Chisinau - Moscow distance and travel time.How to choose the best way to get from Chisinau to Moscow?

Communication between Chisinau and Moscow has intensified, thousands of passengers every day cross the border of Russia and sent to Moscow.The objectives are different: someone coming to the Russian capital for the business, someone was going to visit relatives, and someone intends to visit the city as a tourist.Entry into the Russian visa for citizens of Moldova, after crossing the border can be on Russian territory for 90 days, followed by leaving the country, and it is better to do it voluntarily, to be able to come back.Missed departure deadline, at least for one day, can result in a ban of entry to Russia for five years and a heavy fine.In any case it is necessary to comply with immigration laws, and remember that their breach threatens serious trouble.

Railway communication between Chisinau and Moscow

train ride - a reliable form of travel, relatively inexpensive and quite comfortable.In a highly competitive quality of service increases and the passenger can choose the best option to travel

in the train of any one company, if these trips are permanent.In addition, passengers who were satisfied with the service, the train can recommend to their friends.

from Chisinau to Moscow runs three flights daily.

Train "Moldova"

Flight 047 - train "Moldova".Departure from Chisinau at 11:50, arriving in Moscow at the Kiev railway station in 16.59 the following day.Travel time - 28 hours.The train carriages have seats, coupe or sleeping cars type "suite".

entire rolling stock equipped cars Class "Ammendorf" in the classical standard.

Price per ticket:

  • place in the second-class carriage - 3000 780 rubles.
  • place in the train compartment - 6 thousand 213 rubles.
  • place in the car "luxury" - 11 thousand 665 rubles.

The train has a dining car, where passengers serves local cuisine and famous Moldovan wines, "Romanesti" "Isabella" and "Negru de Purcari".For breakfast you can order tokanu with polenta and cheese, salads, vegetables and the famous sauce "muzhdu."

Each car has a bar-restaurant, where you can also spend time with a cocktail.

Fast train Chisinau - Moscow

Consider timetable Flight 047. This is the route Chisinau - Moscow.

  • Departure from Chisinau - 11.50.
  • Bereshty - approx.1345, Art.2 minutes Submitting.13.47.
  • Falesti - approx.14.32, parking 4 min. Submitting.14.36.
  • Balti - approx.15.16, p.4 minutes Submitting.15.20.
  • Drochia - approx.16.01, parking 4 min. Submitting.16.05.
  • Ocnita - approx.17.10, p.17 minutes Submitting.17.27.
  • Vălcineţ, Ocniţa - approx.16.09, parking 40 min. Submitting.18.49.
  • Zhmerynka - approx.22.07, p.20 minutes Submitting.22.27.
  • Vinnitsa - approx.23.13, parking 5 min. Submitting.23.18.
  • Kazatin - approx.00.12, p.2 minutes Submitting.00.14.
  • Kiev - approx.02.15, parking 15 minutes. Submitting.02.30.
  • Konotop - approx.05.08, p.15 minutes Submitting.05.23.
  • Farm Michael's - approx.06.53, parking 30 min. Submitting.07.23.
  • Bryansk - approx.10.20, p.40 minutes Submitting.11.00.
  • Sukhinichi - approx.12.41, parking 24 min. Submitting.13.05.
  • Moscow - arrival 16.59.

Fast train Moscow - Chisinau

Flight 048 from Moscow to Chisinau on the following schedule of motion:

  • Departure from Moscow to Kiev station - 20.41.
  • Sukhinichi - approx.00.30, parking 30 min. Submitting.01.00.
  • Bryansk - approx.02.25, parking 55 min. Submitting.03.20.
  • Farm Michael's - approx.03.59, parking 30 minutes Submitting.04.29.
  • Konotop - approx.05.58, parking 16 min. Submitting.06.14.
  • Kiev - approx.08.56, parking 15 minutes. Submitting.09.11.
  • Kazatin - approx.11.25, parking 2 min. Submitting.11.27.
  • Vinnitsa - approx.12.22, parking 5 min. Submitting.12.27.
  • Zhmerynka - approx.13.14, parking 26 min. Submitting.13.40.
  • Mogilev-Podolsky - approx.13.55, parking 40 min. Submitting.16.35.
  • Vălcineţ, Ocniţa - approx.16.45, parking 40 min. Submitting.17.25.
  • Ocnita - approx.18.18, parking 17 min. Submitting.18.35.
  • Drochia - approx.19.39, parking 4 min., Dep.19.43.
  • Balti - approx.20.24, parking 4 min. Submitting.20.28.
  • Falesti - approx.21.06, parking 4 min. Submitting.21.10.
  • Bereshty - approx.21.54, 3 min., The Send.21.57.
  • Chisinau - approx.23.56.

