Pensions Urzuf.

Each sea has special borough, the original card.This place is able to give a great positive emotions to people of any age.Memories of the glorious remain with the guests for a long time.

Azov Sea

where one of these amazing places is the village Urzuf.It was he who in recent years is considered to be the hallmark of the resort area.The beaches of the settlement are recognized as the best in the Donetsk region.Holidays are becoming popular and prestigious.


Urzuf, pensions which have all the facilities for a comfortable stay, is exceptionally resort village.There are all decent and interesting pastime activities.In the village there are many first-class hotels.The private sector can boast a special comfort.The main advantages of the settlement can be considered a high quality service and affordable prices.


Currently, the village is a large resort area.Every year in pensions Urzuf comes more and more tourists.Especially popular is a place for tourists Ukraine and other CIS co

untries.Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors visit Urzuf.Guest houses near the sea, of course, are very popular.Coast very clean and equipped.Urzuf is a kind of a leader among the other tourist areas of the Azov Sea coast.This is confirmed by the high evaluation studies conducted by environmental institutions.The tourist infrastructure is at the highest level.

Urzuf favorably differs from other seaside resorts.This is evidenced by polls that were conducted in the most popular social networks.Majority tourists gave it to this village.As a result, the first place of honor among the other resort areas throughout the Azov coast just takes Urzuf.Guest houses near the sea have received high scores of tourists who have visited here.

local rest homes

Pensions Urzuf each year develop and become better.Quality of service provided continuously increased.Pensions Urzuf easily be able to compete with holiday homes in Turkey or the Crimea.It should take into account the fact that prices are very democratic.This is one of the major advantages that Urzuf.Private pensions provide everything needed for a comfortable stay of tourists.As a rule, included in the price and food.Many tourists say that pensions Urzuf surpass some overseas.Consider some of these institutions.

Pension "Rainbow" (Urzuf).General

This institution is one of the best holiday homes in the village.It focuses on a family vacation.Guests can come here without problems with their children.Proximity to the sea, no doubt, is a great advantage of this pension.From the body to the sea - only 15 meters.Beach pension amazes guests with its well-groomed.Available cabins and showers.Sunshades are an excellent place for rest and protection from the scorching sun.Waterfront invites guests to enjoy the spectacular sea views.It is equipped with benches.


In the pension presents rooms varying degrees of comfort.Guests can stay in a room economy class.Facilities are on the floor, you can take a hot shower in the boarding house.Also, guests can stay in single and double rooms of the raised comfort.

infrastructure on the territory of a holiday home has a dining room, a playground and room, parking for cars.Pension "Rainbow" (Urzuf) is guarded round the clock.The territory is fenced.There are all conditions for a safe holiday, so parents need not worry about the safety of their children.The complex has Wi-Fi, so most business visitors do not lose touch with the outside world.

Features children's leisure

with the smallest guests will run a team of animators.Parents can always use the services of a professional nurse.Visiting the children's room "Sail", the child will ask to go there again.Leisure and entertainment for children are organized teacher-animators.Interactive activities are held daily.Children are happy to participate in various contests and relay races.Teachers show workshops on modeling dough and acting.Children have a great opportunity to take part in the competition for the local baking chef.

Features Power

It is included in the price.Provision meals.The diet is present fresh pastries, fruit and vegetables, hearty main dishes, tasty soups and desserts.Especially for younger guests to develop a balanced menu for children, in which a lot of vitamins.

Other recreation

Pension "Surf" (Urzuf) is also considered one of the most popular places.The holiday home tour offer:

  1. triple and quad rooms.They are located in small houses on the waterfront.There are versions with and without kitchen.
  2. three- and four-storey houses.

provides a standard set of furniture.Available hanger, mirror, chairs, tables and beds.Conditions are rather modest.They are designed for undemanding guests who just want to live close to the sea.

Features Power

recreation center is not equipped with a dining area.However, in the vicinity there are plenty of places where guests can fully eat.In the presence of the kitchen where you can prepare their own meals.Provides a set of dishes.

Additional information on the territory, where the guesthouse "Surf" (Urzuf), a private beach.Own entertainment infrastructure as such pension are not allowed, but guests can have a great time in the village Urzuf, where there are cafes and restaurants, clubs, amusement park and much more.

Holiday "Santa Maria."General

Guests of this particular pension is guaranteed accommodation in a quiet area of ​​the village.The center and the beach are a five minute walk.The guesthouse is the perfect place to relax.This is largely contribute to an outdoor pool, homemade food, and relaxing atmosphere.

list of services provided

  1. Playground.Equipped with modern facilities.
  2. pool.Sun beds.
  3. shuttle.Available payment.
  4. brazier.Free.
  5. Clean water.Delivery will.
  6. parking.Its services can be used free of charge.
  7. surveillance.The system works around the clock.
  8. Security.Around the clock.
  9. Wi-Fi.

Features Power

In the pension cook tasty and quality food given special attention.There are tours with and without power.Guests use the first option guaranteed to receive a discount.They will be served complete meals three times a day.Children also receive a discount.For the menu, composed by the client independently, a separate fee.Guests who prefer to cook themselves, can take advantage of specially designated kitchen.

Additional information

In the pension has its own swimming pool.It is equipped with night illumination.Outdoor pool, split-level.There are children's department.Waterfalls are located near the pool.Smoking in rooms is strictly forbidden.For this there are special places on the pension.