What to look for when choosing a beach?

When a person goes on vacation to one of the warmest countries in the world, first of all, he wants there to find a perfect and very beautiful beach.Genoa - this is one of the cities that are located in the western part of Italy, near the French border.The area bordering the Ligurian Sea, and the city simply is buried in verdure.Of course, then there are city beaches, desert and remote coves.Therefore, below we detail all the recreation area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis wonderful region.

briefly about the most Genoa

Summer, sun, sea, greenery and beach - Genoa boasts each of the natural heritage.In addition, the city is considered a cultural monument of architecture, because there is a lot of cathedrals, palaces and just old little houses, which were built in the Middle Ages.In the twentieth century was the industrial center of Genoa in Italy - then actively developed shipbuilding.Later they began to open numerous ports, which are now arriving ships and submarines.Orient all kinds of water transport on the famous ligh

thouse La Lanterna, around which every tourist should be photographed.Also, of course, getting here, you need to try a true Italian pasta with sauce "Genovese".Order it by visiting a local beach town.Genoa - a city where the majority of national dishes usually served to the sound of the surf in seaside restaurants.

Recreation areas: Genoa, beaches

Comments about the area can tell us about the next.Urban beaches, alas, is no different high purity.This is due to the fact that there are many ports and factories.However, despite this, in the center of Genoa is going to a lot of tourists, which are stacked sunbathing on the local pebble, renting sun loungers and beach chairs.All of them are free for any vacationer.However, not every rest area equipped with showers and changing places.The beaches of the city can be divided into East and West.The first is in areas of Pegli and Voltri, along the coastline.There is always noisy, a lot of people and music.Eastern coastline much longer, cleaner and more spacious.It is divided into a plurality of bays in which local people have a rest.Pay attention!All beaches are rocky here.

Country Bay of Genoa

best recreation areas in the region are located outside the city.Beaches near Genoa for a long time have already chosen by tourists all over Europe and Russia, and even conditionally divided into two categories: pebble and sand.Rocky terrain out to the east of the city.The nearest beach is in the village of Balyasko - it is small, but clean and very picturesque.Further to the east lies the town of Pieve Ligure, where there are many beaches with excellent infrastructure.Here and discos are organized, and water sports are available, and restaurants are constantly working.The sandy wide beaches can be found in the village of Santa Margherita Ligure, 30 km from Genoa.Here under the feet of sparkling golden sand, the sea pleases its purity, clarity, and blue, and on the other hand one can see the mountains covered with lush green vegetation.In summer months, the local beaches are taking a huge number of tourists.

On the way to Portofino

If you go by car or by bus to the side of Portofino, you can see the gorgeous long and very beautiful beach.Genoa is left behind, and to the end point, we do not have time to get there.It was at this point is quite a large seating area, which is divided into many beaches.Among them are private, who owns the hotel, and the public.You can also find a quiet and secluded cove, where no one but you will not.If you are traveling specifically to Portofino, you find there are beautiful beaches with fine sand did not even expect.This area is covered with pebbles, and recreation areas within it very little.All that can be enjoyed at Portofino - is the very beautiful scenery and the Ligurian Sea.

Climatic features Genoa

To be able to visit the best beaches in Genoa at the right time, it is important to know what the weather is characteristic of the region in different months.Despite the fact that the town lies in continental climatic zone, the winters here are very warm.In the cold months the temperature does not drop below 12 degrees Celsius.In summer, the sun warms thoroughly local beaches, and a feeling of stuffiness and heat is reduced due to the large amount of greenery and sea waves.In the summer the thermometer rises to the level of Genoa 30-32 degrees, which is enough to enjoy the summer heat and how to tan in the sun.

What else do not forget the beaches of Genoa?

This historic town is now the center of the Italian pasta.Various kinds of local national pasta there are over a thousand, and each of them is not only the form, but also sort of flour or cooking recipe.This Italian dish is served here mainly in the beach restaurants.In the city or in the surrounding recreation areas can be found excellent restaurant, where pasta is cooked on refined recipes, and it will be mandatory to be accompanied by a piquant sauce, and if you wish, and real Italian wine.


remains to note that of Genoa (Italy), beaches which are so varied and, unfortunately, not always ideal, attracts large numbers of tourists.There really is something to see - monuments, museums, squares ... and great opportunities for shopping.Well, in order to warm enough to lie on the sand, sunbathing and nakupatsya clean blue sea, it is only a little ride outside the city, where the eyes will be opened chic wild coves and spacious public beaches with their endless partying.