Attractions and activities in Gelendzhik

Over the last years the Black Sea coast attracts thousands of tourists.Many of them, once having been at any of the resorts of the warm reservoir, has nothing in the world would agree to change these beauties on overseas counterparts.One of the highlights of the Black Sea is an oasis of relaxation Gelendzhik.In addition to sandy beaches, gentle sea, abundance of solar heat, the resort is famous for its mineral springs.That is why tourists come here not only to relax but also to improve their health.

huge scope for relaxation

On the territory of this heavenly place is located more than two hundred health resorts, boarding houses, hotels and other similar establishments that can host more than forty thousand visitors from all over the world.The private sector is also quite highly developed in the field of tourist reception.Numerous houses and small hotels like mushrooms after the rain scattered throughout the resort.Private institutions are also able to accommodate more than forty thousand tourists.

Travelers great time relaxing on the soft, sun-warmed sand near the mellifluous layers of logs coastal waves.However, almost every wish of the guests to find out what there is entertainment in Gelendzhik.

aquatic and terrestrial entertainment: carnival season opening

Like any other city of the Black Sea coast, the resort is known for its rigorous curriculum and a variety of options for active and passive recreation.Entertainment Gelendzhik can safely be divided into two categories: water and land.Both views has many options for entertainment.Let's start with the ground.Each resort Gelendzhik and not the exception, annually celebrates the opening of the season.And if in some localities of the coastal strip, this festival takes place is not too noisy, then there is a category of cities that are completely and for a long time immersed in the excitement of this celebration.With such a fest begins and complete rest in Gelendzhik.Activities of various kinds take place during this period in the territory of the famous resort.Opening season usually begins in early June and lasts for several days.Masquerade, theatrical performances, attractions, exhibitions, fairs, performances by pop stars, festive costumed carnival and, of course, magnificent in its beauty fireworks - all this and many other events taking place in Gelendzhik this month.

Safari Park

If you do not have time to get to the opening of the season, in any case to your attention provided other attractions and activities in Gelendzhik.On the southern slope of the ridge located Markotkhsky wonderful safari park.Here in semi-free conditions is home to many wild animals.Man in no way interfere with our younger brothers to relax and enjoy life.The enclosures in which they are contained, very spacious.Calm animals broken only for cleaning and feeding.Lions, tigers, puma, lynx, deer, wolves, peacocks and many other animals very friendly disposed towards guests.

Park "Olympus┬╗

Besides acquaintance with wildlife, visitors can ride the cable car and to see the wonderful panorama of the city.At the foot of the mountain range stretches Markotkhsky amazing park "Olympus".Here, the visitor is given a great chance to experience the most exciting entertainment in Gelendzhik.Photos magical attractions, wonderful landscapes, paragliding and hot air balloons long evenings will warm you with its warmth.Here you can ride a jeep, horseback and mountain biking.Amazing view of the city offers guests a resort with a cableway length of 1140 meters.With shestidesyatimetrovoy altitude before your eyes with breathtaking views of the sea and coastal areas of the resort.However, this does not end here for entertainment.Gelendzhik, in the park "Olympus", every day after sunset hosts a variety of shows, and at the end of the day offers a spectacular fireworks display.A great value for your institution is able to accommodate a lot of guests, ready to enjoy the magnificent performances and active leisure.A variety of restaurants and cafes will be glad to satisfy the hunger of their visitors.

Park "Spider┬╗

For outdoor enthusiasts the resort there are also extreme entertainment.Gelendzhik, in the village of Renaissance, a park called "spider".Here, lovers of movement and sports activities are archery, crossbow, master game called paintball, ride on bugs and attraction "trolley".The park has a playground for placement of tents, the platform with the attached barbecue and other necessary equipment for a picnic.


Land excursions and activities in Gelendzhik perfectly aligned and water sports holiday.Besides swimming in the sea, resort guests can experience the atmosphere of irrepressible joy and fun in the water park "Dolphin".Here, visitors are lots of slides and pools.Even the youngest guests can fully enjoy the shallow artificial reservoirs, fungi and umbrellas.

Besides the water park "Dolphin", the resort has two more similar places called "Behemoth" and "Golden Bay".The latter is the largest in Russia.At the water park "Golden Bay" located the best and most popular attractions, spread throughout the world.There is also a center for the study of diving.Cafeterias, many swimming pools, playground and many other entertainment will not leave indifferent any visitor.

Other entertainment

Guests at the resort can enjoy a spectacular show at the dolphinarium, to know the underwater world at the aquarium, learn to snorkelling and diving.Among other things, Gelendzhik has a rich and very interesting history.Curious tourists will be interested in trips to the museums of the resort, on a trip memorable and historical places.Dolmen, waterfalls, parks, and other great places are always happy to share with travelers for its rich history and beauty.

lovers of night life will be surprised and inspired by the many bars and clubs open until the early hours.Gelendzhik - a city holiday.There are a lot of fun for everyone.No one leaves this resort without enthusiastic memories.