Snowmobile "Tiksi 250": reviews, specifications, and photos

Today, the market can find a lot of offers for the various models of snowmobile traffic.One of the most popular in Russia is a snowmobile "Tiksi 250".Comments received from the people operating this unit, confirm once again that the popularity of this model is well deserved.

Who needs snowmobiles

Many people mistakenly think that a snowmobile hunting or fishing - this is more a fad of the rich than a vital necessity.With this statement can agree in part.When to fish out not for the sake of entertainment, the possession of transport to move freely where not pass even the SUV, it is vital.Remote villages are cut off for months from the world because of the prolonged snowfall.Then a visit to the hospital or to a store in the usual way is impossible a priori.Here under these situations, and was coined by a snowmobile that can solve the problem of movement on the unit tunes snow roads.

For outdoor enthusiasts in the winter snowmobile proved a godsend, which gives the user not only a lot of adrenalin

e, but also opens up the possibility of the owner to travel long distances in deep snow with the speed of the car to get to a favorite fishing spot or hunting.To refuse such prospects and opportunities will not, no lovers of winter outdoor activities.

Russian mechanic

subsidiary of NPO "Saturn" JSC "Russian mechanic" in 2009 to market a lightweight snowmobile Tiksy 250. And the reviews about it collected for all past time, allow us to explain the huge popularity among consumers.The company is positioning the car as a representative of the utilitarian class.Gaining market snowmobile models saturated world's largest corporations, is not so easy.To do this, you need to create a model that and the price and quality will be able to stand out from the others already on the market.This novelty on the market was the Russian snowmobile manufacturer.

Launched into production snowmobile "Tiksi 250", reviews of which are a good free advertising, once allowed the company to take a leading position on the market in sales of light vehicles single.

power plant model

Snowmobile "Tiksi 250" reviews about the experience with owners who willingly left on the Internet, the engine is equipped with only 21 horsepower.However, the small amount of power is compensated by traction and stability of the machine under any load.This feature has been achieved through the use of a programmable ignition system DUCATI CDI.

Only one engine cylinder RMZ-250, fed by a carburetor Mikuni, capable of vigorously carry forward to the snowmobile rider weight and payload of 120 kg.At the same time using the hitch, and he still has the ability to pull a sled loaded with up to 150 kg.For ease of use together with the fuel oil system.Filling tank holds 28 liters of gasoline A-92, which provides a decent range - with an average workload of the engine consumes 15 liters / 100 km.

air cooling system confidently cope with this task and protect the unit from overheating.Start the engine by recoil starter.Access to power equipment for the service is convenient thanks to a folding side-lining casing.

suspension and chassis

Front linkage suspension with 140 mm stroke is based on two plastic wide skis.They give a good glide, which is confirmed by numerous reviews.

Snowmobile "Tiksi 250" is equipped with narrow caterpillar, whose dimensions are 317/38 cm. Thanks to its large area, the machine has the ability to move, even for a very loose and thick layer of snow.

whole mechanism is based on a pneumatic shock absorber.Rear travel is 150 mm.This allows snowmobile machine "swallow" bumps in the road and provides a comfortable driving.Mechanical braking system is located on the drive shaft of the caterpillar.

Ergonomics model

According to information received, the owners of which are divided by posting your comments, snowmobile "Tiksi 250" can overcome a long way to quite comfortable - the position of the pilot minimizes the stress on the joints.This was achieved thanks to the high seating position and steering wheel that allow to sit up straight with bent knees at a right angle.In this position, the person is very easy to operate the machine.

Breaking loose snow, standing there in the management of more great handling.Complex parts of the route snowmobile engine easily overcomes even on one ski.

Manageability also contributes to a lighter weight model is 180 kg.

Advantages and disadvantages

With conventional weight pilot, the machine is able to develop a speed exceeding 70 km / h.High windshield confidently protect the pilot from the icy wind.This just might find such a disadvantage as a heated steering handles.

Another disadvantage - it is only the presence of a manual starter.In the cold start cooled engine is unlikely to succeed with one spurt.Powerful headlamp provides good lighting at night.

All models are equipped with towbar, enabling them to tow loads.Those who purchase the unit is not for entertainment, but as a necessary assistant for economic affairs, this option will give a weighty significance.

affected by the lack of possible motion in reverse and the presence of only one speed.However, the great advantage of giving affordable retail price set on a snowmobile "Tiksi 250".Reviews owners also show the simplicity and reliability of operation of the unit.

may cause inconvenience and programmable electronic ignition - for the time running a version that limits engine RPM.After lapping the motor will need to apply again to the dealer to change the program.

Some errors

Lacks basic model have found the solution when the market entered a snowmobile "Tiksi Suite 250".Description of differences and innovations that have appeared in the improved version will be set forth below.Despite the shortcomings of the model, they are all easy to explain more than affordable price for the basic version.

calculation was made of the fact that a lone fisherman or hunter, the owner of a country house or dacha villager will not give up the budget option snowmobiles machines that does not hit the family budget and will be taxing in everyday use.The symbiosis of price and performance has led to the fact that the model has become one of the most popular on the Russian market.

Browse snowmobiles "Tiksi Suite 250"

This model has eliminated the major shortcomings of the basic version, which were made in favor of reasonable prices, played a crucial factor in the popularity of this brand of snowmobile machine.Option "luxury" in the market was worth a little more expensive, but also the distinctive features make it more attractive snowmobile "Tiksi Suite 250".Reviews owners once again confirm this.

improved version received an electronic reverse, and back up, not available in the basic version, gained a significant advantage.There have also been added to the battery and the starter motor, starting the engine that turned into easy and relaxed effect.Manual start is also preserved by enhancing the reliability of the machine.Changes have been made in the exhaust system.Noise work has noticeably decreased.

become a multi-link rear suspension and made a noticeable improvement in ride comfort.Seat height has been lowered by 4 cm, with the result that has been achieved to increase the stability of the snowmobile machine.Steering, thanks to the new shaft and bearings, lifts the vibration became more sensitive.Handlebar also not gone unnoticed - they are equipped with electric heating.The outer contours of the model became more strict and laconic.

Advantages of series "Lux"

These additions resulted in an increase in weight of 10 kg.The new owners did not hesitate to publicly leave their impressions about the snowmobile "Tiksy Suite 250".Reviews, descriptions appeared benefits only confirm the selection.Also, some would like to see the model was equipped with a hydraulic brake.However, at the same power two-stroke engine it is not appropriate.Change the power plant will definitely enhance the ability snowmobile transport, but that is not quite a budget option.And the model-suite is still available to the consumer of its budget price that the competition looks very democratic and attractive.


The study and comparison of the basic model and its improved version, it becomes apparent that the preferred snowmobile looks "Tiksi Suite 250".Reviews owners say the same thing.Weight gain especially on driving performance is not affected, but the benefits significantly affect the ease of operation.The more that the cost of an improved model has not changed the price range machine and still more than attractive to the consumer.

In the Russian market the offer is still the leader in quality-price ratio.Some dealers who have the opportunity to offer test drives for the sake of the future buyer could see for themselves - a model worthy to stop by her own choice.

Deciding to buy a snowmobile car, be sure to pay attention to the model described above.Attractive price, low maintenance operation, availability of spare parts.Easy to operate and easy to use machine allows a snowmobile hunting, fishing, country walks on the open expanses or winter woods.Also, it will be many years of reliable assistant villagers and villages, helping them in the harsh winter days.