Guidelines for repair and maintenance Hummer H3

Hummer H3 midsize car Hummer brand continues its tradition of uncompromising off-road vehicles.At the core of the vehicle Hummer H3 laid pickup chassis Chevrolet Colorado spar frame and sturdy, traditional for this truck.
Guide to repair and maintenance of Hummer H3 intended for use as a reference tool that allows you to quickly familiarize yourself with the various functions of the car and learn how to safely operate it. book on repair and maintenance of Hummer H3 contains information on safety and maintenance of the car, and makes recommendations to address some of the problems that sometimes occur when driving.
In developing the appearance Hummer H3 designers have remained true to military style military.This style is immediately issued and flat panels of the car body, and installed nearly vertical windshield.Round headlights, wide tires, which have a large diameter, characteristic grille with seven slots, almost vertical side and rear wall of the body, rectangular windows and reliable pr

otection of the bottom - all this belongs to HummerH3 .A small relative to the size of the machine glass area virtually unites Hummer H3 military-wheel drive cars.One day he saw Hummer H3 , its appearance and design remains in the memory forever in the future, this SUV is very difficult to confuse with other cars.The canonical body design and its exceptional strength makes appearance Hummer H3 expressive, quiet and elegantly simple.In the car just a huge room with a flawless finish and bright, easy to read instruments and controls are located under the arms - all this makes driving an SUV easy and fun.Passengers will not experience lack in comfort thanks to the new luxurious seats that are very comfortable and have a view of the bucket.Perfect seats.In the car plenty of room for five passengers.Second-row seats are equipped with special attachments for child seats Isofix , which provide an extra level of protection.Child seats are installed quickly and easily in the event of a collision, do not tilt thanks to the tether.
The car is equipped with the engine Vortes 3500 220l.s capacity and torque of 305N · m.This row five with variable valve timing.The engine works in conjunction with the standard set by the five-speed manual gearbox, on request can be mounted four-speed automatic gear box Hydra-Matic 4L60-E electronically controlled.This model uses all-wheel drive transmission with electronically controlled, almost the same as in the previous model, the H2 Hummer , plug the front axle, reduction gear and a limited-slip rear differential.SUV Hummer H3 has a very good maneuverability and agility.It overcomes a water barrier to a depth of 400 mm at a speed of 30km / h.Its turning circle is 11.3 m, which is about the same amount as a conventional compact car.The ground clearance of 231 mm and a ramp angle equal to 25 °, allow the car smoothly to overcome obstacles up to 400mm. Hummer H3 not very fast off-road vehicle, at least the threshold of 140 km / h it goes very reluctantly.The car is pretty confident on the straight and when cornering at high speed due to a good stroke suspension or the buildup of body nor valkost is not in sight.This is a great SUV for long trips on country roads.
Hummer H3 - legendary American car that just impresses with its exterior and interior design, its size, engine power, maneuverability and agility.

At the core of the vehicle Hummer H3 laid pickup chassis Chevrolet Colorado spar frame and sturdy, traditional for this truck.