Nilov desert resort "Energetic", "Metalist" and "Filatov."

Nilov desert called one of the resort areas of the republic of Buryatia.It is situated in the spur of the Eastern Sayan Mountains in the valley of the River Exe-Ugunai, about 300 km from Irkutsk.This area enjoys great popularity among tourists because of clean air filled with the smell of pine forests, beautiful nature (mountain gorge with rocky slopes) and curative mineral springs.In this zone, built more than 10 resorts, offering its clients a comfortable accommodation and effective treatment.

history Nilova Desert

This site Russian became known in the 19th century.Irkutsk Governor VSRupert, learning about the availability of this beautiful area sources, ordered to check the composition of water in them.The analysis revealed that the liquid healing.The composition of the water sources of the area includes such nutrients as calcium and sodium sulphate.Be sure to visit the resort area called Nilov desert.The resort, your choice will not disappoint.All places built in this area, are quite popular.Her

e treat skin diseases, various inflammations, dealing with the problems of the musculoskeletal system.

named so Nilov desert in honor of the Archbishop of Irkutsk Stolbensky Nile, which is so impressed with the beauty of the area, he decided to organize a missionary male monastery here.

Buddhist datsan

A few kilometers from the resort on the mountain Hill-Ula is a very interesting attraction - a Buddhist datsan.On this point, there is even a legend that the hill once descended spirit of the Sayan Mountains Noyon.The local population believes that the sand from the hill-Ula is able to bring good fortune and multiply virility.

Sanatorium "Energetic»

those who prefer comfortable treatment in the nature, worth a visit such a wonderful place as Nilov desert.Sanatorium "Energetic" (positive reviews about it) offers its customers equipped with all necessary modern single-quadruple rooms in three buildings.The complex is located in the Tunka National Park on the banks of the river Ekhe-Uhgun in an unusually picturesque gorge.

treatment and nutrition in sanatorium "Energetic»

water sources hitters in the sanatorium "Energetic", contains silica and radon.It is heated to 42 degrees Celsius.Mineral water of this area can help in treating skin diseases, various inflammations, and diseases of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system.

those who just want to improve your health, be sure to visit this area as Nilov desert.Sanatorium "Energetic" can offer its guests the following:

1. radon baths.

2. The course of normal and hydro-massage.

3. Acupuncture.

4. Phytotreatment.

5. All sorts of physiotherapy.

6. laser therapy.

7. The stretching of the spine and more.

In the pension there is a sports and fitness facilities.Minimum stay in the sanatorium "Energetic" - two days.But it is necessary to take into account that medical services are provided to customers who purchased a ticket for a period of 15 days.Meals three times a day in a sanatorium.If desired, you can purchase a ticket with both the treatment and without.

entertainment and excursions

Besides hot springs for those who want healthier, will certainly be interesting mud Valley Shumak.

It is not only beautiful, but also very interesting resort area - Nilov desert.Sanatorium "Energetic" also offers to buy an excursion to the waterfalls village Arashan in Pearl, where there is a source of hydrogen sulphide, in Monte (Solar Observatory), in Haytagol (it opened ethnographic museum), a Buddhist datsan.

In the hotel there is a bar and a billiard room.In the evenings there are organized discos and conducted all sorts of recreational activities.

resort "Metalist»

«Energetic" - not only a popular boarding area Nilov desert.The resort "Metalist" (reviews allow us to judge it as a very comfortable and modern) offers accommodation in several buildings.Guests are in a comfortable two-triple rooms.There are both standard rooms and apartments class "lux".

treatment in the sanatorium "Metalist»

Hotel "Metalist" offers such effective treatment options:

1. radon baths.

2. massage and hydromassage.

3. Irrigation eyes, gums healthy water, gynecological irrigation.

4. laser therapy.

5. The stretching of the spine.

6. herbal medicine and more.

Meals and entertainment in the resort "Metalist»

organized five meals.In the pension valid point, where you can rent sports equipment.In particular, outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of the available bikes in the resort for making walks through the neighborhood.

Nilova wilderness resort "Filatov»

Holidaymakers living in a comfortable two-story building, built on the banks of the local river.The rooms in this sanatorium designed for one to three people.There are deluxe rooms, superior and standard.The first and second are equipped with shower, toilet and sink.Of course, to pay for such a room will have more.On the floors of the standard rooms are also equipped with a shower and a toilet (four rooms).Those who have not enough money to special amenities, it is worth booking an economy.It is designed for four people.By the way, precisely because of such numbers in a boarding house the most beautiful view.

Treatment of

As you can see you can have a rest in this place, that place Nilov desert.The resort will help its visitors to eliminate the following problems:

1. Illnesses of the musculoskeletal system (osteomyelitis, low back pain, arthritis, arthritis, rheumatism, etc.).

2. Cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, ischemic heart disease, venous insufficiency, atherosclerosis, and others.).

3. Gynecological disease (endometriosis, fibroids, erosion, etc.).

4. Nervous system disorders (neuroses, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, neurasthenia, the effects of head injuries, and others.).

5. Skin diseases (eczema, diathesis, itching, hives, etc.).

6. Endocrine disorders (diabetes, goiter, gout and so on).

7. Occupational diseases (skin, asthma, vibration disease and others).

Effective treatment complements very well organized meals in the dining room, located on the pension.

Sanatorium "Shumak»

you are still undecided with what pension you should visit the town Nilov desert?Sanatorium "Shumak" opinions about which is also positive, offers tourists a 1-3-bed rooms.If desired, you can rent a suite or junior suite.The resort is located on the banks of the River Exe-Ugunai in the vicinity of Spa clinic.


The resort held such treatments:

1. General bath.

2. Mineral soul and irrigation.

3. Acupuncture.

4. Phytotreatment.

5. Physiotherapeutic procedures.

6. Massage and whirlpool.

You may want to work out in the gym or sports hall.

about 60 km from the village is mountainous valley Shumak with its therapeutic mud baths.In addition, there has more than a hundred springs.If desired, the valley of the Shumak can go horseback riding (horse-riding excursions are organized).

reviews boarding Nilov Desert

Travelers actively discussing a place like Nilov desert.Sanatorium (reviews provide a glimpse of him as the most popular) "Energetic" as well as "Metallist", "Shumak", "Filatov," is among the most interesting places of treatment and rest in Buryatia.The staff in all institutions of friendly and qualified doctors.Mineral water and mud help from a variety of diseases.Among the shortcomings noted a little annoying to raise money to help local monastery.

Prices for tickets

information on the cost of board and lodging (in rubles per night):













3 seater












1250 (double) 1400 (Single)


We hope our small andis not a full review will be helpful to anyone.Many tourists think that one of the places where there is the presence of divine power, it is Nilov desert.Sanatorium (photos are presented in the article) "Metallist" pension "Energetic", "Filatov" and "Shumak" - not only health institutions that operate here.You can also visit the holiday home "Radon", "Cheremhovsky", "Miner", "Kursovochnik" and others.