trip you will be cut off from the world, it is in vain.Wi-Fi, and today there is on board.You can always go online and chat with friends.

Overview of sea cruises

each tourist trip in its own good.As they say: "New experiences change people."Nothing expands horizons and does not affect the world as travel to different countries.Land transport people use every day, but the sea, unfortunately, rare.Travel agencies are doing everything to any cruise on the Black Sea was a unique and unforgettable.The price includes travel by ship, accommodation in a cabin (depending on the category), meals, recreational activities, swimming pool.As well as reservation fee, insurance.For young children ride free, but on condition that they will not be given a separate bed, and for kids ages 5 and up to 11 years have discount of fifty percent of the total cost.The power supply system at the time of travel - the type of "buffet".In addition, travelers always include bed linen, towels for sunbathing.The swimming pool area is equipped with awnings and parasols.Do everything to rest was organized at the highest level.