The resort "Arcadia."

always want to spend a vacation so pleasant memories for years to come.Probably the most popular form of relaxation for most people - a sunbathe on the sea coast.Warm sun, sea, beautiful scenery - what could be better.Even better, when there is the opportunity to combine business with pleasure.A good option in this case would be a visit to the resort "Arcadia."Odessa - a city where there is this wonderful place.

bit of history

venue for resorts are always carefully chosen.It takes into account many things: that there was a clean area, beautiful nature and peaceful atmosphere.According to this principle and build "Arcadia."Odessa - a city on the Black Sea coast.Almost every coastal region can justify the resort and an organized beach.But at this point, good and gentle slopes.The name is taken was not in vain.Local residents recalled the little mountainous region of Greece, and there is, in their view, was always calm, peaceful and comfortable.It has always reigned in Arcadia happiness.First, the reso

rt was not the question.There was built a small shop, cafe and several cottages.Although the structure has not been small.Is being built one after another stone house with all communications.Then the government has decided to organize a "warm sea baths."Over time, the city's leadership has decided to fully equip the resort town.We began to appear inns, hotels, motels, and cleared to settle the territory for the beaches.

Arrangement resort

modern arcade - a wonderful endless sandy beaches.On the shore was built a lot of resorts, hotels and inns.Famous and the hotel "Arcadia."Odessa has always been famous for hospitality.And this hotel is the symbol of the resort.It was built a few decades ago, but it was rebuilt several times.This modern hotel is made according to European standards.Most of the rooms - suites.They are equipped with everything you need, it's not only furniture, but also additional equipment.Arcadia - Odessa area, where tourists gather from around the world.Beautiful nature, warm and mild climate, and the city itself is unique.Most hotels are designed for travelers who come in the summer, but some are open all year round.Always hosts Odessa."Arcadia" - hotel, built in the heart of the district meets holidaymakers all year round.Places can be booked in advance.

Health Resorts area

Many hotels are equipped not only for recreation but also for treatment.On the beach there is an area of ​​Arcadia, "Odessa" - resort located in the center of the area.It is equipped with a medical center.Work there qualified doctors and nurses.Holiday-makers are given the opportunity to improve their health.Medical workers appoint different bath treatments, hydro massage, hand massage.Great demand for spa complex with swimming pools.Those who want to come back in winter, do not be afraid that will not be able to swim.Many have and indoor pool.There is no bad weather - everyone knows about it.Rest can and should be at any time of the year.And the district is located in a favorable area.Snow there are practically no, but the sea is beautiful and amazing all year round.The sea air is useful for adults and children.Always a good holiday in Arcadia.Odessa receives visitors at any time.


The main advantage of this area - the beaches.But in addition to receiving the sun and sea treatments, free time is where to go.Built wonderful botanical garden.It contains the most rare and unique plants.The resort is located near the city of Odessa, which means that you can always visit the museums, historical places.The city itself is very beautiful.There are many interesting buildings, monuments.So that the rest can be not only a passive but informative at the resort "Arcadia."Odessa is a city-hero.Visitors will certainly need to visit the seaport.There's not only possible to see modern ships, but also the old warships.

Resort today

Today in Odessa beaches are equipped with the territory of a length of forty kilometers.They are cleaned daily.They are equipped with sun loungers for sunbathing, changing rooms, cafes, buffets.The easiest beach in the resort - "Arcadia".Odessa this beach is always proud, and most of the tourists prefer to reserve a room there.Another advantage of this resort is that there are no strong winds, and rest well in any weather.

Holiday in "Arcadia»

If you do not know where to go with the family, there is no doubt, and go to Odessa, to the resort "Arcadia."That is where you can relax together.For children built a lot of entertainment centers: rides, water park, mini-zoos, exhibitions, libraries and more.Good summer cinema.Is not it great the whole family late at night to go to see a good movie, but in the open air?

Little kids always like pobarahtatsya in sea water and dig in the sand, but parents know that lessons need to be alternated.Rest in Odessa, namely in Arcadia, just allow it.In the afternoon you can take sun and sea baths, and in the evening attend mass cultural, entertainment.Near the beach in the evening often perform well-known actors, musicians, circus performers.And when the weather is a bit cool, you can go to the city and get acquainted with its famous and historic sites.