The cheapest SUV

One can hardly argue with the fact that motorists are more and more often selected machines on a "better than less."And that, perhaps, the general opinion, not just the inherent Russian car lovers.

In principle, the above rule can be attributed to any vehicle, even a cheap SUV will attract more attention than, say, safe.

Yes matter in people, so condemn them for it makes no sense.

So the cheapest SUV - is an essential purchase those who simply can not live without the active recreation, travel and a variety of hikes.

What are the cheapest SUVs are there?The answer to this question is a list of the three most-cars.

In the first place the cheapest SUV in the Russian Federation - "Lada 4x4."

For him, the motorist would pay a little more than three hundred thousand.This model is quite possibly be described as the ancestor class of compact and all-wheel drive cars, because of its "name" - "Niva" VAZ-2121.

To date, it has celebrated its 35th anniversary.And truly every Russian could be proud of,

because it is the "Niva" became the first car in history, with independent front suspension, permanent four-wheel drive comfort.

Despite its "old age", the model is very difficult to call unclaimed because its unique off-road ability is constantly attracting a lot of attention and as a result, buyers.

In the second place, you can put the cheapest SUV of the People's Republic of "Great Wall Wingle 3".What is he so interested buyer?

This five-meter pick-up is very easy to put a five and a half-ton of any cargo.And such a respectable capacity - it is quite a strong argument.

In addition, thanks to its rigid frame construction, the "iron horse" can overcome any obstacle that is inherent in our domestic roads.And this, of course, can also be attributed to its features.

Of course, the power of its manufacturer is clearly cheated: just 2.8 liters of engine displacement and 95 horsepower, but the price is very attractive for this "special" - only 570,000 rubles.

And finally, the third cheapest SUV - is "Suzuki Jimny", which was developed and promoted in Japan.

its size, perhaps, can surprise any motorist - only 1.6 meters wide and 3.5 meters long.But these dimensions smaller than our domestic winged "Niva"!This compact simply incommensurable c its capabilities.

Despite the fact that the volume of the "heart" of this SUV is just 1.3 liters, and power - 85 horsepower at the motorist has the opportunity to select a transmission or a mechanical or automatic.In the city the traffic, where the rate is far from the word "fast", the "Iron Horse" will allow its owner to feel very comfortable.

only drawback - it is again the compactness: comfortable enough themselves while traveling a long distance will feel three people are in the car.More - will already be crowded.

But at the same time the driver can at any time to lower the rear seat and, without getting up from his seat and without even turning his hand from the trunk to get what you need, such as a travel bag.

Ideal use of transport - exit to a picnic and ride around the city.