Journey to Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal: description, holidays and hostels

boundless Baikal - without a doubt, the deepest and the great reservoir of fresh water on our planet, stretching for 600 km on the surface of the globe, once served as the cradle of the picturesque ancient tribes.The lake harbors a lot of mysterious and interesting places other than the amazing nature and mysterious atmosphere.

arrived to Baikal, first visit Olkhon Island with indented coastline and a whole mix of unique landscapes.Here, nature itself has created favorable conditions for eco-tourism, water, bike, horse and hiking tours.To that end, here each year attracts thousands of tourists.

place, covered with legends

Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal, a photo which you can see in the article, is the crown jewel of the continent.In addition, it is the biggest island in the length of 73 km and a width of 15 km.With its mountainous capes overlook the whole Baikal and its natural heritage.According to local residents, this area is inhabited by mystical creatures.About Olkhon long been folded legend

s and myths.

It was around the ancient shamans was awarded the gift of communion with otherworldly forces.The island remained a dragon made of stone, worshiped by Buryats.They consider it a sacred deity - the owner of Olkhon.Some people believe that it is an inanimate structure brings good luck and safeguard against accidents on the road.To appease the spirit, at his "feet" tourists put any offering and sprinkled the ground around him alcohol.

climate and environmental conditions

Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal adjacent to the territory of Baikal nature reserve.Its climate is very different from the rest of the continental zone.

winter of little snow in the area and there is no severe frosts.Many on the continent sunny days, the hottest months are July and August.Little rain falls on the island, the reason for that is the presence of the Primorsky mountain range that protects the island from the penetration of air masses.However, despite such a powerful natural barrier, and sometimes there happen torrential rains and strong winds are observed.

As for the flora, it leaves indelible memories and emotions.Primordial nature concentrated in one place steppe landscapes, marble archipelagos and warm bays.The area is covered by mixed forests with relict islands, as well as a thick red lichen, sand dunes and hilly areas.

Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal sufficient scale, it housed large lakes Nuku-Nur, Shara-Nur (salt lake), Nurskoye and Hanko.None in the vicinity of the river, sometimes in thickets can be found small streams after rain that quickly dry up.

Sacred and outstanding facilities

Famous Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal numerous historical archaeological structures in the territory of about 140 pieces.This heritage Pribaykalya are ancient settlements, cemeteries and ruins.In the northern part of the peninsula is Kobylya head with picturesque coves and rocky headlands.Otherwise, it is called Irgi-Chorin.According to reliable sources, life originated on this plot of land has 5000 years ago.

On the northern coast of the peninsula is the famous Cape Halte, from a height where you can see firsthand the Small Sea, Olkhon Gate and the entire Primorsky ridge.During excavations, archaeologists found at Cape cult complex of 17-18 centuries.Another popular attraction is the Cape Khorgoy with a protective wall built kurykanami.Nearby is an earth mound.Show signs of life found here were the iron knives and arrowheads 6-9 centuries.

the north of Olkhon is Khankhoy lake, is home to different fish.On the western side of the lake, scientists have discovered a dilapidated ceremonial center, built in 7-10 centuries BC.On its territory there are about 20 old stone buildings.The most popular Shaman rock.It is a cave, previously served for sacrifices.Later there was built an altar of Buddha, who began to worship even the locals.

travel and vacation on Lake Baikal

Olkhon Island for the past several decades is considered a mecca.Attractive area for privacy, adventure and beach holiday.The peak of the influx of tourists is in July-August, here come the fans of ethnography, yoga, fishermen and lovers of active holidays.Famous for countryside curative mud and mineral water yellow lake (Shara-Nur).

They stop people in private homes, tents and hotel complexes.Suffice developed tourist infrastructure is renowned Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal.Hostels are always full of visitors, especially in summer.The whole area of ​​the island is officially recognized as a safe and protected, there are no dangerous animals and ticks.We offer to familiarize with several complexes.

Chalet "Lada»

comfortable hotel is a wooden cottages in the middle of the forest.In cold weather, heated rooms.The rooms have a cozy fireplace, giving the environment a romantic look.The hotel has on its territory, the Russian bath and sports equipment rental center.A tour desk and a café.

organized for guests three meals a day.You are sure to try delicious dishes of Siberian cuisine will appreciate the unique feast of whitefish and cisco, and enjoyed mixed vegetables.If you wish, you can order vegetarian meals.

complex "Marina Olkhon»

historic Hotel on the shores of the beautiful bay Zagli - a private place for lovers of peaceful holiday.In this paradise really feel the charm of natural charm.A fresh air, sunshine and silence are better than any medicine on our body.Housing Fund is presented in the form of small seasonal cottages with partial conveniences.Based on the wide range of activities ranging from fishing to informative tours.

wishes to plunge into the world of peace and pristine natural beauty may at any time visit Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal.Reviews of tourists coming to the region, in some cases enthusiastic.The majestic, severe and where something magical countryside and friendly hospitality welcomes visitors.Holidaymakers were satisfied with cozy hotels, comfortable conditions, an atmosphere rife with ancient legends and mysteries.