"Moscow - Chisinau" - the train, which reviews are mixed.The team is not complete unity, some conductors are careful about the other passengers did not think such a conclusion can be made based on the opinions of passengers.Reviews of course, quite subjective, but the overall picture, however, looms ugly.Before impeccable service on the railway is still far.

train "Commonwealth"

Flight 066 - train "Commonwealth", the Moscow Railway, served by the Russian brigade.Departure from Chisinau at 23:10, arriving in Moscow at the Kiev railway station, on the next day at 04.32 am.Travel time - 28 hours.The layout and structure of the second-class compartment cars, sleeping cars "luxury" is not.Wagons type "Ammendorf classic".

Price per ticket:

  • The sleeping car - 6000 485 rubles.
  • In the second-class carriage - 3000 890 rubles.

in the dining car of the Russian train serves Russian cuisine: halophyte, soup, pickle, chopped cutlets with garnish, vodka, pancakes with red caviar and pancakes with sour cream.Moldovan wines are available, the original, Chisinau spill.

Departure from Chisinau - 23.10.

  • 00.01 - Bulbok Art.45 minutes.
  • 01.15 - Bender, parking 31 minutes.
  • 02.03 - Tiraspol, Art.8 minutes.
  • 08.07 - Zhmerynka, parking 20 minutes.
  • 09.13 - Vinnitsa, st.5 minutes.
  • 10.10 - Kazatin, parking for 2 minutes.
  • 12.16 - Kiev, st.20 minutes.
  • 15.32 - Konotop, parking 20 minutes.
  • 19.51 - Suzemka Art.35 minutes.
  • 21.12 - Navlya, parking for 1 minute.
  • 21.58 - Bryansk, Art.17 minutes.
  • 23.59 - Sukhinichi, parking 24 minutes.
  • 01.30 - Kaluga, st.5 minutes.
  • 04.32 - Moscow, Kiev railway station

Departure from Moscow - 16.21.

  • 19.17 - Kaluga, st.3 minutes.
  • 20.24 - Sukhinichi, parking 30 minutes.
  • 22.36 - Bryansk, Art.36 minutes.
  • 23.56 - Grain Ukraine, parking 31 minutes.
  • 02.00 - Konotop, Art.15 minutes.
  • 04.42 - Kiev, parking 15 minutes.
  • 06.58 - Kazatin Art.2 minutes.
  • 07.56 - Vinnitsa, parking 5 minutes.
  • 08.44 - Zhmerynka Art.20 minutes.
  • 11.54 - Kotovsk, parking 20 minutes.
  • 11.54 - Kuchurgan Art.40 minutes.
  • 15.19 - Tiraspol, parking 7 minutes.
  • 15.42 - Bender, Art.30 minutes.
  • 16.40 - Bulbok Art.30 minutes.
  • 17.55 - Chisinau.

train Chisinau - Moscow number 341

Flight 341 - Moldovan railway.Departure from Chisinau at 20.50, arrival in Moscow at the Kiev railway station in 05.18 in the morning the next day.Travel time - 31 hours.The layout and structure of the second-class compartment cars.The composition is completed with the standard wagons type "Ammendorf."

Aviation message

Before the trip everyone decides for himself the question of how to drive traffic.The choice is - a regular train Chisinau - Moscow, several daily flights in the same direction, and a lot of bus routes with a final stop in Moscow.Each mode of transport has its own advantages.The plane will take you to Moscow in less than two hours, this method of travel is ideal for people who value their time and prefer not to spend long hours on his trip.The disadvantages of air travel include the high cost of the ticket, which is about 12 thousand rubles for the purchase of a few days prior to departure or on the day of departure.If you purchase a ticket at the box office of the provisional one month prior to departure, it will cost 4000 rubles.

tickets purchased two weeks before departure will cost a little more than 6 thousand rubles.Thus, for a rational approach to the issue, you can fly the route Chisinau - Moscow for a reasonable price.

Air Moldova airline offers modern A320 aircraft class, EMBRAER 190 and EMBRAER 120. Daily committed three daily flights from landing at Moscow's Domodedovo airport.Airplane Moscow - Chisinau fly return flight on the same day.Prices for return flights, and about the same in similar circumstances.

bus ride

lovers ride on the highway road over a long distance there are several bus routes Chisinau - Moscow and Moscow - Chisinau.The road passes through Ukraine, through Kiev and other major cities.Direction Chisinau - Moscow - route demanded, they are working from Moldova.Commits four daily flights variant and two appointed by the situation.Continue along the route Chisinau - Moscow distance is about 1400 kilometers, not everyone wants to, but on the other hand, it is a real journey to the mass of new impressions.

Ticket price - 2 000 rubles.In the case of travel in the opposite direction on the route Moscow - Chisinau ticket price does not change.