Lodeynoye Pole: reviews

Peter is not only the capital of the Northern Federation, but also the center of the area in which there are important from the point of view of the culture and history of the city.One of these centers is to Lodeynoye Pole.It is 244 km from St. Petersburg, if you move in a northeasterly direction.

History and Development

Lodeynoye Pole Construction began in 1702 by order of Emperor Peter I. It was he who in his time drew attention to the dense pine forest on the banks of the river Svir and agreed on the need for the left high bank of the shipyard.She became known as the Olonets.It is from her first descended into the Baltic Sea Imperial warships.Eliminated Olonets shipyard was only 1830.

During its existence in 1785 began a bookmark county town called Lodeynoye Pole.In the second part of XIX century there were created several woodworking companies, while it has become the center of wood trade on the Svir.But in the twentieth century there was built Nizhnesvirsky HPP, which is actively operated be

ginning in 1933.

In addition, Lodeynoye Pole well developed wood industry, construction materials plants were built, food and pottery industry.But now the pace of industrial development declined significantly, many locals go to work in more prosperous areas.

military glory

Although Lodeynoye Pole - a sparsely populated town (it can count about 20 thousand inhabitants), he managed to become famous during World War II.It is on the Svir with the active participation of local residents was set up for the Finns irresistible line of defense.Enemy armies camped on opposite sides of the river and lasted almost three years since.And only in the early summer of 1944 it was conducted Svir-Petrozavodsk operation, which forced the Finns to retreat.Through cunning military and a powerful artillery preparation slightly below Lodeynoye Pole swam across the river and the Soviet military occupied the front line, which kept the Finns.


worth noting that Lodeynoye Pole too dabbled attention of tourists.But strangers, drove into the city, even for a short time, does not regret his decision.Of course, he does not differ from the mass of similar small northern towns, but it has a rich history, so it is interesting.

Basically this place is used as a temporary or transit point, or just passing by on the paved back in the early twentieth century railway.In fact, many believe that it is thanks to its creation still exists Lodeynoye Pole.Trains by following their routes, passing along the city.The railroad is so that they have to go around it to get to the big bridge over the Svir.

Travelers caught in the regional center, can look at the stele, installed in 1832 on the site of the house of Peter I.Also, the city is a monument erected in honor of soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War.To ancestors did not forget about this terrible period in Lodeynoye Pole remains a memorial park "Svir victory."It can all see the real military dugouts, trenches, bunkers and laid flowers to the monument, called upon to glorify heroes.

monument erected in honor of the 300th anniversary of the city may also be interested in the many guests who came in Lodeynoye Pole.St. Petersburg, by the way, is the same age of the district center.But, despite the same age, it is difficult to find among them something in common.

important story in the local history museum you can learn about the life of prisoners in the labor camp "SvirLAG."It was a special place, it was considered one of the most terrible of Soviet concentration camps."SvirLAG" lasted six years, during which time it has passed through the 70 th. Of political prisoners.In these northern conditions the prisoners, among whom there were many religious people, forced to walk half-naked.Power was established at the limit of clinical death.

It is here that were now known hieromartyrs Archbishop of Volokolamsk, Theodore and Augustine Belyaev, Kira Obolensky - Princess-velikomuchennitsa, Veronica Nun, Priest Sergei Mechev philosopher votes cast Alex, who was in the secret monastic tonsure.

But this terrible story is not prevented on the ground to develop Lodeynopolskye religion.In 1989 launched the first Orthodox community, the church at the time was the house donated for this purpose believing woman Barbara.

religious pilgrimage

addition to the first small church in Lodeynoye Pole there is a chapel of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.It is very interesting from an architectural point of view, the project, it resembles the silhouette of the ship and, accordingly, coat of arms - a rook to the time of Peter.In the early 90s it was erected a temple of the Apostles Peter and Paul.It is not far from the place where in 1843 was built by Peter and Paul Cathedral, which, unfortunately, was destroyed during the Soviet era.From it survived only one icon of the Archangel Michael.By the way, in the church of Peter and Paul is the image of Panteleimon the Healer on the back of which can be seen the inscription that he was blessed on Mount Athos in 1910.

But often tourists passing city, not even interested in its beauty and history, on the way to a famous men's Alexander-Svirsky Monastery.Also, believers often go to women Intercession Tervenicheskuyu and Permission-Oyat monastery.All the pilgrims tell of the special atmosphere of this place, about the peculiar religious fluids that originate in the monasteries.And this is not achieved through the veneer and pathos, which, in principle, no, but with the help of the religious spirit and deep faith inhabitants.

Natural Beauty

But the area near Lodeynoye Pole is interesting not only to believers.One of the main attractions of the region is considered Nizhnesvirsky Nature Reserve covers an area of ​​42,000 hectares.On North-West Russia is considered to be one of the most attractive places.

Large areas are covered with untouched forests, bogs, rivers and numerous lakes.Nature in this area is unique: it combines the Baltic taiga landscapes and exotic.In addition, the reserve has an ornithological station.But the real peak of the tourism season begins in the mushroom.Every year there is noted more visitors.And it is not in vain, because the Svir deservedly considered the mushroom district of Leningrad region.

arrived in Lodeynoye Pole should visit the healing spring, which at one time was called alive.It was believed that its water cures diseases, and even raises.Experts found that the combination of phytochemicals in this source superior to all known brands as the popular Caucasian and European waters.

Everyday life and leisure

If you decide to go to the reserve or the monastery and on the way you want to call in the district center, then you will be interested in hotels Lodeynoye Pole.Given the fact that this small town, with tourists almost have no choice.They can live in a complex, or "Green Hill", or at the hotel "Svir".

course, places of entertainment in the center is not much, but anyone can visit the local drama theater, on the basis of which was also open cinema, museum, go to the library in 1905.

Do not recruit with food, if you go to Lodeynoye Pole.Shops in the city are working properly, they are no different from their counterparts in other regional centers of the Russian hinterland.


course description Inspired by guidebooks, many tend to see all the sights of the city.But most of the tourists are disappointed.For now, according to eyewitnesses, many monuments are destroyed, the city has neither the desire nor the means to support cultural facilities in decent condition.But reviews of religious sites, including those that are in the area of ​​the monasteries, excellent.Tourists do not get tired to speak about the special atmosphere of these places.Also travelers say unsurpassed natural beauty, it is no wonder in this area was based Nizhnesvirsky Nature Reserve.

Those who had to get to these places by train, do not get tired to think about the big railroad bridge, which spans the river Svir.Also nice to tour the restored train station recall that meets all visitors with bright colors.


At the stage of travel planning many wondering how best to get into the city.Many, of course, prefer to travel by train.During the train trips you can enjoy all the beauties of the northern region.

But others choose highway Petersburg - Lodeynoye Pole.The bus runs regularly between the two cities.Through the regional center held several major routes through the local transit bus passes every day more than 20 flights.But travelers should prepare for a long trip - to go on the road from St. Petersburg to Lodeynoye Pole will have 139 km.