Documents for a visa to Bulgaria.

As you know, Bulgaria - is a favorite holiday destination for Russians.In addition to the favorable climate, sandy beaches, delicious food and the lack of a language barrier, Russian tourists are attracted opportunity to purchase local real estate.For travelers who regularly travel to Bulgaria and book rooms in hotels on their own, especially acute question about the design of a national visa.There is no question of holders of Schengen - they are allowed to visit the EU for permits issued in different countries.Information about what documents for a visa to Bulgaria needs to become more useful and relevant to ordinary people.This issue is devoted to this article.

Bulgarian visa processing methods

process of obtaining a visa to Bulgaria is simple, in practice it can be done in two ways: Call a travel agency or go through all the court himself.Today, most tourists do not have time to ensure that self-assemble documents for a visa to Bulgaria.It is easier to apply to a special service or an accredite

d travel agency.Travelers who can not afford trips to the visa center, execute all documents is not difficult.

Obtaining a visa through a travel agency

Russia has a large number of companies and travel agencies are engaged in registration of national visas.They work directly with the visa center, supervise the process of obtaining documents.You just need to bring the necessary papers, they will do the rest yourself.Some companies will even deliver a visa to the house.Of course, this service is not free.

If the documents are not served you in person and proxy, you need a power of attorney, written by the owner of the passport and authenticated by a notary.

Visa self

It is not necessary to seek the help of intermediary firms, many travelers dealing with the issue of registration of tourist visas themselves.First you need to have a list of required documents.Visa to Bulgaria is on the basis of the collected papers.

Visa centers in all regions of Russia are working five days a week from morning to night.No appointment is not, therefore, apply to the service, document can be a convenient time for you.An employee checks the validity of the visa center filling in the form, and after taking all the necessary papers employee is obliged to give you a special form on which you will be able to obtain a visa.

will be useful information about the whereabouts of the Bulgarian embassies and consulates in Russia.Consulate General of Bulgaria has in Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.If you need an embassy, ‚Äč‚Äčthen it will have to go to the capital.As for the visa centers, they are located in the same major Russian cities, including Moscow.

What else you need to know to tourists?Over the paperwork required to pay some amount.This fee is called the consular fee.35 euros is the usual visa to Bulgaria (the document list is shown below).The urgency of the Russians also need to pay the visa fee for such a document will be equal to 70 euros.Besides the mandatory fee need to pay a service charge.He is charged with the citizens in the amount of 836 rubles.This amount is the same for all visa centers, it is necessary to pay every time, regardless of the type of document.

Residents of the CIS countries, including Belarus and Kazakhstan, are suitable to all the rules of visa, the visa fee for them is 2640 rubles.However, in case of traveling with children residents of the neighboring countries for the design of children's visas must pay.This applies to children under the age of 6 years.

Turnaround normal resolution takes an average of 5-8 working days, urgent - 3 days.Only after a personal visit possible visa to Bulgaria.Documents can be picked up from 11.00 to 16.00 in the Visa Application Centre.

Tourists who only got a passport, or did not go anywhere, provided some bonuses.For travelers with a "clean" passports normally issued a visa for six months.If you have been to Bulgaria, then entitled to another term permit - 1 year.However, the question of for how long will be given a national visa, with tourists being discussed.

documents for a visa to Bulgaria

to go abroad, to any Russian tourists need to issue a special permit.To do this, you need to collect a package of documents:

1. Visa application form.

2. Passport.Information for travelers, it must be valid for 3 months, including the day of the end of the trip.

3. Color Photo.Size - 3,5x4,5.

4. A copy of the initial page of the passport (2 pieces).

5. Copies of pages with valid visas.

6. A ticket or reservation (original and copy).

7. Certificate of medical insurance coverage in the amount of not less than 30,000 euros (original and copy).

8. proof of sufficient funds.The amount of the sum of the rate of 100 euros per day per person.Even if you go for a couple of days, the amount of insurance shall not be less than 500 euros - is the limit.

Traveling with children: the documents for visa

Young travelers also need a visa to Bulgaria.What documents are required if you plan to go on holiday with the children?

1. Birth certificate (copy, it is desirable to have the original).

2. A completed application form.It is necessary even when the information about the children entered in the passport.

In the case where a child is going abroad with a third party or a parent, you need to take a power of attorney from mom / dad is / was the first at home.In addition, the presence of a copy must be certified by a notary public authorization and the home page of the passport.

When traveling with children need to know that:

- for the child does not need to pay the visa fee, if it is not 6 years old;

- in the passport moms / dads should be pasted pictures of their children's baby.This rule applies to children who are entered in the parent passport.Restrictions on age - 6 years.

documents for visa D

for a long stay visa is issued to foreigners who are planning a long or permanent residence in this country.So the citizens of a visa is issued so-called D in Bulgaria.The documents must be collected for those who wish to exercise or labor or commercial activity.In addition, the right to obtain such a permit have:

- foreign experts, who arrived in the country under an international treaty;

- citizens who have a basis for permanent residence (for example, the conclusion of a marriage with a resident of Bulgaria);

- representatives of companies that are registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria;

- family members of a citizen of the Republic of Belarus;

- correspondents of foreign media and others.

This permit is issued for those planning to stay in the country from 90 to 360 days, but no more.Resolution of the temporary stay is governed by the law of the Russian Federation "Aliens in the Republic of Belarus", Article 24. The fee for registration of such a document is 100 euros, preparation time permits - 30 working days.

private visit to Bulgaria.What you need to know to tourists?

For personal trips, Russians can take advantage of an invitation to a citizen who has a residence permit or of the indigenous people of this country.On the basis of this paper is issued a visa to Bulgaria.The necessary documents must be notarized, and the permit must be observed in public organizations at the place of residence of the inviting party.The same applies to family members of a Bulgarian citizen, the only difference is that instead of inviting need to provide an act of civil status, which takes into account types of communication - related or marital.In order to able to get into the country spouse, you must provide a marriage certificate, children - birth certificate.It requires both the originals and copies of documents.

Personal guided tour requires the provision of the visa center hotel confirmation.More often than not provide a copy of a fax with the signature of the responsible person.This confirmation should contain all the components of travel: travel dates, hotel / hotel, address, email, phone.In addition, it is necessary to fix the payment of the hotel applicant.Sometimes the visa center may require a certificate of employment or a copy of the work book, so it's better to have them with you.

Basically, tourists from Russia are hassle-free to issue documents for a visa to Bulgaria.The standard package allows you to do it without losing time searching for some "important" reference.Simple enough visas for our compatriots is a major cause of boundless love for Bulgaria.