The ferry to the Crimea: reviews and photos

This summer many Russians tend to Crimea, although earlier in wishing there was no shortage.Now the situation is complicated by changes in logistics.To fry in the sun, refreshing dip in the sea, enjoy the spectacular views, it is necessary to overcome the obstacle.His name - the ferry to the Crimea.The fact that the land on the peninsula is now one way - the crossing.No, the isthmus is not blocked.Only the Russians are wary of traveling through the territory of Ukraine, was suddenly not quite friendly.It remains two ways: by air, road and sea, full of all sorts of nuances.Let's get acquainted with them.

Meet the door to the land of plenty

Ferry was established back in 1954.It links the port "Kavkaz" and "Crimea".In fact, a simple passenger no need to study the history of this transport path.How does it affect his movement?It is only necessary to understand that steam goes to the Crimea on the narrowest point of the Kerch Strait.That is to hang out at sea have not less than 20 minutes - the journey t

akes just enough at the current level of technical support, and then for the good cards.Russia's newfound stepping into the territory of the Federation in the city of Kerch.The place itself is interesting, not only the rich historical sights, but also wonderful, "not untwisted" sites.You have come to the Crimea?The ferry - place?Use this time to benefit!Ask your local, say, the general's beaches.Take a trip and see.Fall in love with this heavenly place (only for savages, accustomed to the everyday difficulties).

movement organization

In the old days the crossing was carried out two ferries, now - one.Second it is now not just missing, his absence could trigger a popular revolt eager recreation and excitement.But there are also business people for whom Forty cork - a knife in the heart.But not going anywhere, we have to go to the Crimea on the ferry.Turn both sides build orderly.There are even video surveillance, it is necessary to take into account the potential hooligans.Local bearings quickly.Queue for the ferry to the Crimea was the manna from heaven for them.Venues rapidly grows Barbecue, trays with souvenirs and other "signs" of the resort.Everything for the customer!Rates, by the way, are quite high.Those who chose to travel by steam in the Crimea and was horrified by the cost of a bottle of mineral water will prepodnesёn pleasant surprise on the coast.For the same product there with you will require significantly less money!

Cork ferry Crimea

Comments seasoned travelers say that this is the only "trail" on the peninsula could become a serious challenge to the resort paradise.Avalanche "wheel" of tourists from July began to grow - much to the delight of new Russians.The only thing regret everything as travelers and waiting for their owners Peninsula, it's a low cross sea isthmus.Cork ferry to the Crimea has become a real threat of disruption of the season.The authorities responded quickly, and increased the number of ships.In August, the crossing has worked six ferries.Serious gain, allowing to carry up to 20 thousand. People a day.By mid-August had to wait only twelve hours, which is considerably less than the record of forty, recorded previously.

little pricing

Practical people tend to organize your budget, not to stay away from home without funds.This is a commendable quality.However, and as a precaution, and should please the frivolous rates for the ferry to the Crimea.They obviously did not ruin anybody.An adult at a cost of 162 rubles fun.The children travel for 76 rubles.Transportation of the machine, of course, cost more.The ticket price related to the size of the vehicle and range from one to two and a half thousand rubles.However, the owners of cars longer than 5 meters can not afford such costs.

Ferry in Crimea.Reviews

Many wonderful euphoria of a quick rest is divided about the harsh reality.Sitting in the car and wait for more days - a test not for the faint of heart.Criticism of the organization of movement is frequent among those who prefer the ferry to the Crimea.Reviews, however, it is worth studying carefully.People write under the influence of emotions, what then sorry.Therefore, comments should be analyzed with the amendment "on the nerves."Because complaints can be identified poor sanitation parking.Many do not like the customs, the work of which is understandable in this narrow space, linking the two subjects in one country.The last obstacle promise to eliminate as soon as the normal operation of the border guards is organized and services between Russia and Ukraine.It should be noted that far more positive reviews.Below is the content presented specifically.

driving experience Caucasus - Crimea

Let us go around the queue.All tickets are required.Organized travelers - is no exception.To the question "why do we need to register" get well-founded answer: Customs must control the movement of citizens.By the way, if you travel by bus, you do not need a ticket.Passengers after checking passports issued tokens that collects the driver when the car will be on board.Note: citizens without papers to get to the Crimea via ferry will not work!So - even swim.After receiving the ticket (token) need to undergo body searches.The capital's residents are well aware of what it is.The frame, table.Personal belongings, mobile phone, keys spread, he dive into the arch.No rudeness or coarseness was observed.All politely and quickly.Cars are arranged orderly on the ferry.Limited space and want to cross it.Drivers should listen carefully to the team sailor: the left lane to the right and so on.

Amenities crossing

Perched on a long-awaited ferry, you can relax.The vessel is invited to take a walk, enjoy the expanse of the sea and seagulls.I need to sit in the bus or the car there.But there are limits!Smoking is strictly prohibited.Burn among water due to careless handling of fire - not a pleasant experience.

fans to smoke will make strict suggestion.Also, the crew of the ferry follows the curious suitable close to the sides.It is not possible at all points, since a person can simply trip over cables or equipment.We'll have to stop and catch the hapless gazers.And that, I'm sorry, time.Sam move can be seen as a real sea adventure.The waves beat against the side, the sun is shining, the beach beckons with new pleasures and mysteries.It is a pity that twenty minutes fly like a bullet.It's time to shore.

ferry schedule

Many information resources you can find the schedule departure of the vessel from the port "Kavkaz" and "Crimea".You should not trust them.Here's the thing.This timetable was relevant in those days, when wishing to use the crossing was not much.Now the company must adapt to the will of the people and change tactics on the fly.Therefore, the schedule depends on the circumstances.The more people, the more frequently sending.Almost all summer ferries run non-stop, day and night.Rest "sea crockery" only during storms.There's nothing to be done about it.Flights, threatening the lives of passengers, is prohibited.So, going in the direction of the ferry should be guided only by the weather forecast.The rest will tell all.Although the schedule hang near the cash register, the special value of this information has not.Ferries run every half an hour, and with a full load.

the train

Masters peninsula and tourists does not suit such a small "gateway" between the Crimea and the mainland.Those wishing to relax here - a lot, get on the chaise, or your car - much less.To please people, try to start up the train.Place of origin - Simferopol.Next - to Kerch.And there is the other side of the sea and to the destination.The train ferry in the Crimea - the idea is not new.Previously, this has already happened.Then it became unprofitable.And now again returned to the idea.The first part was transferred in July.Passengers at the time of the crossing must leave cars that are sealed.On the other side they once formed a part.Loading - unloading lasts for about four hours.

Travel Tips

Avtoturist recommended patience.Until the promised bridge, turn from time to time will excite the public, no matter how many ferries allowed.Critics should consider that the ships should not only swim, but also to moor, and this requires the piers, and so on."Horseless" recommended to focus on the bus.Its advantage - no need to stand in the queue.Routes in Crimea much.Moscow, Rostov and other cities have already arranged their flights.Train 2014 - transport is not very reliable.His crossing depends on the quality of equipment (which remains from the past), and therefore, can suddenly be obstructed.