Where to fly in August: Reviews and Travel Tips

intense schedule, different from the beloved holiday or spouses, children's education or going to university students - the reasons for the order to go on vacation at the end of the summer, a huge amount.So where and how you can have a good rest during this period?As always, it all depends on the purpose.And yet, a lot of options.

in Russia and CIS

most budget option - one that is far away.So if the question is, where to fly in August inexpensively, you can stay at the simple answers.Residents of European part of Russia can enjoy a ride through the city of the Golden Ring or go to St. Petersburg, if they are Muscovites, and vice versa, if they live in the northern capital.Kaliningrad and the surrounding area - also a great option, especially for those who, for one reason or another can not travel abroad, but the rest is very desirable.There reigns a truly European atmosphere, because until recently it was Konigsberg.Kazan, Minsk, Almaty - too beautiful and, most importantly, do not require a passpor

t, examples of ideas, where you can fly in August or in any other month.

Those who live in Siberia and the Far East, too, can find something interesting for yourself is not so far from home, though, of course, the distance is of a different order.Kamchatka volcano, mountain Altai, Baikal, the great river Lena and the Yenisei, the Urals - but you never know places to fly in August?In the end, you can visit the neighboring Kyrgyzstan - it can also be very interesting.

Far Abroad

August - probably the ideal time for those who have long dreamed of walking through the streets of Paris, Prague, Barcelona, ​​Rome, London and other European capitals.Not much can be lucky with the weather, incessant rains can ruin a trip.But this is not always predictable.In the end, some cities it might even give a peculiar charm, though, such as in Venice, such inclement weather can be a real disaster.

wondering where to fly in August, can be seen and some US states.In California, the weather is stable most of the year, but the big cities like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington at this time is often pleasing enough sun and warm days.

Feedback from travelers, the end of summer - the perfect time to visit Iceland or Norway.Generally at this time Scandinavian nature is beautiful, especially for those who can not stand the cold and high humidity.Fjords, stone beaches, inhospitable sea - someone does not come from such a delight, while others will not be able to break away from this tranquil picture.

Exotic places

There is a separate category of tourists who do not recognize the most popular resorts.For them the greatest pleasure - to organize a trip to the place where almost no foreigners or their number is minimal.So people can think about a trip to Latin South America, Africa, Oceania, Central Asia.However, the organization of such non-standard travel must constantly keep in mind that in other hemispheres, the weather can be quite different.As for the tropics during the rainy season - it is not the best time for the trip.For example, South-East Asia, traditionally referred to as "winter".And on the African continent better to come when Europe will be cold.However, it depends of course on the objective.Places where to fly to the end of August, because in fact very much, somewhere in this time, just the height of the high season.

to the sea and the sun

Late summer and early autumn - the traditional "velvet" season.Pupils and students go to study, so that comes resorts relative silence.Somewhere in this period there is the dominance of the jellyfish, such as the Black Sea every year in late July is literally crawling with them.Yes, and the sun shines not so much, so if you want to continue this summer, is making the choice of where to fly in August, better to stay in the more southern areas.Traditionally, in the recent years have been to countries such as Spain, Greece, Tunisia, Bulgaria - they can be called sufficient budget, especially if you find a successful proposal.Of course, the traditional Egypt and Turkey also remain favorites.Those who have traveled to these countries, you can think of Morocco, Indonesia and Cuban beaches, although, of course, a vacation can already fly into penny.In the end, just to swim or bask in the sun, do not necessarily fly as far.

Active Life

Fans of extreme sports will not want to lie on the beach, especially since the end of the summer - the perfect time for those who enjoy mountain climbing, parachuting, surfing, rafting and other sports.Rafting on the rivers at this time are very popular, despite the fact that when temperatures drop.A good suit of neoprene, and most importantly, great mood - and you can think about where to fly in August - the Altai, or, for example, to the Ural waterways.

Gathered in the other hemisphere, for example, to the mountains of South America, you can start an early season snowboarding and alpine skiing.Go to India or the Ionian Islands, you can fully enjoy the waves, riding a surfboard.Red Sea, ideal for diving and snorkeling, and for those who think first of all not about the budget, you can also consider the Maldives and Sri Lanka.

Options for Youth

accepted that students and only recently released experts are mainly interested in the nightlife.Of course, it is not, we all have different interests.Another important factor - low.Expenses can always be cut by finding a hostel or join the movement couch surfing, allowing to stay in the homes of first-class travel for free.Many airlines also offer students and people under 24 years of preferential tariffs, so find an option where to fly in August, young people often do not present a problem.Ibiza, the festival "Kazantip" which in 2014 carried out in Georgia, so any European capital city boasts a rich night life!So that day, you can admire the architectural beauty and fun in night clubs and bars.

Shoppers perfect UAE.But it is worth remembering that in some emirates for tourists are the same strict rules regarding the appearance and behavior, as well as for local residents.

With children

But for those who are traveling with younger members of the family, the choice of the place where it is better to fly in August, can be a real challenge.Here it is necessary to take into account a lot of factors: the short duration flights, a mild climate, good food and infrastructure.Children are often more demanding adults, and sometimes worse tolerate travel considerable distances.Fortunately, the Mediterranean resorts in most cases correspond to all the requirements.Cyprus, Greece, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Croatia - all these countries have in recent years are becoming increasingly popular among couples with both the very young and with older children.

One of the major benefits of the end of summer is the fact that it is suitable for traveling with allergies.Those who suffer from pollinosis spring at this time has come to life.And who knows where better to fly in August (if you have any disease, you do not want to fly away, do not want to spend much money, and so on. D.) Too, have a huge selection - virtually the entire world, just need to set priorities.