Imereti resort - located in Sochi, which is worth visiting

Imereti resort - it's a great place, located in the Adler district of Sochi.The resort was opened in 2014 - not surprising, because it was built specifically for the Olympic Games, held at the same time.Olympics over, but less popular resort Imeretinsky this does not become.Conversely, with the advent of the tourist season visitors here it has become much more.

Interesting information

Imereti resort located directly on the bay of the same name Berea.It is located on the left side of the river, whose name - Mzymta.This resort was originally erected as part of the coastal cluster Olympics.Modern and beautiful - that's what two words it can be described.Not surprisingly, come here, tens of thousands of tourists.Infrastructure, which is different Imereti resort is impressive - it's hotels from 3 to 5 stars.Although, I must say, even three-star hotels are looking at all five.Needless to say - a decent standard, Sochi is really well prepared for the Olympics.And these labors have not been in vain, becau

se all hotels continue to work and to enjoy increasing popularity.

international level

When it comes to hotels, it should be noted an interesting fact - many of them are managed by international hotel brands.Among them are such popular names as "Azimuth", "Accor" and "Radisson".Not surprisingly, it is those hotels that are under their control, are the most popular and, of course, attend.So if you want to come to Sochi, a resort in Imereti Bay are requested to attend to matters of reservation - rooms can not stay, especially if coming tourist season.

places that should be visited

Many people, especially those who have never been in Sochi, mistakenly believe that the most interesting places and attractions are located in the central area of ​​the city.But it is not.It is desirable, in general, before going on vacation in this beautiful city, to get acquainted with the fact that he is is geographically.Sochi stretches along the coastline for a few tens of kilometers.Imereti Bay is located in the Adler district, which is considered the most prestigious in the city.After all, this is where the Olympics took place, and there is the majority of hotels and guest houses.Most of all visitors stop it in Adler, arriving in Sochi.Imereti resort is also part of it.

Not far from this place is located the Olympic objects, Sochi Park, notorious track "Formula 1" as well as numerous bars, restaurants, shopping centers and other equally interesting modern attractions that are worth honoring their attention.If there is free time - you can go to Krasnaya Polyana.Before her on the Imereti resort far less to go, than the central region of Sochi.

tourist information

Imereti resort reviews from tourists received extremely positive.This is not surprising, because there is everything: the sea, the beautiful scenery, modern high-rise buildings and attractions.Many people who choose to rest here, puzzling question: "where to stay?"We mentioned earlier that the choice of hotels is great.This may be a "Caucasus-hotel" - a new modern guest house near the amusement park.Or a luxury complex "Bogatyr", made in a very original style - a fabulous building can be seen from a distance, and once it is clear that there will have a good rest.There are plenty of other options: bed and breakfast "Svetlana", "Galina", "Comfort", a luxury hotel "Aivazovsky", villas or private sector.Selecting large.The only thing to remember - it is necessary to book in advance.Otherwise, you may be too late.