Tourist complex "Snow Valley" (Krasnoyarsk) location photos and Entertainment

Krasnoyarsk - industrial, business and tourist center of Siberia.The rich history of the city evolved over four centuries - are preserved many ancient architectural monuments and natural sites on the unique landscape hills.Krasnoyarsk annually visited by people from all corners of the globe to see the amazing scenery of the taiga, get acquainted with the traditions of the region and rafting on the Yenisei.

Undoubtedly, the city is very interesting for tourism.Here are concentrated more than 60 hotels and resorts, offering comfortable accommodation at an affordable cost.It invites me to visit a boarding house "Snow Valley" (Krasnoyarsk) - a popular vacation spot of local people.What is so remarkable, let us know.


have recreation very favorable location - near the main attraction of the region - conservation area "Pillars".Surrounded by a nature reserve pine array and high cliffs.Nearby is one of the largest national parks in Russia - "Swarms creek" with a variety of unique flora and

rare species of animals.

harmony and tranquility reigns at the "Snow Valley" (Krasnoyarsk).Almost wildlife and clean air contribute to the normalization of mental and emotional background.There are no noisy and gassy highway, no loud music and intrusive staff - all this helps to tune in a positive way.


Tourist base "Snow Valley" (Krasnoyarsk) - is not just a guest house, and the whole complex with its own infrastructure and climate.On its green area built two-storey houses, small hotels and cozy hotel.Everyone will be able to suggest alternative accommodation on the basis of personal preferences and financial situation.

for disposal staff are happy to offer a furnished guest house with its own sauna, a swimming pool and a kitchen area.Each one is individually decorated and fully meets the needs of the client.At the VIP cottages have a cozy terrace, which is heated during the cold season.The houses are installed with air conditioning, TV with video equipment.The kitchen area consists of the necessary household items and tableware.

For a more economical holiday offers cozy rooms of different categories in the hotel and a mini-hotel.Availability and simple rooms with shared facilities on the floor, and "suites" with bath and shower.


The residential complex "Snow Valley" (Krasnoyarsk) has two restaurants under the poetic name "Mikhailov" and "The Brothers Grimm."Both places are taking orders for special occasions.The beautifully decorated rooms at the same time can accommodate 150 people.

Here spend romantic weekends and business meetings.Periodically in restaurants organized incendiary parties.It offers exquisite delicacies from the chef at the bar - a wide choice of elite alcohol.

recreational activities and services

to restore vitality and effective rest opened Spa on the basis of "Snow Valley" (Krasnoyarsk).Photos can be seen on the site of the complex.They conduct various procedures aimed at relaxation and recreation of the whole organism.In the salon uses only natural and safe cosmetic ingredients that help activate the metabolism and improve blood flow.

After several sessions the skin becomes young, velvety, returns its elasticity, tone rises.The spa can go balneotherapy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, massage rooms to visit, as well as a sauna, solarium and sauna.The complex "Snow Valley" (Krasnoyarsk), a seasonal swimming pool with sun loungers.

for active tourism developed fascinating routes, walking tours and walks in the national park, along with professional guides.Equipped playgrounds and tennis courts.And next to each cottage there are barbecues.

Children built a large gaming club with a variety of slides, pools filled with plastic balls, circles, labyrinths.Kids and teenagers will have fun in the company of an experienced animator.The play area has a snack bar.Where you can celebrate a birthday and New Year holidays.


Many tourists speak enthusiastically about his time in the boarding house.Pleasantly surprised by their in house prices and quality of service.

excellent conditions for corporate and holiday entertainment offer almost all Krasnoyarsk recreation."Snow Valley" (Krasnoyarsk) is no exception.Do not forget that a good rest in the open air contributes to the moral and physical improvement.