Pension "Sun" (Issyk Kul / Kyrgyzstan): general information

All scientists have recognized the magnitude and uniqueness of the salt lake of Issyk-Kul, which is located in Kyrgyzstan.Analogues him nowhere.It impresses with its volume, with an area of ​​6236 m2, and the length - 182 km.Even in winter the water is not frozen.All the shores of Lake are surrounded by dense mountainous archipelago.Earlier here it was hard to get ordinary travelers.

Today the path to it lies through the Boom gorge, also in the resort of Cholpon-Ata was built several airports.Cool and clear expanse of water, freshness and cleanliness of the area, tranquility and peace - the basic attributes that attract tourists like a magnet.The magical world of living steadily and slowly.On the vast territory of the coast hosting more than 150 tourist facilities: resorts, health resorts, recreation centers and children's camps.

Even environmentalists and doctors of science have confirmed the value of this place for a person.First, here are the mineral springs with water, sodium chloride, which

is great treats the most complex diseases.Secondly, in this place of high therapeutic value are the silt mud: a pair of procedures - and your body back in order.During rehabilitation, many people come here, even from overseas resorts.

With accommodation is no problem, no one, since the choice of decent hotels here plenty.For example, pension "Sun" (Issyk-Kul) - a modern and comfortable resort on the shore of the lake, with excellent infrastructure and service.Invite people who are tired of the dusty metropolis and want to gain vitality, good health and good spirits.


Pension "Sun" (Issyk-Kul), a photo which you can view in an article located in the northern part of the lake, in a small picturesque village of Chok-Tal.This is a fairly large complex with beautifully decorated area, immersed in greenery.In the park area grow ancient pines and tall spruce, giving the unmistakable tone of the place.

Decorate territory colored rosaries, exuding intoxicating aroma around the perimeter of the complex.It is under the clock video surveillance and protection of pension "Sun" (Issyk-Kul).2014 Hotel showed how many tourists enjoy coming here for new experiences.If you choose to stay in this magical corner, then get here are three routes: rail, plane and car to Bishkek.The city should change to bus or private taxi and drive to the right of the village.


Pension "Sun" (Issyk-Kul) consists of a series of two-storey buildings and VIP-town with 29 comfortable villas.At the same time the hotel can accommodate 560 visitors.The cottages all the rooms are individually decorated and complemented with new furniture.The rooms have a bathroom with shower and bath facilities.The availability of the necessary cooking utensils and satellite TV.

In the two rooms allocated to a spacious dining area with sofas and a fireplace.VIP cottages offer high comfort rooms with Jacuzzi, heated floors and a cozy furnished terrace.All held-speed Internet.


Guests staying in the hotel, offers full meals in the dining room.In addition, an on-site restaurant, which serves Indian, Chinese and European dishes.In the evenings, the institution held a disco with live music and entertaining live shows.There is karaoke in the restaurant - everyone will be able to showcase their talents and just enjoy the atmosphere of the holiday.Pension "Sun" (Issyk-Kul) has three cafes with outdoor terrace and bar.


Equipped, clean and well-groomed beach extends a 5-minute walk from the apartment buildings.Coast regularly cleaned of debris.Beach strewn with fine sand.Beach with convenient and safe descent into the water, which is very important for parents with kids.On the coast there are beds with canopies.Active and fun offers to spend your holiday boarding house "Sun" (Issyk-Kul) available to the guests catamarans, scooters, boathouse and other water activities.It operates on the shores of an outdoor cafe with snacks and drinks.


great advantage of the complex is the presence on its territory of thermal wells with useful mineral water.It can be used not only by mouth, but also take a bath.The water has a curative effect on the entire body.It is indicated in patients suffering from low back pain, rheumatism, neurosis, gastrointestinal disorders and diseases of the kidney.

on the territory of a swimming pool filled with mineral water, and a Finnish sauna.Beauty treatments such as vacuum massage and paraffin.Sessions perfectly relax and rejuvenate the body.

addition to improving rest offers sightseeing tours on the big boat around the edge of the Issyk-Kul.Sports travelers will appreciate the modern gym and a platform for an active leisure class.There is a hotel venue for business and social gatherings in the conference room for 60 people.

excellent facilities for a fun children's area offers pension "Sun" (Issyk-Kul).Reviews parents are extremely positive and enthusiastic.Especially liked the safe play areas and a spacious bathroom with a variety of attributes.There is where to walk and where to play.Pleasantly pleased with the presence of the children's buffet with useful sweets and fresh pastries.And for older kids - computer room.