Snowmobiles Yamaha

Snowmobiling series "RS" has appeared in the past, 2004, and was immediately attracted the attention of connoisseurs of reliability and convenience.Almost all cars have many new series of internal and external elements, inherited from both series of "RX", which combines snowmobiles for extreme sports and racing, and on quieter intended for entertainment or work.However, "Family" is clearly discernible features not only in their appearance, but also in the design of the chassis and engines.
test is not passed in the most favorable weather conditions.This, of course, not a homo sapiens, many of which still managed to be chilled thoroughly, but the technique is not like almost zero temperature, as well as wet and heavy snow.In the role of "rabbits" who became the subject of study of journalists from various backgrounds winter control technology, were taken Touring "RS Venture TF" and sporty "RS Rage".
So, dressed according to the weather and upcoming adventures, most of those present at the test began at

a time to learn a new technique.Since nature has prepared participants to test a surprise - at the lake, where it was proposed to conduct test rides under the "severe" and sticky snow thickness of about 15 cm was a layer of water centimeters that way five and then started the ice - representatives "Petroset-Large" quickly organized a new route.And to their credit - despite the spontaneity laying the new tracks on it were steep climbs and sharp turns, and the tram-plinchiki and good "straight", which could "pootzhigat" to complete.
first guinea, which fell into the hands turned out to be a new "tourist" "RS Venture TF".This snowmobile is practically all you need to travel from the 115-horsepower four-stroke engine and a long caterpillars and ending with such trifles as a special connector for an external power consumers (for example, heating the helmet).Acceleration "tourist" can not be compared with the same processes in a sports car, but the "RS Venture TF" quite frisky start as a single driver, and the additional load, which acts as a passenger.Thanks to the caterpillar length 384 cm, and the original design of the rear suspension, you can be sure that when the trigger is fully depressed gas snowmobile immediately begin its run without burrowing into the snow.Snowmobile series "RS" is set three-cylinder four-stroke engine "Genesis" with good traction almost throughout the rev range.At the same time the original exhaust system dramatically reduces noise in the driver's and passenger seats, and the exhaust gases are astern and not under the hood.Exhaust system differs from traditional snowmobile in that the exhaust pipes pass through the casing and out the rear of the machine.
modern front suspension has several customization options that makes the ride comfort both when fully loaded and unloaded - one driver.Rear suspension "ProComfort" also has its own settings that allow you to fine-tune its rigidity for different loads.Proper adjustment of the suspension affects not only the ease of travel, but also on safety.When driving on groomed track alone is not very pleasant sensations arise in overcoming small longitudinal shafts formed after passing another snowmobile.However, the pitching, which in this case there can be "clean" in two ways: either by setting the correct stiffness of the suspension or slightly slowed.
Due to great lengths "RS Venture TF" it is not very easy to maneuver through the trees at high speed, even if the track is compacted with the coating, it is enough to slow down, and the problem is exhausted.Small transverse shafts, and a height meter Hills better overcome, somewhat reducing the rate of rise in the beginning in such a way that on top of the front suspension is not unloaded and skis have good adhesion to the surface movement.As soon as the upper point of the ski passes and the front part of the caterpillar clinging to the top, you can add speed.In other words, the behavior of this "tourist"
fully complies with all rules and regulations of management, which today apply to this class of snowmobiles.
When driving on a smooth compacted snow "RS Venture TF" behaves predictably, allows you to quickly accelerate a long time to ride at high speed, though with greater comfort.Turns on the groomed track to do better in the traditional style of tourist vehicles - to slow down a bit at the moment of turning to slightly load the front suspension.
Generally, when riding a snowmobile experienced drivers often do not use the brakes, helping reduce the rate of discharge of a simple gas.The new engine series "Genesis" very good running can slow the snowmobile, you just have to let go of the throttle trigger.It is expedient to use the brakes only when an emergency and quick maneuvers in limited spaces.