Oceanarium in Anapa.

One of the most interesting sights of the resort town of Anapa is a tunnel aquarium.It was opened recently - in 2010.View the inhabitants of the Black Sea and other representatives of tropical fauna will be interesting for both children and their parents.Situated institution in the city park of the Victory.Walking here, you will hear an invitation to visit this interesting place over the loudspeaker.So what is an oceanarium in Anapa and why you should go there?

Crocodile and parrots

At the entrance to the aquarium you will meet a crocodile and sit next to him in the cells of the parrots.Your child will be able to pet one of the birds.Parrots are not plucked and very funny bow my head in wonder when the tourists are willing to be photographed with them.Crocodile is absolutely safe, as it is located in the terrarium.Recently, this interesting aquarium inhabitant became pope.

first floor Oceanarium

compared with an oceanarium other cities Anapa different not too large.However, this does not make

it less interesting.Built oceanarium in Anapa in the form of the tunnel.This arrangement was designed to ensure that when viewed from the local inhabitants, tourists feel reaching the bottom of the sea.Above your head will swim real sea sharks.Also, the glass tunnel you can see the huge number of different inhabitants of the Black Sea and the exotic fish from other oceans and seas of the planet.Of course, in order to capture their unforgettable beauty, is to take a video camera or even a camera.In one of the local aquarium you will find a real "Goldfish" of Pushkin's fairy tales.

fauna of the Black Sea

Because the Black Sea - the most northern subtropics planet and its water rich in hydrogen sulfide, fauna is somewhat poorer than in the same Mediterranean.However, its representatives, although unpretentious, quite diverse and are certainly worth a look.

The Black Sea is home to 2.5 thousand. A variety of species of animals and fish.On some of them you can enjoy visiting the aquarium tunnel in Anapa.Photos on this page demonstrate their colorful tropical beauty and singularity.In addition to fish in the Black Sea live mammals, invertebrates, crustaceans, molluscs and various kinds of jellyfish, sea anemones and sponges.

second floor Oceanarium

Tunnel Aquarium in Anapa - is not only interesting underwater world.After rising to the second floor, you will find yourself in a real Africa.It is equipped terrarium in which you will meet with turtles, lizards, snakes and other inhabitants of the planet's hottest continent.Your child will love the smallest monkey in the world, colorful butterflies (a collection assembled from around the world), and chameleons.All visitors are given free tickets to the aquarium to visit the exhibition of ostriches.You certainly will impress the size of the world's largest birds.Just a few steps from the Aquarium is a zoo "Madagascar."It is also worth a visit.

Monitor lizards oceanarium

very interesting inhabitants of the desert are the lizards.Their you can also see, buying a ticket to the aquarium in Anapa.Photos of this unusual animal is presented below.For the first time Europeans learned about the lizards only in 1912. The age of this fauna is no less, and 70 thousand years.These lizards lived in the time of dinosaurs.Scientists found the skeletons of ancient lizards practically do not differ from the skeletons of their modern descendants.Therefore, this type of lizard extremely interesting in terms of studying the ancient fauna of the planet.

first Dutch pilot lizards found on the island of Komodo.It is the world's largest lizards, which can reach a length of 3 m. Monitor lizards differ discreet color, merging into the nature of the environment.They have a strong body, a thick neck and a long forked tongue.Unfortunately, this fauna is becoming increasingly rare.The fact that the skin is secreted, as well as a crocodile is very expensive.From her sew bags, belts, gloves and other accessories.

Anaconda oceanarium

In addition, visiting the aquarium in Anapa, on the second floor you can see a real anaconda.The most mysterious snake in the world will impress you with its size.Be sure to take a photo next to this most interesting representative terrestrial fauna.Anaconda - the largest snake in the world, known for their ability to swallow even a fairly large animals.Although snakes are fed infrequently, maybe you're lucky and you'll see how to eat Anapa anaconda.

Anacondas have all the signs of boas.They have a small head and massive muscular body.Some anacondas its thickness is comparable to the volume of a human torso.Of course, anaconda oceanarium Anapa smaller, but still impressive, and its size.

inhabit these snakes are not in Africa, but only in South America.The adult can reach a weight of 150 kg.Anaconda can only live in a warm tropical climate.In nature they will never depart too far from rivers or swamps.This is a fairly rare fauna, preferring solitude in nature.

Like all anacondas living in a different aquarium passivity.You can easily examine it from all sides and take a picture.These snakes, among other things, characterized by the ability to swim well and for a long time under water, without rising to the surface.Poison anacondas have not.It suffocates its prey, turning tightly around her rings.The nature of their diet consists of small crocodiles, various rodents, turtles, small pythons and waterfowl.

Oceanarium in Anapa.Address

Seaquarium is located in Anapa (Krasnodar region), Victory Park, at st.Pioneer, 20. Children under 3 are passed in an institution free of charge.For myself and for older children will have to pay 250 rubles.Be sure to visit this interesting place.His unusual colorful inhabitants will not leave you indifferent.Park and Aquarium became a real leisure center as the residents of the resort town, and many holidaymakers who visit it.