"Dragoon stream" (recreation): photos, prices, address and reviews

«Dragoon creek" - recreation center, located in one of the most picturesque places in the Leningrad region on the banks of the Neva River, which is currently one of the most popular holiday destinations of the inhabitants of the northern capital and its guests.With the village offers a magnificent view of the fortress "Nut".Clean air, majestic river, scenic northern nature and excellent service await all those who decide to spend a weekend or a holiday.It operates year-round basis.

Recreation "Dragoon Stream" (the card on which you can navigate, located below) is located only 30 km from St. Petersburg.So get to it there is no trouble.

Holiday Cottages base

bases are comfortable two-storey houses in alpine style, is well insulated by the Finnish technology.The area of ​​each of them - about 200 square meters.Houses designed for six people.In agreeing with the administration of the shares, maybe even four.Rooms are equipped with all necessary facilities.Each cottage has a fireplace, a wood-burnin

g sauna and a terrace, and a fully equipped kitchen (microwave, stove, dishes, kettle), a large living room.All rooms are furnished with modern comfortable furniture.Close to the cottages have large covered barbecue.


Recreation "Dragoon Stream", reviews of which everyone has already visited here just enthusiastic - a great place to relax with friends and with family.Mothers with children will enjoy clean sandy beach, and dads - the opportunity to show their talents in this interesting activities like fishing.You may want to bring their boat.The width and depth of the Neva River in this place is significant and allows you to walk under the motor even in spring and autumn when it is forbidden in Lake Ladoga.Fans of outdoor activities is also to play water sports.In addition, at the base, there are modern children and volleyball courts, table tennis tables.

It is best to book rooms in advance.Those wishing to relax in this wonderful base is more than enough.

Restaurant "Dragoon»

«Dragoon creek" - recreation center, ideal for lovers of great food.Guests of the village have the opportunity not only to have a good rest during the day but in the evening.Restaurant "Dragoon" is designed to accommodate seven hundred people at a time.There are two banquet halls - big and small - where you can enjoy any celebration.The first is circular in shape and is designed for 270 people.Small Hall can take 70 people at a time.Here, excellent cuisine, elegant interior and a luxurious table setting - an evening like any holiday, even the most discerning guest.Visitors are offered a variety of Russian dishes: pancakes, soups, porridge, dumplings, pies, cakes, kvass, juice, etc.Especially pleased with the menu will be lovers of fresh fish, which, thanks to the proximity of the river, there is never translated.

Costs for accommodation

«Dragoon creek" - recreation center (photo of its territory you can see on this page), designed for the reception of citizens of moderate means.Accommodation costs 9000-11000 rubles per night per cottage per week and 14-26 thousand. On the weekend.Prices depend on the house in which you want to stay - standard or deluxe.You can rent a cottage and in the long term.In this case, have to pay the following sums:

Week stay


2 weeks


3 weeks


4 weeks


rates are for 2014. In addition to the accommodation the price includes breakfast, served at the "buffet" (onlyweekends), a visit to the bath, use of barbecue, and parking (not more than three vehicles).You may want to bring along some small pet.

For what and how much you have to pay separately

For an extra fee you can get additional services

Table Tennis

200 p. / H.


100 p. / H.

Balls football or volleyball

100 p. / H.

Sani Finnish

150 p. / H.

Sledge "cheesecake»

100 p. / H.

children skiing

100 p. / H.

Skiing for adults

200 p. / H.

Children sledges

50 p. / H.

Karaoke discs or disc DVD

100 rubles apiece

Bath broom

200 rubles apiece


100 rubles per bottle


500 rubles per day

Policies village

Recreation "Dragoon stream" (St. Petersburg) takes visitors from six to twelve o'clock.Check is carried out in the afternoon until five o'clock.Before settling will need to pay a deposit of 5,000 rubles.Located in the village should comply with certain rules of living.

can not behave provocatively and disturb other travelers.At the base it prohibited the use of foul language.In the event of any conflict are encouraged to contact the administration of the settlement.Missed guest, both living, and without it, the territory of the base can be only in the presence of his identity document.

cottages allowed to stay only people who pay for them.The presence of outsiders is only possible until 23:00 and upon payment of 500 p.(children up to 14 years - 250 p.).In one cottage at a time can be present up to two guests.For an additional cost shares, no more than four adults for one house.Children under 7 years can stay free with parents.On arrival, guests should inform the administration of the database.

Household garbage need to throw in the tank, placed on the territory of each cottage.Paid services are provided upon prepayment.

Project "12 boards»

«Dragoon creek" - recreation center, which in 2014 will take children in the framework of the project "12 boards."One change calculated for two weeks.Cost of the permit 20500 - 31000 p.The project is open to children from 7 to 17 years.Accommodation - seven people in the cottage.Power chetyrehrazovoe.The children will be carried out various kinds of training, aimed at forming social skills and confident behavior.In addition, it provided an interesting entertainment program.Also for children it is arranged an Indian festival of colors.Each shift vaults in a campaign where you can express themselves and learn to survive in the wild.In general, children spend time fun and very rich.


As already mentioned, the reviews on this base is really positive.Guests who have visited it say courtesy of staff, comfort rooms and a good restaurant kitchen.Bed linen is changed very often, but in the territory of clean and cozy.Convenient to consider the fact that next to each cottage has a barbecue and a parking lot that allows a good time with friends.Tourists who have visited on the basis of "Dragoon stream" highly recommend it to their friends and relatives, as well as Internet users.

How to get to the village

In that case, if you decide to get to the base by car, you should move from St. Petersburg on the highway Muromsky.At the thirty-sixth mile, you will see a turn (right side) on the highway in the direction of n. Morozov.Minimize the need not to him, but on the road, located approximately 100 meters further.After the bridge on which you drive, 2.5 km will be the first railway crossing.Then after 3 km you will see the second.Before reaching it about 200 meters, you will turn right.Where exactly should do this, you define the sign "Dragoon creek."Follow this road for about 500 meters to the village.

«Dragoon creek" - recreation center, which can be reached by public transport.This bus goes to K-111.Flight "St. Petersburg - the village.Morozova. "It departs from the metro station "Ulitsa Dybenko".Near pointer to the base before the second move should ask the driver to stop and get out.500 meters from the village have to walk.

Recreation "Dragoon stream" address

is this place at the following address: Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region, pos.Morozov.