Are there sharks in the Mediterranean?

Mediterranean Sharks appeared about five and a half million years ago.And the sea itself is considered a relatively "young".For sharks in it just ideal conditions.This temperature of the water and food supply.There are over 40 different species of sharks.Many of them reach 3 meters in length.A 15 - quite dangerous to humans.

Danger shark human

While tourists on the shore of the Mediterranean gathers a lot of cases of attacks on humans tend not to talk.The percentage of a shark aggression is quite low, and such cases are rare.It is believed that the sharks in the Mediterr

anean Sea is often mistaken for a human or other mammal fur seal.

Over the last century, recorded 21 cases of aggression fatal.The rest of the hundred years was observed 260 attacks with lighter consequences.Compared to other seas, it is a little.But the attacks were provoked by the people directly.In many cases, sharks do not come back "eat up" the person, and people have died from loss of blood.

Are there sharks in the Mediterranean, we have already found.Now let's see which ones.The most common types: big-nosed, chernokonechnaya, chernokonechnaya reef, bull, white, soup, sand, cat, spotted, mako, tiger, giant, gray reef, oceanic.Among them, there are some invasive species that are most dangerous to humans.These include the great white, oceanic, tiger, giant (hammerhead shark), gray reef shark and mako bull.These are different sharks of the Mediterranean Sea.Turkey also is not completely secure, and there are not uncommon man-eating predators, so you need to swim with caution.

danger man for sharks

shark attacks in the Mediterranean - not uncommon, but still on the person for them comes an even greater danger.Many species have virtually disappeared, and five of them are on the verge of extinction.Hammerhead shark has not been seen since 1995, the year.Every year, caught a huge amount of marine life, and often they fall into the trap laid for a small fish.Catastrophic decrease in their number observed over the last 20 years.

mainly sharks take only the fins and the rest of the carcass is simply thrown into the sea.As a result, the animal can not swim properly and dies in agony on the seabed, which drops without fins.This method of fishing of sharks called Finningen.

Karharodon or great white shark

It is considered the largest and often reaches a length of six meters.Moreover, its weight can reach up to three thousand kilograms.In the context of the question of whether there are sharks in the Mediterranean, in the first place comes to mind is the great white, but it is dying today is very rare.These animals swim long distances.Most often they go to the sea via Gibraltar, and many beaches because they were closed.

What sharks in the Mediterranean?Types

Let us consider the most well-known shark species occurring in the Mediterranean.


This shark is so named because of the bands, which are located on her body.In deep water, it almost does not occur, mostly love shallow water and beaches.It is considered a predatory fish, reaching up to 7 meters in length and up to 1000 kg.


this shark have several names: it is also called white-tip and dlinnoplavnikovoy.She very rarely swim to shore, but in recent years this type are increasingly attacking man on the beach in Egypt.

On the question of whether there are sharks in the Mediterranean, we can confidently answer "yes", and the ocean is found there in abundance, it is considered a very large predators and can reach up to 4 meters in length.For shipwrecked it represents a great danger, because this kind of attack people more often.


its other name: sandbar shark, chernorylaya, bonito, mackerel and blue pointer.It is very fast, and its attack speed reaches 100 km / h due to the developed circulatory system that nourishes the muscles perfectly.

She's pretty aggressive and likes to appear in the Mediterranean coastal zones.Energy shark spends a lot, we're always hungry and eats everything that comes in its way.Most attacks swimmers, but its main food - mackerel, herring and mackerel, ie, schooling fish.

hammerhead shark

It is often called a giant, as it can reach 6 meters in length.Weighing in at almost half a ton.Her eyes are positioned for growth, wide apart, but when searching for prey, these sharks do not rely on vision and guided by electromagnetic pulses.They allow you to detect prey, which is not even in sight.

often asking the question of whether there are sharks in the Mediterranean, have in mind hammerhead shark.This kind of is, he has an amazing sensitivity of receptors.In people, this shark attack is rare, and mostly it happens when a person is in the area of ​​its propagation.

Bull and Grey

gray reef sharks and bull are a great threat to people.Their dimensions exceed the height of a man.

Gray easily flows into the aggression, even by a small drop of blood or vibration.In this case, she tries to get to the victim.During the attack, it spins around its mining and arches her back, and the attack begins after immersion in water, when she opens her mouth.

Bull shark - the only one that can even live in fresh water for more than four years.It belongs to the family tuporylye and has a very unpredictable character.If it is an attack on the people a lot.She's fierce and able to carry off the water, even the bull.The food is not fussy and it is quite capable of eating human corpses, so people for it - just part of the diet.

Sharks are very visible in the shallow water and the most dangerous in the murky waters.Often people are cheating their alleged clumsiness, slowness, but they attack instantly.Sharks are hardy, resistant and able to develop tremendous speed when hunting.