"Pobeda" GAZ-M72 - the pride of the Soviet car industry

Listen, how proud it sounds - "Victory".In the history of this legendary Soviet GAZ M 72 she played a role, Nikita Khrushchev.In 1954, he proposed to modernize the GAZ-69.That is, the machine should have been more comfortable.As a result, the rural Party Committee secretaries and chairmen of leading collective farms were able to get the service off-road vehicles.But the military also became interested in this car.So comfortable and high permeability GAZ M-72, a photo of which you see before you, become "generals."And in his spare time riding on top of a governmental "Victory" and in their hunting grounds.

spring 1954 GAZ formally received the terms of reference.H. Wasserman, the founder of the GAZ-67 and GAZ-69, was appointed as the lead designer.Besides him, the future of the government car runs a department specialists.All of them at one time engaged in the creation of the GAZ-69.Therefore, all the subtleties of the machines they were known.

So what do the designers?The new car was carrying the

body structure and panels from the GAZ-M-20, but the details have been modified.Transfer box ousted transverse box-like body and a longitudinal amplifier amplifier.From the latter had to be abandoned altogether.To compensate for these power components and increase the transverse and longitudinal rigidity of the body has entered Langeron roof and door pillars.GAZ-M72, in contrast to the GAZ-M-20, has a new sub-frame.It is specifically was designed to fix the front axle leaf spring suspension.

GAZ-M72 has the details and by the 69th model.It modernized the front axle and transfer case.A gearbox is a standard from the GAZ-M-20.The rear axle is designed specifically for the new "Victory."To increase the ride height, springs installed on the axle.

Trailer is equipped like the 20th model of "Victory": upholstery is soft, there is a heater, clock, dual-band radio.Therefore, the car embodies the concept of luxury SUVs.I must say that abroad mass production of such cars do not even thought of.

equip GAZ-M72 transfer case, which had Splitter and switchable leading front axle.Wheels 16-inch set, with extended lugs.This provides good flotation in snow, sand, mud and rough roads.

As befits government and military SUV, the car had to be tested.The car has shown good "persistence" of units and the body.There have also been marked by excellent permeability characteristics.In the summer of 1956, three journalists on the new "Victory" made a run on the route Moscow-Vladivostok.This distance (15 thous. Km) GAZ-M-72 was not received serious damage.From those early years, we heard a newsreel, in which Nikita Khrushchev with Fidel Castro sent to this car in the winter hunt.

In June 55th the assembly line went down the first tentative GAZ-M72, and a year later began a serious issue.The car does not become a mass and "out" small series from 1955 to 1958.When the issue of GAZ M-20 "Victory" was completed, it stopped as the assembly of the new GAZ-M72.