Holy Lake (Ivanovo region): photos, reviews, and a route from Ivanovo

In the Ivanovo region, there are over two thousand ponds.There are small ponds, tiny creek, babbling rivers and many lakes.Often in these places swamps and marshes.The article focuses on the gem, the most beautiful body of water called the Holy Lake (Ivanovo region).

it all began

Provenance reservoir associated with the ancient legend that tells of a certain elder Filaret, who lived in seclusion at the foot of a large hill.The marshland hermit dug a deep well, which turned out to be clean and soft water.But soon the well collapsed, and in its place formed a small forest pond, which eventually grew to this size.

Holy Lake (Ivanovo region) are located in areas remote from human habitation, so it has always been attractive for the monks.On its shores in the XIV century it was built the first monastery, called "Svyatoozersky."Subsequently, in this place to build new monastery to replace the old, ruined or violent elements ruthless time.

marvelous name

In the early XX century on the site of the

last conflagration was laid just three temples that have survived to the present day.Their beauty, combined with the privacy of a picturesque lake and impressive spiritualize every person who is in these places.Ringing silence and measured evoke the feeling of complete rest and protection from the ills of life.

ancient monks believed in the sanctity of the lake water, worshiped it and prayed on the sandy shores.They gave the name of the pond - saint.Hermits take care of the lake, its waters are not polluted by the washing or laundry, it did not catch fish.Many pilgrims flock to the shores of the saint to pray for the salvation and uplift thanks to the Creator.

Russian Karelia

abiding interest in the lake of ordinary people has not bypassed and the scientific world.More details began to study the reservoir at the end of the last century.After numerous studies, it became known that the melting of ancient glaciers, and there is a lake Saints (Ivanovo region).

Photo taken numerous tourists invariably reflect the serenity and beauty of the water.Through dense pine forest here it is rarely strong winds blow out.Therefore, on sunny days the lake is heated almost to the bottom.The water is so clean and clear that in the middle of the reservoir can be considered smooth sandy bottom.

Lake has an oval shape with a maximum length of about two kilometers.The average depth of the lake is 3.8 m, the maximum reach up to six meters.It is the second largest lake in the Ivanovo region (after Rubskoye).

colorful flora

flora and fauna of the Lake District are rich and diverse species.Holy Lake (Ivanovo region) is surrounded not only by plants typical of the local climate zone.There are rare instances that do not grow in other Russian forests, many of them listed in the Red Book of the province.By the unique plants include marsh rank, cloves Borbasha, bulbous rush, and many others.

sandy coastal area attracts mushroom pickers myriad of different instances.About two dozen species of mushrooms are rare, they are also marked on the pages of the Red Book.


rich variety of representatives of the rarest water world has a unique Holy Lake (Ivanovo region).Fishing will take an unprecedented pleasure, even for beginners, not to mention a pro.It is easy to catch carp, ruffe, perch, roach, bleak.Often fall for the bait pike, ide, carp, burbot.

Fauna lakeside edge is also marked with a red book.Her list includes such representatives as the swallowtail, perelivnitsa willow, small night peacock eye, Sennitsa Gero, bear-girl and others.

Territory rest

clear water, sandy beaches, healthy pine air and natural beauty has always attracted a large number of people on the holy lake (Ivanovo region).Rest in these places differ calm and measured.Fishing, quiet hunting, hiking, playground specially equipped for active sports, boating - all contribute to good rest and restore tired body.

best place for family vacation can be rightfully recognize the Holy Lake (Ivanovo region).Reviews of many tourists say favorable conditions and a healthy climate areas.Fun visiting guests organized beach area, equipped with the necessary amenities and safety features.In summer, a weekly holy lake is visited by over half a thousand of holidaymakers who come from Ivanovo, Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod regions.

Yuzhsky District Authorities planned work on further landscaping of the pool.Soon there will car parks will be organized rental boats for fishing and boat trips.Local authorities welcome any investment projects to improve Svyatoozerskaya zone.

conservation area

active human activities could not affect the local region.Before the start of World War II in the swamps surrounding the holy pond were peat development.The method of production meant a significant use of water resources, resulting in lake water gave way to the river.Sam was very dirty pond silt and peat.

Holy Lake today looks much better, but the pristine purity it still far away.Waters alone cope with cleaning water, but its current state is worrying and the concern of scientists.The territory of the Lake District are often exposed to the invasion of poachers ruthlessly destroying rare species of animals, plants and fish.It has become a typical sight in these parts, and illegal logging.

Almost forty years ago, Holy Lake (Ivanovo region) was recognized as a natural monument, and its land is under state protection.Guidelines Ivanovo region to apply the law measures to prevent environmental violations.Developed and introduced the passport of protected sites, bans and restrictions on many activities.


family car trips during the weekend will be a great journey in the Holy Lake (Ivanovo region).How many kilometers from Ivanovo, you can easily calculate the map.The distance to the village.Mugreevskogo Yuzhsky District is 132 kilometers.Organized as a regular bus service from Ivanovo Holy Lake (Ivanovo region).How to get here from Nizhny Novgorod or Vladimir?It is better to cover the distance by car.From Lower journey takes about three hours.

to the nearest railway station is less than fifty kilometers.Flights are carried out through Moscow distance which is three hundred kilometers.

holy lake located near the village of Mugreevskogo - is the pride of the Ivanovo region.Local places are rare on its original beauty and natural grandeur.On the banks of the lake you can feel safe privacy, allowing to merge with nature.For a long time to preserve the natural complex of the negative impact of reality - the main task of man.