Attractions Bodrum.

unique combination of wonderful nature, a festive atmosphere and bohemian lifestyle capital "azure coast" Turkey has long made Bodrum favorite holiday destination for many tourists.Here, calm and active pastime day smoothly flows into the rapid whirlpool of nightlife.And the next day brings new experiences and knowledge about the interesting and memorable places, which a lot of help to the sights of Bodrum, offers a unique opportunity to travel through its different era.

cradle of civilization

Turkey - one of the most popular tourist destinations.The magnificent landscapes are in harmony with the impressive ruins of ancient civilizations and modern tourist infrastructure.It is hard to imagine how many monuments of history and architecture, legends and heroes of the world owes the territory of this wonderful country.Almost every city it has a rich history of more than one century.

traces of the glorious past of the Turkish land, presented in the form of temples and statues, eventually pardoned,

is now open to tourists and pilgrims.World Culture Heritage steel and attractions of Bodrum.Turkey is not without reason called the cradle of many civilizations.Once flourished on the territory of many ancient settlements, among which are Hierapolis, Troy, Pergamum Miletus, Ephesus, Halicarnassus.Ruins of ancient monuments latter can be seen today by visiting Bodrum.


Until 1402 Bodrum was known as Halicarnassus, in the territory of Caria.In the VI century BC.e., after the conquest of Asia Minor by the Persians, the city became the capital of the governor of the king of Persia.The entry of Halicarnassus in the empire led him to economic prosperity.It was one of the finest cities on the coast of Asia Minor.Halicarnassus was known for his outlandish parks and gardens, beautiful temples and palaces, but the real glory of the city brought the tomb of King Mausolus.It began to build during the life of Carian ruler, but the building was so grand that its construction was completed only wife of Mausolus Artemisia III.

Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

mausoleum - one of the seven wonders of the world.Its construction involved the Greek architects Satyrus Parian and Pytheas, famous for the erection of the temple of Aphrodite at Ephesus, also included in the list of the famous sights of the world culture.

interior of the tomb - murals depicting great battles, but colossal statue is a masterpiece of art.Some of them can be seen today as exhibits in Istanbul and the British Museum.

Himself the temple, not affected by the strong earthquake, could not survive the conquest of the Crusaders.His dismantled for the construction of the castle of St. Peter.Now it remained only ruins of a grand mausoleum.During a tour of the city history buffs necessarily see them as well as other attractions of Bodrum Amphitheatre, Myndos Gate, windmills and other monuments.


Classic antique theater, overlooking the Bodrum on a hillside, was built during the reign of Mausolus.Amphitheater with a scenic platform in the center and places for the choir could accommodate 13,000 spectators.In 1973, at the end of archaeological excavations it was opened to tourists.

Myndos Gate Myndos Gate

are another legacy of the ancient Halicarnassus.Bodrum Antique sites have been preserved in the form of picturesque ruins, but a genuine interest for travelers interested in history.

Gate is the main entrance to the city and were built to improve his defense in 364 BC.e.The design has been turned towards Myndos, after which they decided to call it.Today you can see only their ruins and one of three defensive towers.

Medieval Bodrum

during the conquest of Alexander the Great, Anatolia Halicarnassus fell under the onslaught of a long siege, and was burned and destroyed.After the emperor's death the city passed into the power of Rhodes and Pergamon.However, its former prosperity was unable to achieve.

In 1402, the Order of the Knights Hospitallers, entrenched on the island of Rhodes, there was laid a solid fortress to counter militant Seljuk Turks.Construction of the castle led by architect Henry Shlegelolt, and by 1437 the fortress walls towered menacingly over the sea, broadcasting of the power of the Order.

At the time of flowering of Ottoman fortress served as a prison, now here is a museum of underwater archeology.Its exhibits are unique and are of great interest.This model uluburunskogo (Phoenician) ship life-size print of Queen Nefertiti and many other unusual items that were found while diving in wrecks.

Castle of St. Peter is considered symbol of the city.Interestingly, it is this castle gave the city its present name.Bodrum in Turkish means "cellar", surveyors trace the connection of the name with the word Petronium, means "castle of Peter."So the fortress is certainly worth to pay special attention, considering the main attractions of Bodrum.Photo of the architectural complex, well-preserved till our time, demonstrates the beauty of medieval architecture.Castle impresses with its power and grandeur and today.

on a hill between Bodrum and G├╝mbet bays are located well preserved to the present day windmills.Most of them belong to the XVIII century, but they were widely used until almost the end of the XX century as a milling device.

These attractions of Bodrum are quite popular among the tourists as they allow not only to explore the old buildings, but also to enjoy the opening of a high hill with magnificent views of the bay Bardakci, Gumbet and the castle.

Windmills open to the public at any time.

modern face of Halicarnassus Bodrum

today - one of the most famous resorts of Turkey.Tourists are attracted by the picturesque scenery, secluded lagoons, entertainment and attractions.

a kind of natural wonder is Bodrum Bay, also known as a paradise for fans of diving.When immersed them a unique opportunity to explore the coral reefs and the amazing creatures, caves and wrecks.

Bodrum is the center of yachting in Turkey.Here you can rent a boat and go on a small cruise to organize an exciting fishing, spectacular diving.Cities such legends as Troy, Ephesus, Pamukkale, natural site, located near the port of Bodrum.Sightseeing excursions to the ancient city and walk along the coast reveal the incredible world of the glorious and majestic era.