Budget SUV - cheap and cheerful

There are some somewhat vague concept - a budget SUV.What is meant by this, just clear.SUV on popular opinion should be more or less free to move in the absence of roads, and to ensure that in the design of the vehicle provides for special features.You can implement them in different ways, and as a result, in spite of the common name - SUV ability to ride with no roads for vehicles considered to be off-road vehicles may be very different.

therefore necessary initially, at least for myself, to determine the meaning of the term "budget SUV."They should be considered a car adapted to overcome the serious off-road and having a minimum cost.

And we must remember that a minimum set of features of the Jeep, can expect to overcome such roads include:

- vehicle frame;

- rigidly connected (arm) or permanent four-wheel drive;

- lock (interaxial, lockable differentials, and so on. D.);

- reduction gear;

- high clearance;

- axle suspension;

- beam axle.

's about such devices must be equipped with off-ro

ad vehicles: Ford, Renault, Toyota - the brand does not matter.These are the tools and equipment of the car allow it to move freely in the absence of roads.It should be noted that this is not the cheapest equipment, and the car, recognized SUV costs more than a regular sedan, ceteris paribus.And so, trying to determine the budget SUV, it is necessary to proceed from the fact that it will be quite utilitarian car and, above all, designed to cope with off-road and not to perform any other tasks.

From domestic cars such machines in the first place can be attributed Niva and UAZ.Although the same Niva does not fully meet the requirements for SUVs (it does not have the frame), but it provides many of the design elements that allow it to easily move around the impassable roads.About UAZ can only say that it was originally designed for off-road.And the price of these machines fall into the category of budget cars.Here are just fans of comfort and high speeds in these cars will be uncomfortable.But this is a budget option for an SUV.

There is one more opportunity to get a jeep at an affordable price.To do this, you can choose SUVs with mileage.In this case, you can become the owner of more expensive machines with a good bundle and acceptable performance, but it will be the car b / y, which, of course, did not significantly alter the characteristics of the car.Depending on the age of the jeep, the price may be comparable to or close to the price of an inexpensive new SUV.It should be borne in mind that the Chinese cars generally have very affordable prices, of which you can also choose the appropriate jeep.

If we talk about what the budget SUV, then this should be understood under the car, capable to overcome more or less serious off-road, the price of which, unlike the more common models, is not excessive.Although this concept is at everyone, as the choice of a suitable machine.