Best vacation spot - Bulgaria.

Many summer tend to rest on the sea.And one of the most popular places for this is Bulgaria.Southern climate, warm sea and picturesque views of the nature of the country makes the resort popular with tourists from many countries.But apart from quiet contemplation of scenery and a swim in the beautiful sea, the other can give an unforgettable experience to Bulgaria.Aquariums countries provide entertainment to suit all tastes for children and adults.In recent years, these attractions have become very popular, and the Black Sea coast, a large number of them.

Features waterparks Bulgaria

country's strategic location allows you to create such a place of rest in the open air.It provides a combination of enjoying the fresh sea air and the contemplation of nature with extreme kinds of entertainment.Tourists all over the world a great country for the rest of Bulgaria considered.Aquariums country and offer children and adults get the thrill and experience real adventures.To do this, set up structures styliz

ed ancient Inca State or Mediterranean city.Children's attractions in the form of dragons, fairytale castles and pirate ships.

pools and slides there for all tastes: from the smallest toddler to large in size, with high ultra-fast slides.In addition, the country's water parks offer not only entertainment, but also wellness facilities: spa, jacuzzi, massage and healing mineral water.

Prices at water parks in Bulgaria is quite democratic.Most of them offer their services to children with growth of up to 90 centimeters for free, but for those who grew up to 120 centimeters, and the elderly price is half the cost of an adult ticket.If a water park is located in a large hotel, the services of the people living there are free.Travel to most of these recreation areas is also free.The cost of the ticket for the adult tourists almost the same in all water parks, ranging from 24 to 33 leva.For this amount you can use any of attractions throughout the day.

Waterpark, Golden Sands

Bulgaria has long been a popular holiday destination.And one of the oldest resorts known all over the world - this Golden Sands.Therefore, a water park, created there, is the largest in the country.It is called "Aquapolis" and covers an area of ​​about 40 square kilometers.The peculiarity of it is that it was built in the park and is in the Mauritian Mediterranean style.The combination of natural beauty with modern buildings attracts many tourists.Water slides, a variety of fountains and waterfalls coexist there with ancient towers and ruins.

daily park can accommodate up to 3,000 visitors.And offers entertainment for all tastes.In the "Aquapolis" is the attraction "Wild River", where you can accelerate to 50 kilometers per hour, and closed tubes with unexpected twists and vosemnadtsatimetrovy descent, named "Kamikaze" for his tremendous speed to 60 kilometers per hour.And at the same time you can relax by riding on the 300-meter "lazy river", or just sit in a cafe.The children will be delighted by the swimming pool with the dragon, which comes out of his mouth slide.

Aquapark, Sunny Beach

Bulgaria became world famous holiday destination thanks in part to this resort.And there are two water park.

Waterpark Action ( «action»)

He is not very big, but it is one of the most popular.It occupies just over 20 square kilometers.Its 13 rides can give an unforgettable experience to anyone.The park is divided into zones:

  • extreme with free fall slides and downhill;
  • family zone with the longest water slides;
  • recreation area with a swimming pool in which artificial waves splashing, "lazy" river and whirlpool;
  • children's area is a water castle with slides, an island adventure, the ruins of the sunken Atlantis and a pirate ship.

short, here everyone finds fun.

Waterpark "Cuba»

It is located on site and stylized ancient Inca city.A restaurant with Mexican cuisine, statues of ancient gods coexist here with modern swimming pools and water slides.

«Aqua Paradise»

This is a new and modern water park.He created less than a decade ago, but many became the favorite vacation spot.Besides water slides with a total length of 300 meters and forty rides, there are spa, jacuzzi, massage, children's playground and a wall for climbing.Despite the abundance of extreme entertainment, recreation in the park is safe, lots of lifeguards and instructors constantly monitor the vacationers.

Attraction "Aqua Paradise" is an unusual pool "Butterfly."Swimming in it, you can immediately enjoy a cold drink, and is situated in the center of the amphitheater.These cutting-edge entertainment now offers tourists to Bulgaria.

Aquariums other resorts

  1. «Aqua Planet" is located in Primorsko.The peculiarity of it is that it is part of a large sports complex and suited mainly to fans of outdoor activities.Also slides and tunnels, there are tennis courts, a volleyball court, a wellness center and gym.
  2. «Atlantis" - a small park at the resort Eleniete.There are three large swimming pools for adults with a standard set of attractions and children's area with a castle of water slides.
  3. Park in Blagoevgrad is known for its large swimming pool and a large playground.There is a waterfall and a pool with artificial waves and children - the two towers with water slides.
  4. «Vaterlend" is famous because it is located near the source of healing mineral water.It was she who typed in all swimming pools, and even in the shower.

Ate you choose a place to relax in the summer, consider that Bulgaria offers.Water parks in this country will give an unforgettable experience and help you to have fun and relax.