Happy Dream Beach Hotel 3 * (Turkey / Alanya): photos, prices and reviews of tourists from Russia

If you plan to spend your holiday in Turkey would like to rest comfortably and safely, go to a small resort town - Konakli.It is located 10 km from Alanya, 120 km from Antalya Airport.Resort Konakli attracts tourists with its beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean, clean beaches, numerous restaurants with traditional Turkish cuisine, well-developed infrastructure and convenient transport links to Alanya.Distance to large Turkish resort city walk and taxis and buses, and you can reach it in just a quarter of an hour.In Konakli there are several fine hotels, including Happy Dream Beach Hotel 3 *.It offers its guests a pleasant stay, good food and accommodation in a small but comfortable rooms at affordable prices.In this article, we will tell all about this hotel, we describe its infrastructure, number of rooms, food and entertainment.Hopefully this information will help you make the right choice.


hotel complex is located at the following address: Konakli Kasabasi Iskele Mevkii, Alany

a, Antalya.If you need to book a room - it can be done by completing the form on the official website.The cost varies from the date of arrival.On average, food and accommodation in a standard single room will cost 1900-2000 rubles / day per person.If you want to save, purchase vouchers, which already includes the cost of the ticket, transfer to the hotel, health insurance and guide services.Many travel agencies offer tours in Konakli cost of 22 000 rubles.Happy Dream Beach Hotel 3 * was built in 1998 and was renovated in 2006. Its total area equal to 3600 m2.The main building of the complex - a small, five-story.It has 56 very cozy rooms.The hotel offers a friendly atmosphere and the staff are always friendly and ready to help.

Hotel Amenities

In the hotel complex has everything you need for a good rest - a large outdoor pool with sun beds and umbrellas, internet cafe, free parking, shops, Pay safe at the reception.If necessary, guests can receive medical care, but the doctor will have to pay for services.The lobby has free Internet access (via Wi-Fi).Lovers of outdoor activities given the opportunity to play darts, table tennis, billiards, football and beach volleyball as well as aerobics.For those wishing to rent a car and explore the sights of the Turkish self-operated car rental surcharge.Available in Happy Dream Beach Hotel 3 * conference room and a laundry room.In addition, you can set yourself free service "Alarm".

room Hotel komples

In Happy Dream Beach Hotel 3 * (Turkey) has just 56 clean, comfortable and quite comfortable rooms.36 of them are standard.The area of ​​each of them is 14 m2 and can support a maximum three people - two adults and one child.Another 20 rooms are called "family", they are larger (19 m2) and are ready to take four guests.All apartments have a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, a private bathroom, air-conditioner, TV with 2 Russian channels, telephone, safe and refrigerator.Furnished room beds, tables, wardrobes, chairs.If necessary, the staff can ask for a hair dryer.Daily cleaning is carried out in the room, and the towels and bed linen - three times a week.

Food in Happy Dream Beach Hotel

The hotel has two restaurants and four bars - the pool, the beach, a disco and in the lobby.The main restaurant can seat 120 people.It has a beautiful terrace with spectacular views.As for food, the Happy Dream Beach Hotel 3 * offers guests the system "all inclusive".Breakfast is served in the main restaurant from 07:30 to 09:30, lunch (snacks) - from 09:30 to 10:00, lunch - from 12:30 to 14:00.A dinner can be in the range from 19:00 to 21:00.Meals are served buffet style in the Happy Dream Beach Hotel 3 * (Turkey), reviews about which you can read a little lower.It is usually served for breakfast eggs, dairy products, several varieties of sausage, fresh vegetables - tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, several types of corn flakes.Drinks, coffee, tea, juices from the package.You can also enjoy pastries and desserts.

for lunch cook Happy Dream Beach Hotel 3 * prepare various soups, fresh salads and snacks, French fries, rice, beans, pasta and chicken dishes and soybean.To the table is served watermelons, oranges, bananas, plums.For dinner be sure to offer meat, fish or chicken.In general, you will not be hungry.Free you can take local alcoholic drinks, soda, charge - fresh juices, ice cream and imported drinks.

