Park "Sunny Island" (Krasnodar) - the best place for leisure activities

course, before urban residents are not so acute problem of where to relax, if you can not go to the river or go for mushrooms in the woods.Naturally, all go for a walk in the park, where there is a whole arsenal of fun.A vivid confirmation of a park "Sunny Island" (Krasnodar).In this area, you can spend a wonderful holiday with your family leisure and fun activity there for children and adults.

Rest surrounded by nature

Holidaymakers impressive magnificent scenery of the park.The territory is framed by the river, which, unfortunately, are not allowed to bathe.In summer you can relax on the grass, a ride on the roller-skating along the river, take a walk along the shady paths or travel in a carriage drawn by horses."Sunny Island" (Krasnodar) is replete with greenery, flowers and trees, and features of the landscape and park design impress by their originality and uniqueness.Each element is decorate so that the aesthetic picture of parkland was the most complete.

Historical background

History Park "Sunny Island" (Krasnodar) begins in the summer of 1876, when the widow of one of the writers of the Kuban - Martha Golovataya - became the owner of the land by the river.At the beginning of the XX century it became the property of a local merchant by the name of Rokkel who started to get involved in cultivation of trees.Later, he built several wooden bridges to connect the island to the shore, black soil plowed and turned his creation into a first-class economy.Officially, this place was fixed for the status of the park area only in late autumn 1959.


Park "Sunny Island" (Krasnodar) is located in the southern part of the city, on an island in the Kuban River floodplain.Address Park Street.Tram, d. 2. It has a great location, so before it can be easily reached by public transportation: trolley buses number 7, 12, 13, bus number 2, 41, 51, minibuses number 12, 13, 15.

modern shapePark

Currently, the park "Sunny Island" (Krasnodar), the operating time is from 9.00 am to 22.00 pm - a vast area of ​​almost 40 hectares.Trees are planted on a certain principle: first there is a birch grove, then the nut, and after it begins lime, alternating with pine.Some trees have long been over a hundred years.One of the main attractions of the park - a huge oak-survivor, growing from a wooden bridge, which takes you to another island.


Park Administration received numerous awards for the quality of services in the entertainment industry.They have won several nominations: "Innovation to attract visitors to the park - the best zoos in the world", "The Best Safe Park".

best place for leisure

Arriving at the park, you can evaluate nearly three dozen modern attractions, among which the most popular are "Speedway", "Safari", "Minidzhet", "Hip-Hop".Fans of rolling recreation can play paintball, tennis, and visit the modern sports facilities, which includes an ice rink, built in compliance with international standards.On the territory of "Sunny Island" is full of cafes and restaurants where you can sample delicious dishes of various cuisines of the world.

It annually attracts wordsmiths from across Russia to mark their professional holiday - "Day of journalism."

Park "Sunny Island" - a popular place for weddings after the official part of the ceremony.Newlyweds like to be photographed in the shade of lush greenery on the background of the Kuban River.

Here are some surprisingly beautiful park "Sunny Island" (Krasnodar)."Where to park near it?" - Asked by many.You can do it in the parking lot, located in the park in front of attraction "Fun Slides".

If the access to the park is limited, you can use the paid parking, which is located on the street Seleznyov, in front of the recruiting office.


And, of course, many people visit the Kuban above the recreation area only in order to look at exotic animals.The thing that is in the park "Sunny Island" (Krasnodar) Zoo.Here you can see more than two hundred species of animals, most of which are listed as endangered.In "Safari Park" you meet with a giraffe, hippopotamus, ponies, camels, leopards and other interesting fauna representatives.