Fishing, Crimea - reviews, photos and prices

road from Alushta to Sudak passes through several picturesque villages.Particular attention among them deserves Fishing Village.Crimea, and this place is particularly famous for its beautiful scenery, salubrious climate and clean air.

The village is located at the foot of the array Karabakh, seven kilometers from Solnechnogorsk.It attracts tourists not only climate and fresh mountain air, but also cheap enough rest.At the same time, you can get a first class service, as well as all the conditions for a memorable stay and a comfortable stay.

Rest in Fishing village (Crimea), of course, you can charge different emotions and positive experiences for the following year.Here you can relax wonderfully in both summer and winter.Many tourists come here every year because there are equipped beaches, an incredible amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, with all this set quite reasonable prices.Guests Peninsula opportunity to inexpensively and efficiently to relax on the quiet shores of the Black Sea.

How to reach the village Fishing

This town is 35 kilometers from Alushta.The easiest way to get here, make a change in this city.At the same time from Simferopol to Alushta easy reach by taxi or bus, as well as to the train station on the bus.

If you go to Alushta from Simferopol, travel time takes almost 60 minutes (depending on the selected vehicle).Thus from Alushta to Rybachi can be reached by bus, next to the Pike.

The climate in the resort Fishing Crimea

In these places, as in the rest of the southern coast of Crimea, created excellent climatic conditions.There are a huge amount of sunshine, fresh mountain air, forest fragrances.In July, the average temperature is higher than 25 degrees, while in January it is not less than two degrees.In the village long enough bathing season - from May to November and practically.

Rest in the village Fishing

this place is clean, well-appointed place to relax on the beach.You are happy to be able to swim in the water of the Black Sea, sunbathing.For children there is a large number of water attractions, therefore, they will be bored.

In addition, Holiday provides sea fishing, various leisure activities.In the quiet village of Fishing on the nearby beach entrance is free.

Anyone who prefers the open air rather than closed rooms of hotels, like camping, which is situated along the coast.It is ideal for dreamy, romantic natures.In the morning you wake intoxicating hearing sound of the surf while you are surrounded by amazingly beautiful landscapes: sun, sea, blue sky.

Beaches Resort

This resort village a wide beach strip - over 50 meters. The beach is equipped with wonderful, here you provide umbrellas, chairs and other accessories necessary for a relaxing holiday.Sea Fishing in the village (Crimea), pure enough, since it is far from all the major centers of industry.There storms almost never happens.And for enjoying the beach provides rental of catamarans, boats and jet skis.

Attractions village

Unfortunately, there are almost no architectural attractions, in addition to the old cemetery with interesting patterned structures located above the graves.It is located in the western part of the settlement.

recommend to visit the cave ice - giant karst collapse, situated on a plateau Karaby-Yayla.This cave is famous for the fact that it is maintained all year ice.Above, it represents a huge funnel, the diameter of which is 20 meters.To an experienced person descent into it it is not particularly difficult.Gender lower hall is covered with ice.On the walls hang a giant icicle.

Those interested can visit the cozy and closed from prying eyes Bay love.You can get here only by water.From the top you can go down the same route, but an inexperienced person to make it easy.The rocks surrounding the bay, there is a cave.


choosing to rest Crimea, Fishing Village in particular, each of the tourists received a wide range of entertainment.This resort, despite its small size, has a well-developed infrastructure: there are a huge number of cafes, discos, internet cafes and karaoke bars.In addition, you get an excellent opportunity to paragliding and hang gliding.If you get tired of relaxing on the beach, you can diversify its various bus trips, going for a walk in the Crimea.You can take a ride on a frog, "banana", pleasure boats or catamarans.

About Fishing village (Crimea) reviews to find a snap.Vacationers write that there are many places where there is the possibility of delicious, high quality, and at the same time inexpensive meal.On the promenade and the beach area has many cafes, which offer their guests a variety of dishes.

Accommodation in the village

stay in a hotel or a hotel is not a problem.All year round you will appreciate the incredible number of offers of housing to any taste and wealth.

main advantage of recreation here is considered a democratic level of prices compared to other resort towns and villages of the southern coast.In this area, the cost of hotel rooms depends directly on the level of comfort and service, as well as the proximity of the coast.Here you can organize quite a cheap holiday.Crimea (Fishing), the private sector provides for everyone who experiences more important than the level of service.This is mainly apartments and rooms in a small distance from the shore.It offers also varied - from the luxury cottage to a small room in a private house or apartment.You can find accommodation in just 300 rubles a day!

Pension "Fishing", Crimea

It is located in the greenery of its fenced park with stunning beauty of the rose garden, 150 meters from the beach and 70 meters from the sea.The beach is equipped with sun beds and sunshades, offers rental of catamarans, boats, jet skis and boats.Instructors teach hang gliding, scuba diving and parachuting.

Meals are full board, integrated in the dining room.On the territory there are: football, basketball and volleyball fields, a disco, a concert hall, a pool, a bar and a library.A massage parlor and a medical center.

Infrastructure n. Fishing

village takes a small area, while it features well-developed infrastructure.Keep in mind, gathering in the village Fishing (Crimea) reviews in 2014.Tourists write that this year is not crowded, and the housing prices, entertainment and food is much lower than in previous seasons.While vacationing in the village, you can go to modern shopping places in Alushta and Sudak in the evening to spend time in a nightclub or bar.

This is a great place to relax, where the merged azure expanse of the sea, spectacular mountain landscapes and quite spacious beach.Dry air is filled with the scent of sea breezes, it has a truly healing effect.It is a favorite vacation spot of a huge number of people who each year seek to come here again and recommend the settlement to all their friends and acquaintances.