Dominican Republic in August.

Holidays in the Dominican Republic, the reviews of which are always the most positive, memorable.The only disadvantage of this trend - its high cost.But in August, we are seeing a strange phenomenon: the price of tours decreased almost by half.Tempting?Still would!But many gnawing doubt: is not there a dangerous voyage?Reviews afraid of typhoons and rainstorms hopeless.Allegedly, the planes do not fly, do not you go on a trip, go to the sea five-meter waves.But our tourists love to exaggerate.Yes, the tour operators in one voice say that the best time for a trip to the Dominican Republic - winter and early spring.More specifically, the period December-April.But the prices in high season, to say the bite.Let's look at what the Dominican Republic in August, so whether it is terrible as it is painted.

climate is tropical latitudes

Dominican Republic is located in the Caribbean, the Atlantic Ocean.It lies in the influence zone subequatorial climate.This means that in this country there is no canonical f

our seasons in the mid-latitudes.Seasons are only two: dry and wet.In winter, the island is dominated by the hot air masses of tropical and summer - at least from the hot equator.But recent differ in that they bring heavy rainfall.The rainy season begins.Humidity is increased to 80-90%.But rain is not cool either water or air.Dominican Republic in August - the flushed.The thermometer is constantly on 33 degrees.And the water in the sea during the last month of summer, in the bathroom + 27-28 ° C.Promotion equatorial air masses to the north causes perturbations in the atmosphere lead to storms and typhoons.Strong winds and squally showers do occur.But such things do not happen every day, or even every month.

Dominican Republic in August: local climate

the north side of soft white sand caressed by the Republic Atlantic Ocean and to the south - turquoise and azure Caribbean Sea.These two water areas have their own character and climatic regime.Ocean cooler, he blows a light breeze, soothing moist heat.Caribbean summer becomes a nest in which originate tropical cyclones and typhoons, which suffers from the Dominican times.Weather in August, reviews of which is sometimes reminiscent of reports from the front, however it is very diverse.The main impact of elements assumes the southern Caribbean Coast.On the northern island resorts all can be smoothed so the action of the ocean that short showers do not darken your vacation.

Places need to know

Of the features of the local climate logically follows that the rest of the Dominican Republic in August, preferably on the north coast of the island.At a time when popular winter resorts in the country of Punta Cana, La Romana, San Pedro, along with the capital Santo Domingo pouring rain and shakes fierce wind in Monte Cristi, Puerto Plata, and at other resorts overlooking the Atlantic,are small showers.Of course, in August - not the best time to explore the island.The vagaries of nature can you expect in the center.But if your goal - good tan and swim in the gentle waters of the Atlantic Ocean, while enjoying first class service (and at low prices), the Dominican Republic in August for you!Water and air temperature is high, the rain-washed night nature simply delicious.What else do you need for happiness?

Dominican Republic: vacation in August

Reviews say that staying at the northern part of the island does not threaten tourists God knows what disaster.Yes, on this island in August - the hottest month.But the same day in the Punta Cana can be 27.7 ° C, and rain in torrents, and in Puerto Plata 26 ° C, but the rain held only at night.Cool Atlantic Ocean greatly helps to transfer heat and reduces the chance of precipitation.And what is the rains in the Dominican Republic?It's a long time we used to watch the cooling pools and even after the July rainfall.There equatorial sun instantly sucks all the moisture out of the earth and sand beaches, and the sea does not cool.But not stuffy at night, and the morning happy and fresh fragrance of flowers.You can safely go to swim and sunbathe.If in the middle of the day and gather the clouds, rain sweep in an hour and then come back paradise idyll.

Tours in Dominican Republic summer

Low season has its advantages.A huge plus, because of which the Dominican Republic is so seductive in August - prices for tours.They may be two times lower than in the winter months.In the last month of summer vacation for eight nights in a luxury hotel will cost a hundred thousand.During the same period, but at the four or five star tour will cost from fifty-two thousand.And it is really a fabulous proposal put forward budget hotels.There are two people can relax for twelve days (eleven nights) only a forty-five thousand!And such a fall in prices in the low season is not just housing.Excursions, meals, souvenirs - all this is much lower than in the winter months.

tours and events in the Dominican Republic in August

Do not think that, having arrived in the "off-season", you will contemplate boarded ummm yes cafes closed travel agency.Dominican Republic in August (reviews say it in unison) and rejoice lives violently, despite the frequent rain.In the last month of summer has to a lot of festivals, including the nationwide Day of Restoration of Independence (16.08).Though the capital of Santo Domingo and going through a period of tropical storms (the city is considered the rainy season in the wet), the anniversary of its founding, it celebrates the fourth of August.A 14th whole country turns into one big bullfight.Spaniards who once won the local Taino Indian tribe, instilled the custom of celebrating the festival of the bulls.