Bathing in the sea and water sports

Nearby Happy Dream Beach Hotel 3 * (Alanya, Konakli) has a nice sand and pebble beach.Its length is about 200 m. With convenient underpass to get to him there is no trouble.Entrance to the sea convenient, soft underfoot - gravel and sand.If you are afraid to hurt your feet - Inventories rubber slates.On the beach there are free sunbeds, umbrellas and mattresses.There are shower and toilet.Not only can sunbathe and swim in the clean and warm sea, but also actively to rest - for example, playing volleyball, windsurfing, ride a catamaran or canoes.At the beach bar you can drink juice, fizzy drinks or cocktails.

as provided in the hotel for the kids?

hotel complex Happy Dream Beach Hotel 3 * (Konakli) suitable not only for young people but also for families with children.Kids are sure to enjoy a functioning on-site entertaining mini club.Every day it is open until 22:00.There is also a special children's pool of 16 m2 and a playground.In the evenings, arranged children's mini disco.Animators are working with the children, arranging fun games, competitions and amusing the kids.If you need to leave your child for a short time - to arrange for a fee with a nanny.The restaurant provides high chairs for babies.But the food situation is more intense - there is no children's menu, so feeding a young child will have food for adults.

Shopping KONAKLI

If you want to plunge into the colorful Turkish atmosphere - go for a walk in the resort town.We advise you to arrange a tour on Wednesday, as this day offers a bustling bazaar.You get a lot of impressions from buying traditional sweets, souvenirs, tasting of traditional Turkish tea, coffee or raki and, of course, from the live auction.In addition to standard souvenirs - glassware, decorative vases, home textiles, bathrobes, trays and coffee grinders - you can purchase jewelry and leather products.In Konakli there is a beautiful two-story store, which sold coats, jackets, and various leather accessories.Walking around the city, you can explore the local attractions - the clock tower, a caravanserai and a mosque.You can also walk through the village center, explore the municipal park with its beautiful fountains and pavilions.

Entertainment KONAKLI

If you are tired of spending time in the hotel, go on an excursion to Alanya.This large Turkish town you'll love.You will be prompted to explore the city and its main attractions, including the Red Tower and the castle, as well as visit a leather and jewelry shops.If you want to save, go to Alanya is not a tour group, and independently, by bus.Public transport runs regularly every 10 or 15 minutes.The fare is low - about 2-2.5 dollars.If you stay with the kids, go to the Dolphinarium "silanes".It is close to Konakli.It held an interesting presentation with the participation of various sea creatures - sea lions, fur seals and, of course, the dolphins.At the end of the show program you can swim with dolphins and take pictures with them.On the territory of "silanes" you can see interesting marine fish, turtles, toothy shark.Also, there is a dolphinarium and several swimming pools with water slides.

Happy Dream Beach Hotel 3 * (Alanya, Konakli): holidaymakers reviews

Many guests leave your opinion about it.They write that the area of ​​the hotel is not too big, but has everything you need - a swimming pool, restaurants, bars, children's slide.Nutrition normal, corresponds to the "three stars", but not particularly refined.Many guests say that the hotel chef prepare little meat, focusing on vegetable dishes.Overall, as many guests, hotel is nice, room and board there are inexpensive.Those who want to save money, who are not too pretentious food and does not need noisy animation and entertainment programs, a great choice for Happy Dream Beach Hotel 3 *.Reviews with negative coloring can sometimes be found on various travel sites.Some guests say the rooms were poorly cleaned and linen changed often.Other guests indicate a lack of entertainment, as well as the lack of baths and massages.It can be concluded that the hotel Happy Dream Beach Hotel 3 * for those who want to relax in comfort and at the same time does not want to overpay.