Riding on the boat in Moscow - an excellent stay in the capital

Horse ship in Moscow - one of the most popular pastimes among Muscovites.Fresh river wind, ever-changing views around, running water under the board - everything has to rest and good mood.Shipping companies engaged in pleasure trips, offering numerous routes, including those outside the capital.Riding on the boat (Moscow River) begins as soon as the navigation opens and ends with its end.No specific schedule - it all depends on the weather.For tourists water recreation particularly attractive, as the city to study easy: glancing from the deck, not bothering feet.Some vessels can be a hearty meal in the buffet.Probably the most popular route - from the Kiev railway station to the Novospassky monastery near the metro station "proletarian."It belongs to the Capital of the shipping company.It is the oldest company in Moscow.

Capital Shipping Company

Horse ship in Moscow Muscovites enterprise carries on since 1933.Until today the company is engaged in the device of river walks and hiking and is a recog

nized leader in the industry.In the arsenal of the company - corporate cruises, recreational trails, walks in the recreation area with a landing on the beach, sightseeing tours, holidays in the floating restaurants.Capital Shipping Company has 55 different ships, including double-decked boats, single-deck ships and river boats hydrofoils.Mostly trucks have a small draft, so the routes pass within Vodootvodny channel.

most popular routes

Horse ship in Moscow from Kiev station - make the most of the route.In addition, very popular, especially among tourists, enjoy a boat trip along the walking tour around the Golden Bridge.Route begins Luzhkov bridge, the ship passes a monument to Peter I, the Kremlin, Novospassky bridge and back again to the beginning of the journey.Another popular tour begins at the Museum "Kolomenskoye Estate".There tourists sit on the boat, which follows up Ugresha Monastery, where the walking tour.On board the ship tourists get hot meals.Riding on the boat in the Moscow River from the station offers a boat trip on the Pestovo reservoir.Routes are carried out several times a day, regardless of weekdays, weekends and holidays.

Vip-walk along the Moscow River

as comfortable as possible you can take a walk on the yacht of "Radisson Royal".The route starts from the hotel "Royal Reddisson Moskow" (former hotel "Ukraine") at the Kiev railway station and ends at the high-rise on Kotelnicheskaya embankment.Stops are not supposed to, but you'll be offered a good table.The deck has a panoramic windows, and visitors can admire the views of the capital in any weather.The most impressive trip on a yacht at sunset, when Moscow lights night lights.Also "Radisson Royal» offers skating on the boat in Moscow from Gorky Park.Cooking on board - excellent, besides, you will be offered an audio guide.Meals not included in the ticket.Children under 5 ride free on the yacht.

Outings on riverboats

Country travel on river boats are most in demand Muscovites and guests of the capital often choose these trips because you can not only enjoy the scenic picture of nature, but also to see the sights that are richMoscow.For the city are mostly boats hydrofoil "Rocket" (half an hour) or pleasure vessel "Moscow" (half an hour).The route begins in the Northern river station, walks are held on the reservoir.Once a day goes a long journey with the landing on the beach in the Bay of Joy for sunbathing and swimming (4 and a half hours).There is a beautiful sandy beach, pine forest and beautiful lawn.On the beach are equipped with playgrounds, mangalnye place and awnings.

tradition and new trends of water recreation

Horse ship in Moscow can take place not only as a small fun in his spare time.For example, since the Soviet times there is a tradition to celebrate on the water last call.New times have brought other trends: corporate parties on ships, weddings and anniversaries in the floating restaurants, trips out of town on the water in the entertainment and much more.In addition, the river was recently run a water taxi, which helps to overcome the eternal Moscow traffic jams.It is somewhat more expensive than land travel, but if the destination is somewhere near the shores, then takes you back quickly.Also planned route from Moscow city Lytkarino to the metro station "Marino" in vessels with an air bag that will go throughout the year.