Beaches Divnomorsk - photos and reviews.

resort village Divnomorskoe included in Gelendzhik.It is twelve kilometers from the city center, on the high seas.This is one of the most visited and popular among all the resort villages of the Krasnodar Territory.The largest number of tourists prefer to travel here each year.This is a special place, which optimally combines the favorable environment, infrastructure, clean sea and comfortable Divnomorsk beaches, Mediterranean climate and natural beauty.This coastal area is practically not subjected to human impact: in this place there is no industry, marine and transport routes.This is a unique piece of nature, which is conducive to proper rest.

These various beaches Divnomorsk

In Divnomorsk not one beach - several of them, and their total length is more than 2.5 kilometers.Among them are sand, gravel, gravel and sand, and even a nudist beach.Divnomorsk allows travelers to choose a place to their liking.

Beaches village can be divided into different parts: the central, "wild", as well as resorts

"Energetic", "blue distance," "Torch", "Divnomorskoe."

passage of tourists to them free, regardless of where they rest - in the private sector or the nursing home.

pebble beaches

Enumerate beaches Divnomorsk necessary, from Dzhanhot, namely resorts "Energetic" and "blue distance."Here the beach is covered with very small pebbles - it allows you to comfortably settle for sunbathing.

pebbles near the water very shallow, which makes the sea approach to useful and comfortable for the feet as foot massage uses heated stones rounded acupuncture points, thereby putting the entire body health effects.

entering the water, you know that the sea floor becomes perfectly smooth sand, gently tickling feet.Beaches Divnomorsk - one of the smallest, they are remarkably suited to small children, very inexperienced swimmers, and anyone who does not know how to swim.

Nearby there are places with comfortable lounge chairs for those who want to be near the sun and away from the water.These facilities bring a double benefit, because they are always in the shade.If you are afraid of sunburn or not tolerate heat, you can always hide in tenyok and spend the hot daytime hours.

considering further beaches Divnomorsk, reviews which say that here everyone can find rest to your liking, you can allocate more of their advantage.It lies in the fact that the waterfront adjacent to the luxury resorts parks, while in the afternoon the hottest time you can sit on the grass or beach mat under the pines Pitsunda and enjoying their fragrance, take a nap under the marvelous singing of the cicadas.

Or right here you can reinforce the body, weary rest, captured with a snack.

Kitchen Divnomorsk

the way, all those who during bathing hungry and want a snack, help closely spaced cozy bistros and cafes.A good appetite will contribute to sea air, mixed with the scent of pine trees, as the world's largest boron Pitsunda pine originates near the "blue distance."

Beach resort "Divnomorskoe»

large breakwaters It is divided into 6 parts.At this point in the village Divnomorsk sandy beach is suitable for fans of the construction of the castle, or the creation of a private swimming pool.

where the bottom rather steep.It is more suitable for people who want to swim at depth.Halfway breakwaters are convenient stairs which lead into the water.In calm weather, swim along the breakwater in the mask - very interesting to see how bright "dog" big-eyed "zelenuhi" and the other inhabitants of the deep sea lead their lives, do not hesitate to observers.

being careful, trying not to approach the sea wall, because they are a real home for the mussels.This sedentary shellfish, filter water.They are food for different species of fish, but their shells are quite sharp edges.

reading about beaches Divnomorsk reviews, you can see that the area of ​​the resort is completed swimming pier, where boats are moored yachts and providing interested persons an opportunity to go on boat trips, swim in the open sea, as well as go on a deep-sea fishing.Walking along the waterfront on, you will see the mouth of the river.Inogua.Above it is thrown a small bridge - a great place to watch the sunset.This mountain river separates the resort "Divnomorskoe" from the main beach.

central beach Divnomorskoe

It begins right after the bridge.There is a water park where adults and children are happy popleschutsya in the pool and a ride on a rollercoaster.

If you have not decided what beach Divnomorsk will suit you better, you know - not just the best place to find.In the center of the bottom of a sandy beach and, at the same time if you go a little to the left, you can be near the mouth of the river, often dry in summer.Here the shore and seabed pebble.

Beach resort "Torch»

It can be reached in two ways - by road or sea.Because of the large distance to the people on this beach is somewhat less, always will be found a place for additional beach mat.

These mostly come holidaymakers who dream of a swim in the sea, and residents often resort drop.

Thus this beach is known for its night discos, where especially young people coming from Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar.

where the bottom and the beach consists of pebbles the size of a walnut, at the same time, passing a little to the side, you will see how small pebbles smoothly into a fairly large cobblestones.

«Wild" beach

The village Divnomorsk wild beach is located near the "Torch", just two kilometers away.It is a small cove for lovers of unity with nature and natural tan.

In June, the nudist beach of the village is almost uninhabited, while in July the situation is changing, come here specially organized company, noisy family is spread here their tents and fry directly on the beach barbecue.

Quite often come here and newcomers, and the friendly atmosphere helps them quickly enough to get used to such an informal setting.

interesting that rock bottom has attracted a variety of fish and crabs.In the evening, they crawl on the rocks out of the water and sit for a long time "meditating on the sunset."Similarly, the rest are free from the strict eye of the public and the narrow confines of civilization people.

It descends rock densely top Pitsunda relict pine, thereby doubly breathe here freely and easily.Large boulders entering the water do not particularly comfortable, but feel like a child of nature, you do not pay attention to such trifles.

Anyone who has been here at least once, will want to visit this quiet nook for many more times!

Security holidaymakers above all!

In all of the above the beaches of the village (except for nudist) are rescue platforms or positions.Trained lifeguards are always ready to help, but before you go into the sea, be sure to look at the tower!You can swim only when there hung a yellow flag.But black is one thing - a ban!