Alloy wheels - Operating Rules

Despite the increasing popularity and reliability of cast wheels, as opposed to steel, their operation requires careful attention, therefore, even before you purchase, it is advisable to read in the basic rules of operation to prevent frustration and accelerated failure.

Features manual alloy wheels

alloy wheels have features, due to which their operation is different from the steel disks:

  • For the production of alloy wheels used alloy metals, aluminum-based, which is why they are often referred to as aluminumdiscs.Such discs have less weight to 40% than the steel rims.And the quality of the metal used has a direct impact on the pricing of alloy wheels.
  • In the production of alloy wheels to enhance the hardness of the metal used his hardening, which creates quite a strong but fragile product.Alloy wheels are sorely afraid of a strong shock loads, particularly side impacts, the drive usually does not bend and crack, resulting in a crash of a car.Therefore, the exploitation of alloy wheels require
    a moderate ride on roads with potholes and obstacles.
  • Installation narrow profile tires on alloy wheels exposes them to large impact loads, and therefore requires continuous monitoring of their condition.
  • alloy wheels have a protective and decorative paint, breach of which is enhanced corrosion of the metal, leading to its easy deformation.Therefore, monitoring of the paint on cast disks - not less important factor for traffic safety.

it possible to repair alloy wheels?

In operation, alloy wheels, circumstances arise requiring emergency repairs:

  • off-road driving and brown snow-covered roads causes small cracks and abrasion paint, which, if not timely recovery directly affects the oxidation-destruction metal.Self painting alloy wheels can be regarded only as a temporary measure, sincebare metal quickly crusty oxides, adhesion with which the LCP is very weak.Professional painting alloy wheels includes powder paint technology that can only be done in a professional service, asIt requires specialized equipment.
  • detection chips, cracks alloy wheels on the rules of the manufacturer requires immediate replacement, so the services for welding discs should be regarded as extreme measures, without reducing the true characteristics of the disc.Welding even professional equipment creates a non-uniform structure of the metal, which provokes a new strain.
  • warp drive can be repaired when it is low on the manifestation of specialized rolling machines, but it is worth considering that the drive heating is not allowed in order to facilitate its formation, aswarming triggers physical changes to the metal lattice violation of his strength.It is for this alignment may be rolling cast wheels only small deformations that the reduction will not provoke the formation of internal microcracks.

A careful study of the rules of operation of alloy wheels can be concluded that the stylish design and practicality of the wheels of your vehicle depends on your driving style and attention to the condition of the disc.Also worth trying to save money on the purchase of cheap disk manufacturers uncertain becausetheir dubious quality in future you can "ruin."