GAZ 13 "Seagull" - we were born to make a fairy tale come true

GAZ 13 "Seagull" - the legendary Soviet executive class sedan.Developing it it was started in 1956, when the then leader of the Soviet prestige class hopelessly behind the fashion."ZIM" GAZ-12 was not a bad car, simply fifties indicated in automotive history as a period of rapid development.And in design as well.Therefore it is not updated in terms of design, "ZIM" quickly began to look like a stunning visitor from the past.What is really there, "Ze mazer Russia".Successor old sedan was supposed to be 13 GAZ "Chaika".Selling its population was not originally planned.Thirteen did not even have fixed the retail price.In the "equal and free" country in the world, this machine had hinted "xy xy."GAZ 13 "Seagull" has always been used as personal transport nomenclature of the highest rank, who received the car as part of the "position" their privileges.

This marketing policy and the main conceptual aspects of the new flagship family of passenger cars.Three-row seating position, spacious cabin,

artsy design, and, of course, an inordinate amount of any frills, and just crazy for that time technological innovations.As an example, let's give the power steering, brake servo, push-button control of hydromechanical transmission, the original, by the way.And the then the know-how in the scoop - power windows overlook, of course, impossible.The dashboard, in general, there was not poor.

Special mention deserves the salon car.As we have said, GAZ 13 "Seagull" to buy a mere mortal could.And for challenging mortals behind were provided favorable conditions.Baggy sofa instead of sitting.Soft armrests.Shutters on the rear and side windows for lovers of solitude.And the place, so much space that if you want the back seat could even play hide and seek.In order for you to appreciate all the expanse of the car, I would say that on the basis of GAZ 13 "Chaika" created various modifications, which were used as ambulances base without significant changes.

¬ęPackard Karibbien" - that this unit had a very considerable influence on the performance of the external 13 GAZ "Chaika".A single instance of the car even taken to the Soviet Union to allow experts from the design office to meet him closer.However, contrary to popular opinion, GAZ 13 "Seagull" was lapped with a product outright rotten West, in contrast to many other products shovels.Fleeting similarity, of course, there are, however, they are just so not to interfere called "Seagull" independent development.The reason lies in the following: as we have said, GAZ 13 "Seagull" was originally created as the flagship of Soviet automobile industry.Faile was simply impossible.The result of this meticulous attitude to the project has been adequately rewarded - in 1958 marked a new development of the Grand Prix at the World Industrial Exhibition for technical excellence of design and contemporary design.

GAZ 13 "Seagull" the first in the Soviet automobile industry has used the V-shaped, eight-cylinder engine with carburetor Four-chamber.This 195-year-strong 5.5-liter monster accelerates the car with a mass exceeding two tons, to 100 km / h in 20 seconds.Fuel consumption is about 14 liters per hundred kilometers.This much, however, passengers Gulls did not know that such a deficit.To consider, to put it mildly, inadequate Soviet pavement ground clearance "Seagull" - 180 mm at the front axle and 210 millimiters under the crankcase main gear.In addition, the body GAZ 13 "Seagull" was mounted on rubber on perfume, mounted on a frame with a spinal X-shaped cross member (without a side spars).Here's a tip of Soviet engineering.