Sochi, Adler - Dolphinarium

Dolphinarium "Water area" of the city of Adler was founded in 1998 and can simultaneously accommodate up to 1,000 people.Performances held here annually visited by up to 150 thousand. Offers.This is one of the most popular attractions of the city.The dolphins are not only dolphins but other marine animals.Most visitors come here with children.

Architectural features dolphinarium

Visit colorful and interesting presentation is definitely worth all those who came to rest in Sochi and Adler.Dolphinarium is divided into nine major sectors.One of them relates to a VIP-class.Hall partially covered roof.Pool Dolphinarium is large enough.Its diameter - 20 m. The depth of six meters.

time visiting

very first performance took place in the dolphinarium December 30, 1998 Since then, the animals appear here every day (except Monday) in the summer time.It lasts 50-55 minutes presentation.Performances are held three times a day.Home - at 11:00, 16:00 and 18:00.On the territory of the Dolphinarium can be reache

d from ten in the morning.After completion of the performances visitors can be photographed with the animals, which they liked the most.Of course, it will have to pay separately.Many vacationers are suitable for the "artists" dolphinarium closer to see them better.Among other things, you can buy a video presentation.Each submission is being shot.In memory of his visit Adler and this wonderful place you can buy some original thing in the gift shop.

Research work

Dolphinarium "Water area" (Adler) is a branch of Utrish dolphinarium.The main scientific base located between Anapa and Novorossiysk on the Black Sea in the village Small Utrish.The main activities, which is engaged in the research center - the popularization of scientific knowledge about all sorts of marine animals.Experts Utrish dolphinarium spend widest work aimed at educating the public with a variety of marine life species.Adler branch - Russia's first dedicated demonstration dolphin.


true star of the entertainment center "Water area" are, of course, the dolphins.Family Fine local artists showing tricks with balls and hoops.In addition, these marine animals rolled on itself dolphin trainers.Very interesting number in which the dolphins paint.Their creations if you want you can buy a souvenir.Following the submission of an auction.

The word "dolphin" from Greek means "friend."There are very real cases of rescue these animals drowning people.They belong to the order Cetacea, and live in many seas, oceans and rivers.It is extremely good, the beautiful and graceful animals, pets and children, and adults.The Russians have an excellent opportunity to look at them, arrived in Adler (resort town).Dolphinarium is truly magnificent.You will enjoy an unforgettable view of the six agile actors.

average rate at which move in nature dolphins - 5-12 km / h.However, the most rapid and individuals can accelerate to 35 km / h.These marine animals live in packs.That is why they have so well developed mutual.Diseased individual other members of the pack can keep for a long time on their backs on the water surface.It is believed that this instinct some people owe their salvation.

Communicate dolphins whistling to each other.It is interesting that at the birth of every child other members of the flock give his own name, which he retains for life.It is actually a scientifically proven fact.In a recorded whistle signal always respond exactly the dolphin, whose name he meets.

Weight dolphin brain is almost equal to the weight of the human brain.The heart of these animals, as well as in humans, four.And the length of the dolphins is comparable with the growth of man - 1.5-2 m. Breathe these animals with the help of the lungs with air.Under water, they may be 7-15 minutes.

seals and walrus

very interesting and stunts performed by fur seals.Room ball will love both children and adults.A special delight of the audience is the ability to find seals on the bottom of the pool to the abandoned waterproof watch.Recently, the Dolphinarium in Sochi (Adler) has acquired a new artist - shy big walrus.In addition to spectacular game ball, it's interesting animal is able to play the saxophone.

Walruses - one of the largest marine mammals pinnipeds.The weight of an adult male can reach 1.7 tons, and females - 1.2 tons. Fins these interesting animals like human hand with five fingers.They feed on crabs, shrimp, fish, shellfish.Very large specimens can even hunt small whales or sea lions.On land the walrus sometimes catches a bird.These live animals in groups of 10 individuals or more.Breathing under water they can hold on for half an hour.Be sure to look at the most famous walrus cities of Sochi and Adler.Dolphinarium "Water area" provides you with this wonderful opportunity.

Other animals

also their numbers are the two small white whale.This is the most vociferous actors dolphinarium.Whales are able to chirp, whistle, scream and even tweet like a bird.It is an interesting sight worth seeing to everyone who came to rest in Adler.Dolphinarium "Water area" also gives an involving, and other animals.His real calling card number is considered to be a cat-headed albatross and seal-seal.An interesting fact is that these two sea animals have been saved from death in the wild.That is why they are recognized favorites of the staff of the dolphinarium.

simply stunning with its plastics and grace of the sea lions, weighing more than a ton.Not bad, they move not only in water but also on land, cleverly acting with the front flippers.Very interesting room with hoops, which show the animals.Also lions can jump through the ring, and even up to his full height, which causes a real delight for children.After the presentation they accomplish this trick while bowing to the audience.

on dog training each animal takes more than a year.Dolphin trainers are constantly updating the program performance.Therefore visit this mall you can repeatedly.Dolphinarium (Adler), whose photos adorn the family album, always glad to its guests.

What entertainment there are dolphins?

In addition to viewing a memorable exciting performances, children whose parents bought a ticket at the Dolphinarium "Water area" can jump on inflatable trampoline or play with the heroes of animated films.Be sure to come with their children to Adler.Dolphinarium of this city - the place really interesting.In addition, you can visit the existing on its territory cafe.Its menu will love your children.


children under three years of the presentation allowed for free.Adults and older children will have to pay 500 that case, if they want to watch the view from the upper ranks.But, of course, interesting to watch the performance of the animals, being closer to them.For this will have to overpay just 100 rubles.Ticket for the bottom two rows worth 600 p.Sale and discount tickets.They cost 250 rubles.

Dolphin (Adler): how to get there?

get to Adler dolphinarium can be on any bus or bus from Sochi to Adler.Leaving should be at the bus stop "Sanatorium" Izvestia "."Dolphin Address: Adler, Lenin Street 219.