Suzuki Grand Vitara reviews Owners

Edition Suzuki Grand Vitara began in 1997.The new car is somehow at once has taken a worthy place in the automotive market, attracting global attention contemporary design and high level of comfort.

like customers and had functional equipment Suzuki Grand Vitara Reviews owners enthusiastically describe this respectable car that can move and on the road, and on city streets.

cars produced now, belongs to the third generation Suzuki.The first car company Suzuki appeared about fifty years ago.Over the years, the car has gone through several upgrades, the result of which was created several models of this SUV, one of the most famous brands among them was the Suzuki Grand Vitara reviews owners, calling such positive qualities of the car, as the automatic transmission, permanent four-wheel drive and safety systemnote and some minuses.

example, low landing, due to which the machine is sometimes sits on the mounds and you have to dig for it, and the stiffer suspension does not cause the desire to go on th

e road with a speed more than 20 kilometers per hour.But the permanent four-wheel drive Suzuki Grand Vitara with reduction gear - a gift for those who love to drive through the mountains.By the way, the drive Suzuki Grand Vitara has a high reliability for off-road driving.

dynamics and ease of driving is achieved using unibody construction and independent rear suspension.The body consists of a rigid frame and collapsible zones absorb impact energy, and in the doors of the vehicle are set high-impact beams.Set airbags: two front and two side, shutters, anti-lock braking system ABS, brake force distribution EBD, three-point seat belts and special items anchorages for child seats - all of this is completed Suzuki Grand Vitara Reviews owners say that the car has improved a systemsecurity, and for drivers is one of the main indicators.

However, we must mention the four-wheel drive Suzuki Grand Vitara Reviews owners also note the excellent work the stove, from which warm air blowing almost immediately, unlike other vehicles which can not warm up a large showroom in the bitter cold.

salon car made no frills, decorated with touch-wheel.Doors and seats trimmed with leather, too.The seats do not rattle and creak, heated, but there is no control, so you first heated so that it becomes uncomfortable, then heated less.

supplied to the Russian market cars assembled in Japan and intended for Europe.Available Suzuki Grand Vitara in three- and five-door version.Grand Vitara has permanent four-wheel drive, the body - bearing, and all-wheel suspension - independent.

have shortened three-door model is no differential lock, and "razdatke" no down-line.Models assembled for sale in Europe, equipped with two petrol engines (1.6 liter 106 l.s.obemom. Liter and 140 hp) and a diesel 1.9 liter.and 120 hpIn Russia, only to sell the car with a gasoline engine, which can be paired with a five-step mechanics or four-hydromechanical transmission.

More Suzuki Grand Vitara has a machine - it is intact.Well, with automatic Suzuki Grand Vitara reviews of the owners and say, after restyling has become much better.Indeed, on the new Suzuki Grand Vitara machine began to work much better without strain, but he is still a four-.

And another significant drawback of this car is a high consumption of fuel in the city - 13 liters per 100 kilometers.Another disadvantage is a lack of stability of the car at speeds above 120 km / h and the fact that the rear seats are not very comfortable to sit.